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  • Changes5, I'll start yours next. I'm off for a few days so can hopefully get to it soon.

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  • This reading its kinda of confuse, but it makes sense it’s the way I’ve been feeling lately, confused about everything. One day Im up, the other down and theres always that constant ideas/words like u say about my job being closed and I can be fired, these has been a constant, but Im not dwelling on this too much, yep theres a male friend that helped me come back to this job again and I will sure be fired from the one I belong to, I know its confusing,,lol

    Im currently occupying the place of a person that is sick but I belong to another squadron, but this is the job I love to do, that’s why Im hoping to stay here.

    My health is really an issue and I’ve been spending a lot of money to find out what I have cuz no doc seems to know what I have, that’s why I popped the question, I feel real pains, but like u pointed out so well, sum of my health probs r related to my own feelings, been thru a lot emotionally, a complete rollercoaster and I made the terrible mistake of letting my feelings overwhelmed me and I got so dependent on my partner.

    But, Im finding my strength finally and Im taming the Devil. I need to think bout me more and stop trying to be at peace with everyone, its impossible to do it. Im also dealing with family health probs and I need to be the strong one.

    U r right Dal its been a constant struggle, Im getting tired of feeling sick, about myself too, but Im not giving up, the Universe is teaching me a lot of lessons and on top of it I have to deal with my empath gift or wahtever I have.

    Yep in this job Im in now theres a person that is contrary to everything we do or say, sometimes its hard to work with him, cuz I let him affect me, but now I know how to protect me from his constant bad mood. I guess is too soon to know what will happen, theres no future written yet, you tap real well on my emotions. Thanks so much for ur reading.

  • dear Daliolite, i would like a reading please if you are still taking requests. it's about this guy who has been in a long-term relationship but still seem be to be interested in me. he lives in another country so i've only seen him a couple of times, but on both occasions he was too "interested" for a taken guy. could you please look into this because it's kinda messing with my head 🙂 we have friends in common, too, so it's more than likely that i'll spend time with him again in the future . what are his feeling & intentions? is he simply a player or is there sth more to it? thanks a lot in advance!

    my dob is august 18, 1987, and his is november 29, 1987, if it's helpful for the reading 🙂

  • Cylll, Yes, hopefully I can speed the process but it's been taking 7 to 10 days.

  • Mariapisces, I'm glad you can relate. Part of my gift is channeling. I'm bombarded with spirit. Right now, w/remodeling, I'm too busy to separate and know if I'm channeling you or some other energy. Check back in a while and I'll see if I can help.

  • Changes5,

    The lessons that you've recently learned are carried with you. Regardless of what was said, really, it's about choices, career and doing something with your life. Options are open--run with it. Heartache from relationships. Controlling emotions and continuing on. Making the right decisions. Justice as the outcome of Temperance in situation. Getting a feeling here that money is an issue. Very young/youthful type energy relating to money and path/career/plans. Page of pentacles is paired with page of wands. Perhaps you are embarking on a path akin to who you really are, taking the FIRST steps towards this. There has been a break-up. You are being told to move ahead. Great gains ahead when you embrace your creative side. You have a lot of baby energy. I don't know any other way to put it. I got a symbol last night while drawing your cards, I believe, of a baby. Queen of wands is blocked. This person could be a help for you. Still can be if you embrace and start fresh. Starting fresh and starting over.


    present--lovers--controlling emotions regarding relationships


    past--8 of wands

    above--3 of swords

    challenges--page of pentacles

    future--page of wands

    blocks--queen of wands

    friends--six of swords



  • Gino26, pg 230, Will start yours next.

  • thanks daliolite, i'll be patiently waiting 🙂

  • Thank you, I aprecciate it, Daliolite. Blessings to you

  • Gino26,

    This reading is about you and your career. Are you a creative type. Friend you asked about is he in similar field as you or have some of the same interests. I wouldn't be surprised if you've considered moving--3 wands/world/2 of swords. This friend is involved in his own struggles. He will be a block for you. Your reading is talking about expansion in the present. World indicates, to me, something that a lot of people know of--news. Something spreading. You shape your world. Don't follow whims/know yourself. A lot of this is a game of chance in present. Your reading talks of the burden that you're carrying. Balancing emotions. I have a feeling that you're trapped by words and there's some decision that you're considering. This decision is a major block for you--2 of swords in challenges/temperance in advice. King of pentacles is a person in your life. He appears in future position. Could be an employer since this reading is speaking of career mainly. Could be family member, as well. Do what's right for you and don't be afraid of chance. When you free yourself from negativity, you'll see that you're the captain of your own ship. Perhaps you need to see life on the other side--can you relate to this. Was something offered to you and you didn't accept. I'm trying to make sense of the 3 of wands since this reading springs from this. You want abundance but feel trapped--8 of swords situation/9 of coins outcome. I feel like I want to tell you that you may want to take the plunge. Right now, your testing the waters. It's like you have a devil on your shoulder, at times, holding you back. Identify your struggles and look at everything with a clear head. Are you moving towards something more conservative--wheel/king of pentacles. I'll need input--


    present--wheel of fortune


    below--10 of wands--is your area lacking in jobs

    situation--8 of swords

    past--3 of wands

    challenges--two of swords

    future--king of pentacles

    blocks--knight of wands

    friends--7 of wands


    outcome--9 of coins

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  • Hi Daliolite,

    Thank you for your reading, i appreciate your time and effort.

    About this man, ive known him for 3 years now and there is a strong connection between us and he just wont make the move to have a relationship with me. he says he wants to but never takes the risk as he is scared of something. As you said he has his own struggles. That is driving me crazy. I know i should give up. But why is he going to be a block for me? Could you please clarify that? My decision that you talked about is him. his words are the devil on my shoulder. Ive been struggling to make that decision to give up on him because i love him so much. what are the words spreading-news people know about? I know that i might loose my job in afew months because the place that im working at is having a big shopping center build next to it. which means that my boss will loose a lot of money and will close his shop. thats another burden on my shoulders as i have to pay mortgage etc. ive been looking for work over 4 months now with no luck. i havent considered moving. maybe the movement you see is work related? if you can please clarify the reading it would be much appreciated. If you have some questions please feel free to ask. Thank you Effie

  • Gino26, Are you Virgo, what's his sign. He's being shown as a fire sign although he may not be. He's shown as the knight of wands. I feel that he can't handle a long term commitment. Better to keep as friends. Did you fall for him fast. Knight of wands can mean a quick arrival. You can walk away from this at any time--8 of swords/2 of swords. Trapped by words. Swords represent words/communication/ideas/conflict. The news traveling pertains to your work. I feel that when you ground yourself a change in work can be a blessing. I think the King of pentacles is pertaining to your current boss. What type of work is it. The nine of coins kinda makes me feel as though it's women's clothing, apparrel etc. You followed my reading pretty good. If you have more questions let me know. What is the connection. You said a strong connection. Is it romantic.

  • Faithfulone, I'll work on yours next.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Yes i am a virgo and he is an aries. I did fall for him fast as he did too. But at the time we met 3 years ago i was still married. So nothing could happen then. We kept as friends and communicating alot. I separated a year ago. I work at a petrol station and he has a transport business. He came in my work to put fuel in his trucks and the connection was instant for both of us. the connection is romantic. as you said and i see it he wont take a long relationship because he has been hurt and lost everything from his marriage. his ex wife took everything that he loved(his heart and business. Which he had built from scratch) after his marriage broke off he started again from scratch to built his business again and thats what he cares and loves. he feels safe there. No one will hurt him again. the pain and love that i feel for him is too much. because i know that i have to give up waiting. ( i wish there was a way that he will let go of his fear and commit to me). As you said in the reading i do want abundance with him and i wont be able to feel it from him.

    You picked up that i work at a clothing apparel business. for 18 years i was working in that field. now i work as a manager in a petrol sevice station. ive been there for 6 1/2 years. i do work for a relative as you picked up in the reading. You said in the reading that you feel like telling me to take the plunge, im testing the waters, and that im moving towards something more conservative. Can you please clarify these question? I dont have a lot of qualifications for work. But i have experience but no one employ's these days if you dont have qualifications. thats why its hard for me to find a job. If you have anything extra to say it will be much appreciated. Thank you for your time and kindness. Blessings to you. Effie

  • Yes a break up occurred and another miscarriage I believe I trusted someone my best friend and he destroyed it all we were hoping for a girl I name haven but he's returned to his ex to save a marriage (they had been separated yr n half) n waiting for him to realize his mistake but I am looking forewarn not back so all in all you honk I will move foreward in money success? N kids father is taking me to. Court do u believe I will win this battle? Thank you again

  • Hello Daliolite,

    Need your help please- appreciate if you can give your expert view of this.

    From being a successful, senior corporate exec, I have been floundering in entrepreneurial ventures in a new country, for the last five years. Now, in desperation, I am trying to get back into the corporate world in the country that I was previously.

    I am, at what my instinct tells me, at my life's crossroad. I believe in my instincts but I have absolutely no clue about where I am headed.

    To learn more about what is in store for me, I drew three cards and I got:

    The Sun

    The Moon

    The Chariot

    A couple of days later, I then drew seven cards and got:

    The Chariot

    The Fool

    The Emperor

    The Empress

    The Wheel of Fortune

    The Star


    What do I take out of these two draw of cards please? And if it helps, I was born on the 13th of Feb 1959 at 5.30 a.m.

    Your interpretation will mean so much to my life. Thank you for your time & your gift.


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