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  • Sosweetme, Yes, give me a couple days, ok.

  • HI Daliolite,

    I'm a bit blue and would like a private reading with you.


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  • Aprilca, Wanted you to know that I did draw your cards before the last question. There are two male/male influence in the reading so I'll post tomorrow.

  • Tellstar, I'll get to a reading for you soon.

  • Sure, I don´t mind waiting because I know your good 🙂

  • Aprilca,

    It's all about choices. Selective. Seeing and appreciating what you DO have. Justice is now in the past. An encounter where someone is going to tell it like it is/news arriving quickly.Something being brought to the forefront. Something coming back to you /negative words. I'm not really clear if this is how you feel regarding contacting the old boyfriend in present. I get a feeling of waiting for the arrival of love. I get a feeling that one of your blocks is this overwhelming feeling that you need to have a relationship. There are many cups in your reading which shows an abundance of emotion w/o thinking things through. Decisions based on emotion. I do think it'll take time to find "the one." Knight of cups in foundation is suggesting the need for love. Be careful w/choices. Caution w/need and want. Behavior/reality.



    above--10 of swords

    below--knight of cups


    challenges--10 of cups

    future--knight of swords

    blocks--3 of wands

    friends--ace of cups

    advice--9 of cups

    outcome--7 of cups

  • Aprilca,

    Situation--page of pentacles

  • Thanks! U described how I feel these days to a tee. Maybe it's time for me to take a break.

  • Hi Daliolite

    Situation has increasing gotten worse. I found some black powder at the door of my office. I believe I know who it is and what it is. Its black magic. Three people were put on notice that sabotaging the unit would not be tolerated and they would be terminated if they were found to be disrupt the unit. Well, I guess they took it upon themselves to see a psychic - who told them to use a certain powder to get rid of me. What do changes do you see in this unit if any? I put holy water and said a prayer - don't know what else to do??? help please

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  • Livingadream--Please post the reading that I did for you so that I can go over it. Also, will do another.

  • thanks Daliolite, here is the previous reading you did for me.

    I'd be interested in how you came about this job. You feel that this job has the potential to be a dream job for you. I get a feeling here of the "almighty dollar." I'm getting old money. A lot of structure in present so wouldn't be surprised if this is some sort of trading, accounting, commissioned sales etc. Some may view you as taking over. Hanged man over reading is telling me that you prob feel this way and is due to co-workers. Avoid conflict. This type of scenario will have to work itself out. You like working outside the framework--chariot as advice. I get a feeling here that fufillment is what you seek. There's undertones here of a romance. Competition for attention is key here as well. Taming the beast is a challenge. The beast is greed--that's what I'm feeling. Younger feeling coming thru in friends/assoc. One of your blocks is the inability to move forward in present. Waiting for something to "come-thru" for you. Perhaps this is just wishful thinking. Male energy in present. Needing things on your own terms. Do what makes you happy.


    present--king of pentacles

    above--hanged man


    situatiion--knight of cups

    past--9 of cups


    future--9 of coins


    friends--page of pentacles


    outcome--queen of cups

  • Sosweetme, Just letting you know that I drew your cards and will post soon.

  • Hi Dal, how have u been?

    Need an update my friend, 1st let me tell u that I got back to the old job that I loved, like u said,

    but theres an if..., I cant stay here, its only temporary, but they do need me, so what do u think?

    Another thing that I've been having an issue with is my health, as far as I know I dont have a serious prob. and Im really trying to be positive but its hard when we have a pain that we dont know what it is, can u tell if u see me finding what I have soon and get over this, Im soooo tired.

    Thank u.

  • Mariapisces,

    Hi, good to hear from you. Yes. It's gonna be a few days tho. I'm clearing everything from my house so they can (hopefully) start remodeling soon. It's hard. I've accumulated 14 yrs of stuff. I'm not a hoarder tho.so it's not too extreme. I'll do a reading and try and chanel as well.

  • Daliolite can you give me another reading much appreciated

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