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  • Aprilca, You need to post your previous reading for me.

  • Aprilca,

    Wanting things to happen--Magician as outcome of situation. Somewhere along the line someone feels as though they've been wronged. Someone emotionally closed--I feel this is him. This scenario is a struggle. Fufillment opposed with making things happen. Love and fufillment are your highest ambitions. You will have to be the first one that makes a move here. I'm picking-up an air sign. If not, in order for things to move you'll have to make the first move. I get a feeling here that both sides have grounded reasons for lack of communication. Something needs clarifying. I get a feeling here that it's not simple. Truth needs to come to the surface. I'm getting some things are unrealistic. There's a truth will set you free type scenario here. Both are immature or perhaps childish. There are two males here. You haven't moved on--fool is blocked. Your reading is asking to make mature decisions. The fool is telling me that every decision can be meaningless. Confrontation will be significant. You will not be able to move forward unless there is some closure. It might help if I could do a pro & con reading for you.


    present--ace of cups



    past--4 of cups

    challenges--7 of wands

    future--6 of cups


    friends--king of swords



    He's either cold or has been hurt--I'll need your input

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  • btw, Daliolite, regarding "Magician as outcome of situation" - does that mean I will have to be the one to make a move? I am kinda confused with the meaning of the Magician card here..

  • Asia118,

    Will have your reading up soon--page 223.

  • Aprilca, I view the magician as wanting things to move or action needed perhaps even taken. My question w/this previous reading is did you meet this person in a group setting like with friends or assoc. Perhaps this is someone that you feel like approaching. Ok, king of swords in friends. It would help if I knew your sign. This person is coming across as an air sign possibly like Aquarius, Gem, Libra. I see this person as distant.

    I'll do another reading for you, have several ahead.

  • My question w/this previous reading is did you meet this person in a group setting like with friends or assoc. --- if u were referring to the guy friend i was asking about, my answer would be yes, and btw, he is Cancer. I am Aries. as for the king of swords, i feel like it could represent my ex-bf, although he's Leo. As for the new guy, i donno...

    Hope it helps! Thanks!

  • Asia118X,

    I get the feeling here of embarking on a new path. I believe it's careerwise. In the present, learning to balance emotions. A block for you is making decisions based on emotions. From the past, learning or having to work within framework and structures. Actually, this has matured you or caused you to look at life thru family/structure. I get a strong feeling that you're a very family-oriented person. When you get to a point, or meet someone that shares your beliefs, you will have met your match. There's a strong indication of ideas/plans in the making. It's also in the foundation here. Someone going on a different path. If this is you, be careful that it's not against your true nature. There's a strong tendency for you to break-away. If you do, be careful. A lot of plans/actions in friends/assoc. Ultimately will lead to a different path. This relationship is mutual but there's something in plans/career. Seems like someone perhaps parting or having different ideas. You'll have to fill me in--



    present--temperance--avoid extremism/learned and earned tolerance


    situation--10 of cups


    challenges--7 of swords--will be a challenge to break-away

    future--2 of cups

    blocks--7 of cups

    friends--8 of wands

    advice--6 of swords


    There is definately a new path for someone.

  • Livingadream,

    Will start yours next--page 223

  • Great, I will wait anxiously!

  • Livingadream,

    I'd be interested in how you came about this job. You feel that this job has the potential to be a dream job for you. I get a feeling here of the "almighty dollar." I'm getting old money. A lot of structure in present so wouldn't be surprised if this is some sort of trading, accounting, commissioned sales etc. Some may view you as taking over. Hanged man over reading is telling me that you prob feel this way and is due to co-workers. Avoid conflict. This type of scenario will have to work itself out. You like working outside the framework--chariot as advice. I get a feeling here that fufillment is what you seek. There's undertones here of a romance. Competition for attention is key here as well. Taming the beast is a challenge. The beast is greed--that's what I'm feeling. Younger feeling coming thru in friends/assoc. One of your blocks is the inability to move forward in present. Waiting for something to "come-thru" for you. Perhaps this is just wishful thinking. Male energy in present. Needing things on your own terms. Do what makes you happy.


    present--king of pentacles

    above--hanged man


    situatiion--knight of cups

    past--9 of cups


    future--9 of coins


    friends--page of pentacles


    outcome--queen of cups

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  • Hi Daliolite

    To answer your question, this is a job that I wanted since I was in high school. I simply got my degree and worked in the legal field until I decided to put in for this job and had to try twice before I got in. Its in law enforcement. I think that the "old money" you see is one of the top dogs who has been here for a very long time comes from old and basically runs the show, doesn't need to work at all but everyone feels that things would run better when this person leaves due to the personality of this person. Doesn't like anyone. I talk to this person on a professional level and we sometimes discuss some personal things on a superficial level. we are certainly not friends - but I try not to make waves. I think that your reading is picking up more on a side venture that I am thinking or trying to get off the ground which will help my family at the same time. Does that clarify the situation? Thanks for any additional info that may help my situation. I so appreciate the reading! Thanks for your time

  • Livingadream,

    Yes, this man is coming thru in present. What's interesting to me is the hierophant in present and chariot as advice. Movement as advice. What is the side business you're in. 9 of cups in past is showing fufillment for you. I don't believe the structure you're in is beholden to you. Is there a chance where you're able to branch-out in this position. You had talked about passive aggressive personalities. I can read the 9 of coins as helping your parents or a fragile-type existence pertaining to this job of yours. Queen of cups is showing me that you're take-care of people/nurturer type person. Chariot shows me that you're a take charge type person or the need to branch out. Under this man, a challenge for you.

  • Aprilca, I'll start yours next..

  • hi Daliolite, if you havent pulled the cards yet, I would like to change the subject.. So I met this new guy for dinner last night. Its our first date. He seemed to be a very sweet nice gentleman, but I dont think we are good match, although I could tell he's very interested in seeing me again, somehow, I didnt feel the same.

    I have been thinking about my ex. He tried to get me back for a few months, and i ignored him. So he stopped. Its been a couple months since I heard from him. Do you see if we reconcile in the near future? How does he think about me these days? Thanks.

  • hi Daliolite

    To answer your questions, there is no room to branch out. This person poses a block to alot of people. The place is stagnant until this person leaves. This person is the black cloud of the department. What do u mean about the structure not being beholden to me? please explain. As far as the side business is to liquidate my parents business inventory - as they are both sick and unable to work like they used to. Two large buildings and alot of automotive inventory. It would be more online. Eventually would like to do a resale shop so the parents can do that instead of having to physically work like they have been.

    Thanks again.

  • Hi Daliolite!

    I was wondering, can I please ask for a reading? I don´t know what to do anymore, latley everything hasn´t been so great.

    I was just wondering if things will change for the better soon? And will I meet a good guy who actually wants to be with me soon? The guy I asked about before now has a gf, but we aren´t even friends anymore because of how he treated me.

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