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  • Hi,

    In the process of remodeling and moving. Will get to everyones but will be a little longer than thought. Will be back...

  • fbyt, I'll get to yours since you already drew. It's taking awhile to let you know.

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  • Hi daliolite how are you? It's been a while and recently you came to mind. I remember one of the readings you gave me almost a year ago. I know you don't remember but thank you I should have known that was gonna happened. Anyways hope all is well with you. I was wondering if you can giver a reading? Of course whenever you have the time and chance to do so.

    Thank you

  • SagittariusGurl, Yes, it's taking a while bout 2 wks.

  • Faithfulone,

    Your reading is speaking mainly of this house process. Are your siblings angry over some help that you may be getting regarding financial help from parents. I'm throwing things out to verify what the cards are trying to say. If not, there's some kind of drama to have what some one else may have. It's gonna take some work to get this loan. 8 of coins in future position makes me feel like you'll have to go back over details. Adult responsibility (moreso.) Your reading is speaking of more work to get approved. I don't know if it's saying that you'll really have to put your nose to the grindstone--so to speak. Hard work required. I do see someone coming in to help so that you'll get approved. Bank is not happy with amount of income. Speaking of more income needed. This is emotional for you and I'm feeling like you have to go to someone to get help (financial) to make this all come together--5 of wands situation/6 of coins in blocks. There's also some talk about a relationship. I'm not sure what happened. It's like one failed and there's a promise of marriage in future. I feel like you can get financial help from family or friends but the reading is saying that it's really better if you stand on your own footing--fool as outcome of situation. Also, you might be shooting too high as far as extras. Scaling down--do you understand this. You need to have a clearer idea of the work that all of this entails and not get in over your head--4 of cups/5 of coins/9 of coins as challenges. A gift is needed at this pointg. Hope you can relate. This is a reading that is saying a lot. I don't know your circumstances or people involved but seems there's several people involved.


    present--6 of cups

    above--5 of coins

    below--page of pentacles--you feel it's the right time to take this on

    situation--5 of wands

    past--4 of cups--have you applied thru several banks

    challenges--9 of coins

    future--8 of coins

    blocks--6 of coins

    friends--4 of wands

    advice--king of cups--someone needed to help


  • Thank you daliolite, for letting me know. Look forward to hearing from you, whenever you can get to it.


  • Hi D!

    I just wanted to ask you something and let you know, things are as you said getting better 😄 things are starting to look brighter now, still there are some clouds on my heaven.

    Can you help me with this?

    F and me, will we become friends again or did he never see me as one?

    Was it only me who did things wrong as I think or did he also play a part in it? Does he miss me or not?

    Him and his new girlfriend, will it work out between them?

    Could we still have been friends if I didn´t do what I did the last time I saw him?

    Anna, is she someone I should call my friend?

    Should I aim for LA and study hotell and tourims there instead of sweden?

    sincerely Gabi

  • Hi D.

    Hope all is okay with you. Don't see you being active here. I hope your days & nights are filled with cheer and calm.

    If you have taken some time off.....you were moving home right?, enjoy.

    If you are in the mood for sharing your expertise and interpretation, just wanted to tell you that I am still interested in your reading for the cards I had drawn.

    Thank you,


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