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  • Thanx for sharing your gift Daliolite, I posted my comments on my question, HUGS and THNX Wish i had a chance to learn the talent myself :))

  • I don't know if I understand what you mean by seeing more of his situation than him in the reading? I feel like I have taken enough of your time, thank you for that.

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  • Thank you again for sharing your time and your talent. Lots of love to you.

  • Znl, His kids, college, obligations are showing, not a relationship. A marriage is showing in past. Showing his present situation stemming from a marriage.

  • Ok, Dal, you are such a dear to explain this to me. Yes, funny how the reading turned out to be all about his situation and so true.!! Maybe, in the future you will do a reading about me. I wish you success in your life and work.

  • No worries, Daliolite, I appreciate the readings you have already done for me. I wish you balance and inspiration... 🙂

  • Happy easter Daliolite! I lost this link for some time. Glad to reconnect. Are you very busy with readings? Could I have one, too. Missing my friend. What do you see in my relationship?

  • Hi Tellstar, I've been taking breaks trying to get everything figured out regarding plans for remodeling and building. I'd like to do a few readings as I miss doing them. Will get to one for you.

  • Thanks Daliolite. How exciting it must be to remodel. I am thinking of a gazebo for my house too. I have a design. I just need the money. Thanks for the favor of a reading. I look forward to one. Taje care and enjoy.

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  • Tellstar,

    You'll have to elaborate more. I can sketch out what I'm getting here. In friends, I'm getting expansion/starting over. The #8 dominates your reading. This situation w/friend has got you thinking what you can do to better yourself, as they are. I'm getting planning and opportunity in past. Perhaps you'd like to seize a different, more creative opportunity. Your reading speaks of expansion in career. Some of what seems to be stopping you is a stubborness/holding onto esp. financially. Perhaps you're comfortable with the status-quo. You have been making some in-roads especially in the present. Still, this stubborness has you stalemate. I get a feeling here that you've always been the captain of your own ship--queen of wands over reading. Your reading is speaking about a new phase in your life that I'm not sure if your ready to handle--hermit/8 of cups/8 of wands. All these cards are related. I have a feeling here that you have a critic. These are harsh/hard words to hear but in the long run may help. I'm curious as to what the recent in-roads are--queen of wands over magician. Is your friend following their dream. Has this motivated you but you are somehow taken back by the "work" of it all. You would like to abandon all but can't. You want to be happy for them and maybe in time you can get to that place. This feels like a friend that inspired you. Something is stopping you from doing what you want to. Hermit in outcome speaks to the aloneness you feel but can also speak to getting to yourself to accomplish what you need to whether it be education, separation from someone etc. Whoever this person is, they hold a special place in your heart. This reading is addressing the stalemate (indecision) and aloneness.


    above--queen of wands


    situation--king of coins

    below--4 of coins

    past--8 of wands

    challenges--knight of swords--can be a critic at work

    future--2 of swords

    blocks--8 of coins


    advice--8 of cups


  • Daliolite how ate you? I was hoping to see if you do a reading for me? I would appreciate it if you can.

    Thank you


  • SagitarriusGurl, Yes.

  • Hi can I get a reading about me and T? I just wanna know, will it be us when he comes back as in will we finally become girlfriend nd boyfriend and is he the one I am meant to be with for life?

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Are you back?

    May I have a reading if you're able to - just a general one.


  • Dear Daliolite,

    May I have a reading if you have time? Just a general reading would be fine.



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