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  • Hello Daliolite,

    I would like a reading from you. What can I expect in the near future regarding love and career?

    Thank you so much for the offer.



  • hello daliolite...

    its great of you to offer..

    can i have a reading regarding my future in love and my future in entertainment field as a career,

    thank you and blessed be

  • Dear Daliolite

    Can i have a love reading as well? Would like to know his feelings towards me. Thank you so much! 🙂

  • Hi Danceur, I know your situation somewhat which helps. You really want to enjoy the moment--maybe you should. May be too trusting. Love and emotions are being manipulated. It seems pretty bad to you in present. Tomorrow is a new day and there's lite at the horizon. In your present, there's some back stabbing.

    Your quest for the truth is blocked. You have a young personality blocked by older, withdrawn personalities. You are creative and your creativity is blocked. If you could get something going in this area, you would wake to a new day. You would really like to tell an older male how you think but it's blocked (page of swords in challenges next to King of swords.) Might do you good to say something.

    Possible female next to your creative pursuits that may help. Moving ahead won't do you any good to confront some of your issues. Take a rest, relax and arise renewed is your advice here. Main themes here is emotional manipulation and need to pursue creativity. 4 of Rods is now in outcome. A card that always appears in your readings. Celebrate the moment. A blessing-Ace of Coins in situation. Ace of Wands (creativity) is blocked. If you have questions will try and explain.

  • Hi Daliolite how are you? Hope you are doing a lot better now. I just wanted to see if you can give me a reading. I would like to know how you see my relationship? If i will find a job soon?

    Thank you

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Thanks for your reading dear 🙂

    Ah the 4 of rods :). I've found it hard to celebrate the moment, because I'm having a hard time at work. I do feel manipulated and hemmed in and so stressed out sometimes, that it's affecting my health. So I am trying to rest and relax whenever I can.

    I can only think you're referring to my boss (older male) but I don't know why since I hardly interact with him. Unless it's actually referring to B. B wasn't just a lover, I also saw him as a mentor, as he had encouraged me to release my creativity. We used to be able to talk about this stuff and he allowed me to see a little into his creative process. But since we no longer interact, that side of our friendship is blocked.

    The female I believe is my friend, who's an artist. I tend to gravitate towards creative people. Maybe because I feel blocked in that area. In sharing her own experiences, she's encouraging me to look out for career opportunities that will engage my creativity. But I really don't see any opportunities. Feels like I'm screaming in my head sometimes because my job is not making me feel fulfilled - instead it's wearing me down. I feel creative impulses and I do not know how to do something about them - because they're still in their infancy. Hence, I don't have skills that are 'worth' anything to anyone else but me at this point.

    It feels like I'm missing something but I don't know what it is.

  • HI Daliolite,

    Thanks for your time & energy on my behalf. I'd like a general reading

    Blessed Be

  • Arieslass, You are a busy person. Did you choose a career path perhaps school and are wondering what's happening. I see you as either contemplating a different career path or have already chose one. My advice is to follow thru on your ideas.

    Approaching news/communication. Truth is in your foundation. I feel like you're coming to an end to one phase and beginning another. You'll be single for awhile. It seems that your current situation requires that now. It's part of the process. You have very high ambitions perhaps taste. You want the best and it's blocked right now. You have 3 cards closely assoc in future Sun-Hermit-Nine of Coins. I see a group of friends that can help with a project/close-knit group of friends. Perhaps you have strong ideas on commitment. You have nothing to fear when following thru on your plans is what I'm getting. The only downside to this reading is you might have tendency to go along when you need to speak up. Right now money is more of a concern than anything.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Thanks so much for the reading! I appreciate it.

    I'm actually planning to take an exam this year to get certified related to the career path that I've chosen. This has been long delayed so that's what I'm trying to focus on these days. I'm trying to get over someone that I like for a long time and maybe that's the phase you are referring to and starting all over again in the love area. I do agree that I need time alone to think through things right now so being single is a blessing for me right now.. There's a work related project that I'm trying to seek help among my friends and hopefully that will get resolved. And yes, money is my concern these days which is why I'm trying to revamp my career.. Thanks so much for the advise.. I'll keep it in mind to be assertive when it needs to.

    Have a great Sunday!

    Blessings and light,


  • Hello Daliolite,

    Thank you for offering to do readings. But can you do one for me? I am in need of some help. Lately I feel like I have realy hit a brick wall and don't know what to do. I feel that there is something there, just on the other side, but no clue as to what. I need to know as to who, what I am anymore. An idea of what my real destiny is and what is happening in my life. It is hard to explain, but I feel like every path I take ends up in a dead end. Why? What is it that I am supposed to do? I would be so thankful for any help.

  • Oh, if it helps...I am a scorpio born 11/20/1963.

  • Irishelf, I just figured out your name--that's cute. I have a few ahead and will do yours. In a way the birthdate will help as some cards relate to the sign of scorpio.

  • Larajj90, Your cards are telling you to stay the course. In your advice position, your being told either to hang on to material/money or you're a little too possessive. Do you feel like your at a crossroads because of money or career. You're situation shows creativity and you're pursuing this. There is an authority figure in the past. I'm thinking probably a parent. This person may be detached but he's showing up in this reading. Communication is blocked. On some level there needs to be a reality check, maybe something opposing communication. I don't know what this is. I see help in finances. Having trouble possibly juggling money. Friends/assoc moving away or moving on. Do some of your friends have different careers/ideas etc. In the end, fufillment, I drew the 9 of cups in outcome. Without knowing any specifics, this is the best I can do at this point.

  • daliolite....my friends and i are currently in the final year of our technical education...unfortunately,i took this course because i was naive and because of my parents...but ,i have realised that my interests lie in the creative arts,so i want to join the entertainment field and as people would say,become a star...will this info be enough ,daliolite? and i was born on 15th of sep,90...thank you for doing the reading..some of it makes sense ..u indicated that the outcome card is nine of cups? does that meani will be successful? thank you and blessed be...

  • Hi daliolite ,if you are taking more sitters I would also like to ask about my next significant soulmate. How will we get aquatinted with each other and what will be his overall feelings for me? Any advice regarding relationship with him would be very welcome . Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  • If you're still willing, I'd be interested in a general love, just curious to see what you pick up. 🙂 Thank you.

  • larajj90, I believe it's always best to pursue what you're talented and interested in. The blocked communication that I'm picking up on is probably the different interests of you and your parents. Are you having to convince them of this career field you're interested in. I see the support of your mom. I drew the queen of coins in the future. Nine of cups in outcome is a good placement. Sometimes, however, it can have a double meaning--be careful what you wish for. Many people change their minds in college. I have a couple times.

  • Pinkrose08, This is a general reading. You have a pretty clear picture of what you want. In the present, there is a need for distance mainly from the way things were before. Could be an abandonment issue here. 5 of swords in situation. Are you afraid that there's going to be a break-up. You can't see the outcome or future of a relationship. I'm getting that someone doesn't have a lot of experience w/relationships. Also, a tendency to get involved too quickly. Take it slow/stability is within you. There is advice here to take it slow--there's a reason why things are the way they are. Maybe this isn't the right relationship or time now. Emotional time. Have a tendency to meet wrong type thru friends possibly. More structure is needed. Strong indication of meeting the right type person for you. I'm getting advice that either you're very young at heart or someone else. W/O knowing your personality, I can't say. There are 3 people in things to come, one could be you. If you could describe current friend might help.

  • Thanks for the reading,

    You mentioned that there is a "Strong indication of meeting the right type person for you"

    Any chances I have already met this person? I am currently involved with someone whom i really hope things will work out.

  • Like I said, I need more info on personalities. I have come up w/3 personalities. I'll need info to sort this out. Specifically the personality of BF. If you haven't started this relationship quickly or got involved quickly, I would say so. If he's a stable type personality and secure, I would say yes as there appears to be someone like this in the outcome of your reading. The outcome is the end of a reading so the right on may be later. Seems there are 2 in your life possibly now. Definately 2 in your future. One is not so stable.

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