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  • Hi GeminiChick,

    This reading is talking about being in submission or under the control of the group/hierophant. This decision is really up to her husband. There's an overall expansive feeling to this reading--world over the reading. This usually indicates news that is known--perhaps they've had this house up for sale for awhile and you don't know-or- they're thinking about it. To get out from under this control, you feel you'll have to get outside of--7 of swords (this would work.) What I mean is giving them the March rent. There is a strong feeling of moving--changing locations--6 of swords/2 of wands/chariot. The sun in challenges is telling me that you haven't started your own path. Hermit in outcome, I think, is saying that you'll be there for a while longer. The advice that this reading is giving you is to start your own journey and not be in submission. I know this is easier said than done sometimes. A plateau has been reached in foundation of reading. I would consider the downside where this could lead and start making plans although you don't want to. In friends and assoc showing leaving. Has someone left recently that has caused pain. I'll need clarification on this. How long have you lived here. There are over-tones here that all is not lost. A hard reading to predict. Overall expansive reading on the landlord's part. I would bet they're thinking of selling and you're looking for other places. Hermit tells me you'll be staying on the same path for awhile--




    below--ace of cups--reached a plateau

    situation--5 of cups--fear of separation

    past--2 of wands


    future--7 of swords

    blocks--6 of swords

    friends--8 of cups


    outcome--hermit--also indicates having to get alone to decide path

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  • Daliolite how are you? If its not much to bother can I have a reading? Please!

    Thank you

  • I'll get to one..

  • SagittariusGurl,

    This reading is all about path/direction/creativity. You feel thwarted somewhat. You may feel at a standstill right now. Knight of coins over reading is prob looking at your ex and the financial situation regarding him--heavy financial card/heavy load. Someone has a lot that they're carrying. I don't really see how this is going to help you in the long run as your reading is speaking to you. I feel that you've made in-roads but still work needs to be done. Your in charge of making your own plans/your own journey. I'm getting--your own money/see things for what they are. Don't be guided by illusion. Be guided by your own path--star in foundation. Don't want money more than path or direction. Concentrate mainly on what you're accomplishing. This reading is bringing-up how creative and independent you are. Some friends/assoc don't see this and you can be a victim of words, so to speak. You have to get outside of this thinking to accomplish what you need to. Don't be seduced by illusion is coming up. I'm getting that you can make plans/right plans to accomplish. Getting to yourself is actually a blessing in disguise. This is a good reading if you can leave the stalemate behind. Queen of swords in challenges is urging you to move forward. Has there been some issue w/education or bettering yourself. I feel money is some issue for you right now--


    over--knight of coins

    present--10 of wands


    situation--4 of swords

    past--page of coins

    challenges--queen of swords

    future--knight of wands

    blocks--page of wands

    friends--8 of swords


    outcome--queen of wands

    A lot of personalities here. I have a feeling some of this relates to your personal development. Your being shown as a page (younger) that needs to evolve queen of wands.

  • Well i don't remember if I told you I files for child support and well I got a good amount more than i expected and was getting from him. Can that be it? Also he claimed he had bills to pays which he does and said he couldn't pay that amount because he was earning less than what he was making at his old job because let me tell you he quit his job right before we went to court. and well his always complaining that he doesn't have enough money. Someone has a lot that they're carrying? Could that be me well maybe it is. Victim of words i think this relates to some words my exs wife said to me that she was pregnant. Don't know if its true since its the second time she tells me this and of course I kind of hurts. Well education I graduated high school but would like to continue. I also have some paperwork to do but haven't been able to do so because money. I still don't have a job its been a while now.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    I would love reading if you have time. I seem to be in a very stuck place right now and don't see a way forward. Stuck both in relationships and in work life.

    thanks, sadsag

  • Sadsag--Can do a reading if you're still w/me. Let me know.

  • Hi Daliolite

    Can you please do a reading for me if you have the time?

    Thank you

    Elaine 🙂

  • Hi Dallolite. May I please have a reading? I also would like to know if you see me getting my dream job?

  • also regarding the situation im in now with my life and relationship so if you have time please i would like to know if i will get my dream job, and how my current situation im in with my life with bf and the place im living in at the moment will pan out......

  • I'm still here and would love a reading. thanks

  • Hi Daliolite

    I wasn't sure if you were still doing readings or not. I was wondering if you could do one about a situation I'm in. I'm currently a college student, but I'm having trouble with some of the professors and my classmates. Is this something that will get better over time? Or should I try to find a way out? If you can't get to this one, it's OK. Thanks!

  • I'll start readings on mon w/sadsag and continue in order.

  • Thanks Daliolite. I am looking forward to it.

  • Sadsag,

    You're coming from a good place. Your intentions are good. Giving to the point of being unrealistic perhaps. Dealing w/a dysfunctional relationship. Relationship has financial troubles. Get a feeling here that some "authoritative" figure is offering help. Actually, showing as being in a comfortable place--is this a parent that I'm feeling here. I get a feeling here that you're playing martyr or have put yourself in this position--hanged man in chalenges. If this is not you, I get a feeling that you're helping someone needlessly. This whole dystunction is coming to a head and you're feeling it. A tendency of not letting go. Let this parental type figure help you. There may be some clashing or banging around--lol--. Something being offered in the form of help for you. You've reached your plateau/this is hard for you to realize. Are some of your friends/assoc creative types. Some ideas clashing. Taking a time-out to see what you want to do. Is someone controlled by money. Will need more input--



    present--knight of coins

    below--king of coins

    situation--ace of coins--help


    chalenges--hanged man--the need to see YOUR part

    future--10 of swords

    blocks--ace of cups

    friends--8 of wands


    outcome--5 of wands

    4 to 5 people in this reading. Don't let things get to a point where you bottom-out in the future.

  • daliolite,

    Thanks for the reading. It seems pretty right on. My life is not bad right but still the theme of my life right now is 'stuck'. Letting go is proving to be difficult. I can't think of an authority figure who is trying to help, my parents are both gone. I a helping my son but it is not a struggle. Lots of my friends are creative but I am not aware of many clashes. Those are probably internal clashes as I ague with myself about the right direction. Finances are always an issue as are relationships. That is nothing new at all. The dysfunctional relationship is over in the physical but that is part of the emotional stuckness. Finding a new direction and letting go of old bad habits is the work right now. Improving finances might help with that but it is a slow process. I have a plan for increasing my income but it will take a while. In the meantime I am stuck in a job that is okay but not at all interesting anymore. I just need to find some inspiration to help me move forward.



  • Sadsag, I'm curious about king of coins in foundation of your reading. Did your parents leave you something/financial. Knight of coins is usually a heavy financial card when I draw it. Did your relationship have financial dysfunction. Is there a family member who's offering you advice--emperor in advice. If not, I read this as someone distancing.

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