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  • Sosweetme, You'd have to post your last reading for me to remember everything which is ok because this is a new reading. I don't remember bf, etc. A lot of my co-workers are younger than I, in their 30's. One thing that's significant to me is that most, if not all, are depressed and bi-polar. That's stark to me. Looking back...I was the same way. What's changed is that I believe in myself more and find happiness w/each passing day. I also have a strong faith in Jesus. I'm not saying everything is always roses.

    Your reading....I really feel like a lot of this reading has to do with a different path someone is being called to begin. I also feel someone's career. It's a challenge to start a new path esp emotionally--10 of cups is challenged. Someone not taking advantage of opportunities or someone left while the other is pursuing their career. Partnership in friends. Someone starting over. Looking at the truth as to why it happened. I'm feeling a dead-halt in the present with this male energy--knight of pentacles and emperor paired. There's a truth to be told scenario. Maybe the truth was kept from you about things. The #8 is dominant in this reading. Someone blocking themselves from their true potential--8 of wands in past, 8 of swords in future, 8 of coins is blocked--I believe this is coming from you. Is your career stalemate. Truthful moving forward so that you can move forward. You may be a truth seeker and never know why everything happened as it did. Actually it doesn't matter as you're being called-out. You may be looking at friends as more than that. Know what you want and don't be afraid of that or settle for something different. He has older energy while you have a younger energy. I'm being shown that this outcome was inevitable. Someone not focusing as they should.


    present--knight of pentacles




    past--8 of wands

    challenges--ace of cups

    future--8 of swords

    blocks--8 of coins


    advice--page of swords

    outcome--ace of wands

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  • Thank u sweetie, no rush.

    I know how it is we tend to keep things just because they have a special meaning or it was just a gift from someone we love and then we end up with lots of stuff, lol. I did a huge cleaning too, not long ago I had to repaint my whole house and I just wanted to throw everything away.

    Good luck and by the way if u get indecisive if u should keep some or not throw it away, its not meant to keep.

  • Sosweetme, I feel like the page of swords card is a green light for you to move forward, also, an indicator of much better times--: )

  • Changes5, Yes. Give me a few days.

  • Thank you D, I appreciate it alot 🙂

  • Actually it doesn't matter as you're being called-out. You may be looking at friends as more than that- What do you mean?

    The truth is kept from me in alot of ways, I have caught friends in so many lies and things I told them in confidence has been told to others..

  • Tellstar,

    I'll do yours next.

  • Tellstar,


    Seems the battle is words--8 of swords, 10 of swords. Really important to believe in yourself. A lot of male energy and 3 males in present. One male is very passionate about his ideas. Low budget or someone not given a project due to their history of not coming thru. You're not prepared to handle all this. Feminity and masculinity. May be a mistake to consider this a partnership. A block is partnership. Creative struggle and mild dramas. Everyone wants what they want--9 of cups in friends. Did a male actually get what they wanted or more input into something. This reading speaks of a project where several males are involved. 9 of coins in foundation. You were given something to expand upon--9 coins/chariot. You are under the Emperor. Decisions are still "ruled" by someone. Did some male like your creative ideas. I have a feeling that you haven't spoken-up or feel entraped. I see this as a struggle but you've hung on--8 swords/9wands/10 of swords. As you branch-out, be prepared for creative struggle and harsh words. Harsh words are behind your back. This scenario is under the "rule" of someone. I don't give my e-mail so don't know how to do a private reading unless you'd like to give yours,etc. I'll wait for you to respond..


    present--8 of swords


    below--9 of pentacles


    past--knight of pentacles

    challenges--knight of cups

    future--9 of wands--whoever is assigned, they'll have same struggle


    friends--9 of cups

    advice--10 of swords--end of cycle

    outcome--5 of wands--some change

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  • Livingadream, I've drawn your cards and will post reading soon...

  • Thanks!

  • Hi Daliolite,

    If you have time can you please do a reading for me?

    Im searching for a job and it seems im not having any luck. Do you see me getting one? and love related one too, do you se me having a relationship with this man.. my DOB is 10 september 1968 and his 26 march 1969? Thank you for your time, Effie

  • Gino26, Yes, it's taking about a week ok.

  • Livingadream,

    Your reading is talking about assoc making decisions based on impulse and emotion--7 of cups in friends. #7 is in future portion of reading. Waiting to see what happens. You may feel like your alone and how much should you report. In present, power and balance of power. Situation stems from death of previous path. Your distancing yourself from assoc. Someone refusing something/distancing from situation based on emotion. 7 of swords in blocks is confusing to me. This is you. I'm feeling like your afraid to tell everything or report what is happening. I feel like the people your having trouble with view you as new or getting something that you don't deserve. Like I said before, a lot of this is greed and money. I see you as caring maybe too much what these people think and do--queen of cups. I think it'll be inevitable that someone will start a new path. My question is---are there some assoc that you work well with there. Cards in future positions look very good careerwise. Because these people do things based on emotion it's bringing out brooding tendencies in you. Do what you have to do but don't do it based on emotion. Be prepared to have witnessess for backup, if you need to. The worse that can happen is that you get a better job/work environment. Lack of wands tells me that your steadfast in staying the course there. Keep your chin up--ok.


    present--fool--do you have to work projects with these people. If this is the case, this card speaks to going it alone

    above--queen of cups

    below--5 of coins--the foundation of this reading is about how these people are feeling

    situation--5 of swords--this is you taking a stand


    challenges--4 of cups

    future--3 of cups

    blocks--7 of swords

    friends--7 of cups--I think there's more bags of tricks w/these people

    advice--ace of pentacles

    outcome--9 of coins

  • Thank you!

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