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  • SongofSharon, Queen of swords is a pretty strong indictor to proceed w/education. News is blocked. The nursing programs where I live are crowded and hard to get into as well. At least you knew going into this that it would be hard or a wait. I would go with the flow and wait if you have to.

  • Brightmoonshine,

    Your reading is asking you to go outside the box some. What I mean is I think you have a tendency to be confined to group thinking. You're being shown as young. There's also talk here of love. Did you meet someone at work possibly. Page of cups/chariot can be read as a developing love. Queen of coins I read as prob your mother--do you live at home. I see you as someone that works well in groups--3 of coins in foundation. 8 of coins in friends is a card of hard work. It landed in friends/assoc but I believe it's something that you can benefit from as well. You may need to take a close look at what you really want to do and develop it. Star in advice is telling you to keep dreams alive. If something happened on a previous job, I don't see it as your fault. Stepping-up on your part is needed. Is there talk of doing something different. You may need to go somewhat outside your comfort zone to find yourself. You may be trying to avoid criticism/criticism is present--can you relate.


    above--3 of wands

    present--ace of swords

    below--3 of coins--#3 dominant in present

    situation--page of cups

    past--10 of cups

    challenges--queen of coins


    blocks--high priestess

    friends--8 of coins


    outcome--nine of coins

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  • Thanks so much Daliolite- I needed to hear that! 🙂

  • Thank you, I am in a transitional period, you are right, I am trying to define what I need to do , I lost my last job because sales were to slow, so I know I neeed to change the type of work I do and I am in the process of doing it, I do have to make a living , I am also an artist and this is the other aspect, I know I have to pursue this just for myself, I feel real joy when I experience art.About the outcome 9 of coins what is the meaning? Thank you so much!!

  • Daliolite you are very kind!

  • Brightmoonshine, Who is the queen of coins. Are there 3 people in your world right now. Is there a creative outlet that you can pursue.

  • SabrinaFair,

    Moving away from is over this reading--6 of swords. Possible re-location. I have a feeling this reading involves some males. I'm not really sure if the Magician in present is referring to a specific person or action needing to be taken. Ongoing struggle and protracted struggle regarding which way to go. Path is blocked. Someone has not told you the whole story. 2-3 males in this reading. One distancing. I get an overall feeling that you're being manipulated and your finding things out on your own. Overall struggle to move-on and make a decision. Standing alone through all of this. Failure to set boundaries--stemming from this. Riding things out. You're starting to see things for what they are. I'll need more info as there's a lot of relationship here.


    above--6 of swords


    below--7 of wands

    situation--page of cups

    past--10 of wands

    challenges--2 of swords

    blocks--ace of wands

    friends--2 of wands

    advice--knight of cups

    outcome--9 of wands

    This reading is showing a lot of path/career, as well.

  • I'm at a stopping point now and will take a break for awhile. Probably won't be long but need to do a few things as I've been working a lot. Will be back later..:)

  • Daliolite, I believe that the queen of coins is me , I actually live with my husband and my son , and yes I am trying to continue on with wtih my career as an artist but I am also looking for a job....

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  • Dear Daliolite,

    I desperately needed your reading Im heading back home to my native land. I need to deal with my small source of income. I recently financial confused and can't do much working on my financial and I know its not right but I sometimes afraid that I'm now loosing plan. I currently in a relation and is love to hear from our feature birthday of mine Feb. 16 ,1975 and him Oct.4 1985. Thank u in advance

  • Ok Annielan, I wasn't sure if you wanted a reading last post but will get one up for you possibly today, if not, soon.

  • I was puzzled why he can easily get irritated to small things when I send SMS or call but in person we both had no issues I can't tease him some silly joke and when I asked him about he said don't stress yourself so and he rather focus on the big problem.

  • Annielan,

    Differences in what you and he are passionate about. You and him are interested in different things. Advised not to be an active aggressor. You know what you want. It's not whether one is right or wrong. You're being called to make a bold new move/path. Someone is moving/leaving. I heard-- It has already happened. This is not a satisfying love venture for you/not satisfying. Passion turning into truth. A different approach. This is not a venture of the heart. Calling you to look at your part in all of this. Moving on and continuing--queen of swords in advice often times means acquiring knowledge/some form of education. Conversations endless and not satisfying. Speaking-up appears to be the only logical thing at this point. Not getting what you want--leaving and learning are two themes dominant in this reading. There's a lot of creativity present in this reading. I'm curious how you all met. I see a bright spot in friends/assoc. Your also being told to put your talents forward. Learning that some things are for the best--sacrifice and departing.


    above--8 of cups

    present--5 of cups

    below--hanged man

    situation--5 of wands--not productive/drama

    past--ace of wands

    challenges--knight of wands

    future--page of swords

    blocks--9 of cups

    friends--6 of wands

    advice--queen of swords

    outcome--3 of swords

  • Oh Dear you scared the shit out of me. I don't want to mix up emotionally I'm trying to regain and reconstruct all the wrong pattern that I used to had. True someone is moving on and I know I will never win back anything cos I choose to become rebellious when I didn't see any sign of his being fair to some issues. I was pull and push and I decided to back of myself and make him feel hear all of my concern cos I'm feel betrayed and after all the talk he never once attempting to face me off and I find him guilty and no respect to me . I was thinking he a now scared cos I won't buy his crying moment and me feeling sorry again. I let him know how I felt I was told he won't read any shit but the way he answer me he take everything too personal. I'm so pissed off cos he always wanted to giving a chance that is crap cos how will I trust him if he always want to close the issues and start again when everything is repetitive and he gave me chance last dec to jan I walk away and continuous to seek what this all about. My exfriend and him used to work at the same place they never like each other they talk bad each other behind their back and I'm in between I was told that I'm only good to my friends and I always there for my friends and I had no time to him. That's us sucks he is the one busy and not interesting to me. I pushed to much now exfriends and him reunite against me. We already done but in the end I'm the one cheated accusing me liar and he knows everything and he know me well. The issues is not closed and no matter I asked him to show me his proof he never retaliated everything and I said to him they are all the same suck my all. I know I hurt him until we both willing to press charged . He never pushed his plan cos we both know we had mistake . The guy I am now knows everything I'm getting paranoid that he might not be like to be with me ask u said we're different. I admit sometimes I see that but we easily compromise he doesn't want seeing me upset and I stress him out tone in the position. I'm so afraid cos I don't want him to feel sorry for me and he only stayed cos I need someone wow. We never had argue I make him upset but not long we work things easily, another thing I always dream of him leaving me alone in bed it happen twice I always forgot to tell him and I stated to him this afternoon and he only say its just a dream but its really creepy it always happen in the morning and when I turn around he is always next to me. I don't want to be with someone just because we need each other I have no complain to him I can easily say he treated way far from my past he showing me equal rights respected me and never once arguing or raising his voice we can laughter and Im being me when I'm with him his sense of humor is great no body will say that a shy type of guy can handle a joke and we both laughing but if I didn't asked him what I wanted he will never do his own moved and very cautious to things that I never like and he will not doing it to make me upset. I thought we can stay longer but I'm a bit nervous now. I know I have a lot of things to change I started to think this all again. I meet him last year I actually don't like him my friend and him used to go at same place that's the way I was introduce I never thought we will see each other again I friend of mine move another state and I accidentally catch up again since then we started talking personal life I hate him starring of me and I stop him doing that when I'm struggling to figure it how to get out on my past he was there giving courage and concern till we see each other going out and telling me what he feelings. Now I'm being scared I had creepy feelings now . I don't know how to fix my past cos I just give up everything and I don't want to be apart of my stupidity. It's sad but I need to work myself first and needed to love myself first before anyone else I thought what I had no is equality what I can give is what I can get I don't want to put my all and be out of control I know feeling in control but I might be over doling it. Far out I'm easily gets mentally drain when it comes to love life I just feel like I need to stop this all I don't want to get hurt again and left empty

  • Hi Daliolite, you've always been spot-on with your readings for me and I am very thankful for your help. If you have time, can you please do a reading regarding my home? I live with my children and rent a home. We love the home and are very happy here overall. My lease is almost up and the landlord contacted me to say that we need to discuss the lease since it's ending soon. I responded that I would like to renew it, and she stated that she needed to discuss it with her husband first. That was almost a week ago and I haven't heard back. I'm getting very nervous as it is difficult to find places for rent out here and my credit is not the best. I'm not sure if I should be applying to new places or what to do at this point in time. Please let me know if you see me renewing my lease or what will happen. I have enough money to pay March's rent early and I'm wondering if that would help my situation. Perhaps the landlord is still deciding what to do and there is time to change her mind if she is leaning towards not letting me renew. Thank you.

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