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  • SmilerE, Haven't forgotten..will get to it.

  • SmilerE,

    Contemplating something else whether it's moving-out or job related...Stability coming forth in present. Somewhere in the mix truth needs to be addressed. Perhaps this is relating to a romance. Tendency to take on too much/burdened/what to do? Path and direction (career) turning into truth (ace of swords.) Something needs to be said or addressed. Until this happens, path is somewhat blocked--fool is blocked. Almost looks like you don't want to leave friends behind/are you sentimental. You have excellent indicators for expansion in whatever it is that you contemplating as far as career. I see this as something that happens in life but is more life altering for you. Change the way you view these steps that you have to take as not life altering but something that happens in life. All is not lost as you move ahead--



    present--10 of coins

    below--queen of coins

    situation--ace of wands

    past--10 of wands

    challenges--page of swords

    future--ace of swords


    friends--page of cups

    advice--wheel of fortune

    outcome--queen of cups

    The word "risking" came up.

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  • wow your reading is spot on Daliolite, i am moving from where i am living now in just over 2 weeks, while it is exciting as I am returning to my family and much loved friends, it is causing me huge sadness to leave my great friends here (i will be moving to another country)! i have stalled on this for months now but all is going ahead for me at this stage. Thank you so much for the time you take to do the readings and for free, you are very kind.

  • Hi Daliolite, please be kind enough to give me a reading on my marriage, and a happiness reading for myself. Thank you!

  • Leolight, It's taking me awhile but I'll get to one for you.

  • Hi Daliolite, I would really appreciate a reading regarding C and I. Is there any chance of a reconciliation and love between us?

  • Znl, I'll get to one for you.

  • After Znl, I'll have to quit for awhile as I'm busy but will be back periodically.

  • CrazyGem23,

    Over this reading is expansion/reaching a mark/accomplishment. When I draw the World card it speaks to accomplishment that others know of. In your foundation, looking to the future/rising above circumstances. Level of education may be needed/education. The need to speak-up to rise above circumstances. Perhaps somewhere in past you remained a victim. Going along to get along--perhaps you learned this from the past. Tendency to want to make peace instead of fighting. Relationship may not offer what is needed/working on aspects of relationship. Is someone thinking of moving/changing locations in friends and assoc position. A need to break away from group thinking. Path is showing as blocked although you have good aspects for success. Comfortable/stability lacking but can be accomplished. Be true to your heart. You have leadership abilities that you must follow-thru on. Compromising. Advice is clear here to blaze your own trail/seek the truth. There is a lot of ideas/talking/words that can be endless. Breaking out of some pattern to get thru drama--if you can relate. Showing this relationship w/bf in situation--



    present--5 of wands


    past--8 of swords

    challenges--king of coins

    below--queen of swords

    future--5 of swords

    blocks--ace of wands

    friends--2 of wands

    advice--page of swords


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  • Thank you so much. I look forward to it.

  • Daliolite

    My parents both passed many years ago so no there is no money there. I am not sure what the money issue might be except that I am busy trying to increase my retirement savings. I got a late start on that and now have to play catch up if I ever hope to retire. It has been an issue for me since my divorce 10 years ago so it is really nothing new. My financial situation is stable just not abundant.

    There were no money issues in the relationship that just ended. In fact we got along quite. The issues were around his inability to be emotionally available. Money he had, it was emotional maturity that he lacked. That may be the distancing thing. We broke up one other time and even while we were apart I could feel that we were still connected. This time I don’t feel that. He feels very distant. I can’t find his energy anywhere even though he turns up in readings as still being in the picture, sitting back, processing internally and loving from a distance. I don’t expect that he will ever be in my life again, but letting go has not been easy. So the star in the past, the hanged man, they make sense even the ace of cups, that overflowing love energy that we had is blocking me from moving forward. That is how it seems to me anyway. I am not surprised to see those cards. The hanged man has come up in every reading I have had in the past few months. If you have a different interpretation I would love to hear it. Something more optimistic perhaps 

    There is no one in particular giving me advice right now. People are pretty free with advice usually, but at the moment not much is happening. That is the frustrating part, not moving forward finically or emotionally.


  • Sadsag, Yes, this reading seems to magnify what you said. When did you break-up or part ways. Seems like it would have to have been recent. So, what's going on in friends and assoc position--8 of wands. Wands are creative types. Also, 5 of wands in outcome. Perhaps not to take everything so serious. Almost like plans being made.

  • Daliolite, could i have a reading, please? The question is: what can i expect in next three months?

  • Daliolite,

    It has been 4 months since the break up. It feels recent but it also feels like such a long time. Heart break has a way of suspending time. At first he contacted me several times and it was unclear to me how resolved he was with his decision. It has been 3 months now since our last contact and I no longer feel like I will hear from him. I have chosen to not open up contact as that would just open me up to more pain. I have a very strong sense that he has replaced me.

    I am not sure about the wands. I am surrounded by creative people. My life is full of actors, musicians, artists and engineers. They are all creative in their own ways. I am not sure what that card is trying to show me. My friends are wonderful and supportive. Very little conflict. The outcome of 5 wands? Don't know. I am generally a happy person (i'm a sag) but I do take life seriously. It is the responsible side of me. Right now I am looking at trying to change my outlook on being single. Trying to find some pleasure in it which is difficult for me. I am very social and love to share my life. I never expected to be single. Perhaps is it is just time to accept that that is not my path this time. So that is the internal struggle. Doesn't 5 of wands speak to internal/external struggle?

  • Hi Sadsag,

    5 of wands is a hard card for me to interpret, generally. I've read interpretations where it can indicate a time-out vacation. I feel it's somewhat of a weak card meaning other cards around it give it meaning. For you, I see it as re-building, joining in so to speak. This reading spoke a lot about your ex. My readings speak to the present and outcome of situation. I don't predict the future in my readings. He's being shown as in control and distant. Perhaps this was the dysfunction. I totally agree not to try and re-kindle. Perhaps there were some supportive aspects to his personality but generally out of touch type personality. This was a good reading, I feel, to give you added insight regarding him. Some time I could ask spirit for guidance regarding you only..Let me know. Really, I never know what spirit wants to say. It's taking me about a week to get these readings out. Take it easy..

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