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  • Daliolite,

    I really appreciate your time and insight. I agree that this reading is about him being in the past but still having some control. he is a really good person, very sweet and caring but with some kind of deep wound that limits his ability to let people love him. At least not in an intimate relationship. he has many good friends and family that he loves and is committed too, but letting a woman in seems impossible. I wonder what caused it, he has lovely parents, but at this point it makes no difference. It makes me sad for him though. I don't think he understand what he does. he really really wants a relationship but he sabotages it every time. So you are correct, a good person but out of touch with his own feelings, always distant.

    I don't generally think of readings as predictive either. I think of them more as providing insight into the present situation. A reading about me without him would be nice. No hurry, you have lots of requests. I'll check in again in a few weeks and we'll see what changes have taken place. thanks again for your time and talents.


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  • Mh83,

    Your reading is talking about several things. I'll try to address as best I can w/o knowing background. If you want to avoid drama, avoid it. High Priestess over reading is a clear indicator to proceed w/o conflict. You're contemplating a different path. Perhaps you feel as though you're being put on this path by others. Are you in a field that perhaps your parents want you to be in. Are you doing this to please them--ace of coins/queen of coins/6 of coins. I get a feeling here of parental help. There's also a feeling of financial submission--ace of coins/6 of coins. There is also a feeling here that you are going to be re-united with friends or you want to be with friends. A celebration is showing in foundation.

    Basis of problem stems from a youthful personality/naieve/perhaps childish. A major block for you is separation from someone. There's an authoritative feeling and childlike feeling here. I believe you're being shown as the page of cups. Are you in a field that you like--maybe that's part of the issue here. Taking off/friends leaving. There's an abandonment issue w/you and friends/assoc. I see this as a reading where you're contemplating something different. Are you away from home. I'll need more background so I can help--


    above--high priestess

    present--6 of coins

    below--4 of wands

    situation--ace of coins

    past--6 of cups

    challenges--page of cups

    future--queen of coins

    blocks--five of cups

    friends--6 of swords


    outcome--5 of wands

    I think you need to stand back and re-consider before anything.

  • Leolight,

    New direction and starting over. Sun over reading & ace of wands is telling me that this may be a new start for you and one that is needed. Are you thinking about going into a partnership with your partner. Indication here that someone is presenting as helpless/victim--this is a block for you. I also see help from friends/assoc. On some level there's fear of parting or losing money--can you relate. Turmoil in present. Get feeling here that this is your venture and decision. Time to make a decision. I see this as coming into your own as far as career/business. Is the turmoil due to a relationship in present. In foundation, tendency to hold-onto/perhaps stubborness. Decide what you really want to do is what I'm getting. This is your move. You have good aspects for success. Things will work as far as career. Heard the name "Monica" can you relate. Get with those who can help. I'm picking-up some stagnant energy from Lovers card and hanged man in blocks.



    present--9 of swords

    below--4 of coins

    situation--ace of wands

    past--9 of coins


    future--10 cups--dreams can be realized

    blocks--hanged man--see this for what it is

    friends--ace of coins


    outcome--wheel of fortune--life playing out/go for it

  • Hi Daliolite,

    If you have time, may I have a reading?

    So sorry I think I owe you a very very belated Happy Birthday. Hope you had a good one!

  • Thanks for the reading Daliolite. As far as background goes, I did make the decision to attend college on my own. However, this one wasn't my first choice. I decided to go there because it meant I could still live at home and help my parents financially. Things have been up and down at this school. I just felt that I was at the breaking point. I got sick of all the nastiness. As far as contmplating a different path, I've been considering another school. But, I'm worried that the same issues will come up.

  • hey daliolite, can you tell what can i expect in this semester of college, it's harder than previous one. Will i do good, is there something i need to pay special attention to?:)

    my sign is virgo

  • Mh3, Finances are the situation/ this choice of a college is because of finances. I think you're leaning towards staying--being told to avoid conflict if you do. Seems a lot of this is drama. Time-out would help/break.

  • Znl,

    Examine your status/your part. Are you feeling like a victim. Perhaps you're waiting for someone to tell you to just continue on. The direction involves starting over/creativity. Finances control the present situation. Did you meet this person at work. Careful with money. Hard work and a lot of obligations coming from someone. Does someone feel like they're in a bind. Perhaps the inability to set boundaries w/someone. Learning and moving on. All of this energy needs to be re-directed into something that will work esp. career wise--if you can relate. Is someone in school. If so, interested as to what field as career seems to be a focal point. Someone walking away in advice. The need for someone to examine what makes them happy instead of giving, giving etc. 4 of wands in past--situation stems from this/celebration/building/happiness.


    over--8 of swords--this is you

    present--8 of coins--#8 dominating present


    situation--6 of coins--some type of financial submission

    past--4 of wands

    challenges--page of coins

    future--queen of swords--really want to know what the future holds

    blocks--10 of wands


    advice--8 of cups

    outcome--page of cups

    This is something that you thought would be good. Where did you meet this person. There's a feeling here of organization/church/group/work type scenario. Similar interests etc.

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  • Hi Dal. Thank you so much for your reading, time and help.

    Yes, we met at work but the relationship was after it.

    Not feeling like a victim. Feeling like heartbroken.

    Not sure about the finances and how they relate to us.

    This person has college age children, maybe that is the education part.

    Other than that, maybe with this clarification then how can this reading be related to my original inquiry or any further insight. Thanks again.

  • Hi Daliolite - I hope your winter has been a good one... spring is coming!

    I was just re-reading your past readings and they were really right on - thank you again... I've been working at my job for a few months now and it has turned out to be a warm, nurturing place to learn how to be a real nurse - I'm so grateful for this, however - the job is 2 hours form my home and I'm still struggling with leaving my family every single time I have to leave... my question is: Is this a job I will/should stay at for 1-2 years to get experience and then look for something close to home, or is there a good job for me close to home that I could have soon?

    I also wanted to say that the emotional tugging of my ex/bf that you read in the cards last time seems to finally be really falling away and disappearing... I'm SO relieved!

    Any help you have for my work/home conundrum will be MUCH appreciated.

    And I hope you found your dog(s)!! ❤


  • Znl,

    Ok, that explains some things. I was looking at your reading and I had a mis-type on the outcome. I drew the page of wands, so page of cups is wrong. Are you a lot younger than he or about the same age--that would help. Is he still married. 4 of wands reads as a possible marriage. Perhaps you were thinking marriage w/ him. He is all over this reading. Looks like he is pretty obligated. Queen of swords often points to education so that is coming out. Someone is presenting as not too good w/money. I don't see this as a relationship that is furthering. I see it as something that needs walking away from and a new path--8 of cups advice/page of wands outcome. Is he sending his kids thru college as that would explain a lot of this reading. I think you're at different stages in life. I also feel there's several things stressing him.

  • I would love to continue w/more readings, however, my plate is really full at present. If there's an urgent need please contact me.

  • Dear Dal. thanks again for your clarifications. You are so generous with your time but to answer your questions:

    I am about 7 years younger than him.

    He is good with money (taurus). Me, aries so more playful with money.

    Yes, he is sending them to college and he has worries w them.

    Could it be that he is with someone else and has moved on?

  • Znl, I see more of his situation instead of him in reading.

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