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  • Hi Daliolite,

    I can relate to this reading. U are right, I am questioning how much to actually report for fear that they may think I am being dramatic or don't believe in the witch craft. Really how do you go into a professional environment and report, "someone is doing witchcraft to me because they have been disciplined and now want me out of this office." Who sounds crazier... I thank you for this reading as it has shed light on the matter. To answer your question, I get along with almost everyone ... the unit as a whole has come to me and said if these three people leave this unit, it would work so much better. ITs the same individuals that I am having problems with. U are right, one person feels that because they have been there longer deserve the position not me.. and other ones feel like since I have been there less than 3 yrs that I came and changed all the rules, I only improved in what was already there and people don't like change. Again thanks for this reading it helps.

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    First Thanks for the reading Daliolite.

    To answer your question, out of 19 people in my unit its those three people that are causing problems for me. U are right, I am worried that my bosses are going to think that I am nuts for bringing up the other people's witch craft stuff... since they probably are not believers!

    Thanks this helped.

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  • Livingadream, Ok, I didn't know that it was 3 people. The 3 of cups points to the emotional fufillment that these 3 people are getting out of whatever it is their involved with. I would get past the point of caring about their pranks. I don't have a lot of faith in witchcraft. They may feel that they can scare you off. Are you in the Northeast. I wouldn't worry about reporting it. But if you see something like that, you need to show it to others. As I write this, I'm seeing my symbol for a passing. It seems to be assoc with writing or something written. Perhaps it's news, communication--something along this line of a passing--let me know.

  • Mariapisces, I'm working on yours, yours is next.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Will keep you posted on the outcome. It seems that things have died down some... but I will not let down my guard. I am in Texas and the people doing this come from a border town where witchcraft is a way of life and practiced frequently. In law enforcement we even see the drug gangs using Santa Muerte and other types of witch craft for protection. I agree that this person is just doing this as a way of trying to scare me, its not working but is very annoying.. and this type of behavior should not be tolerated in the work place. It makes it difficult for me to do my job, I appreciate your insight and will keep you posted!

  • Hi Daliolite,

    I would like a reading in general and will I get approved for a loan for house? Thanks for offering free readings.

    Don't know if you need DOB just let me know, look forward to my reading.

  • Hi Daliolite! I know I've probably requested a reading from you before, but this is on a different subject. I would like a reading on my career path. Am I headed in the right direction? Will I find a job where I get along well with my co-workers? Thanks!

  • Faithfulone,

    Yes, it's taking about a week

  • mh83, Yes.

  • Livingadream, I'm in texas too. NE part.

  • Livingadream, In my experience, the living channel evil spirits. Evil is what's projected from the living. I know this is contrary to some others' beliefs but has been my experience.

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  • Hello Daliolite,

    How are you .Thank you for reading offer.I dont know if you already have enough on your plate at this time but whenever you can i would really like a reading -my past,present and future life in general and career.Thanks

  • Daliolite, thank you and I look forward to reading.

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  • dmick59, Pets/animals develop very strong family relationships. They are family oriented and come thru just as people to me in the spirit realm. I have a feeling that you'll feel and sense both cats. Please know that they are still with you.

  • Gemmini, Yes. It's taking a while so check back.

    I'm going down the list will get to everyones.

  • Mariapisces,

    Situation develops from strength. Taming the beast. Devil (beast) is paired with strength. Interpersonal relationships and the skills to cope. Some relationships are what they are. Don't let decisions be based on emotion or trying to please people that can't be pleased. I feel like an ultimatum or blow that you're suffering through in the form of words. Something preventing you from enjoying life basically. Partnerships are strained. You want to know outcome of partnership--will it be worthwhile. I feel things will get better when you don't try to make it right. Don't put the pressure on yourself. See things as they are. Living under the care of someone possibly family. Health issue is a challenge for you. I really feel like this reading is suggesting that you stand-up and not get in victim mode. Because this reading is mentioning partnerships--devil/2 of cups as outcome, I can't help but feel that your personal life is involved. Perhaps wondering about a love relationship. Male energy in reading. Do you have a male friend that helps/helped w/job situation or is a friend at work. I feel like there's a going to be a period of time that you'll be helped by family where you'll regroup. You need help financially and health wise. I feel like you need to concentrate on this. Your familiar with this job but don't see it as an answer for you. Is there someone there or has been there that is contrary. I see you as suffering thru words/ideas. My impression is something different as this has been a struggle.


    present--9 of wands


    above--7 of cups--will it get better

    below--9 of swords--you feeling like it can't get worse


    challenges--5 of coins

    future--6 of coins

    blocks--queen of cups

    friends--knight of wands

    advice--knight of swords

    outcome--2 of cups

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