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  • Thanks Daliolite

    I am reposting it here:


    I'm getting the feeling here that you're juggling an idea that you want to do or have been wanting to do. There's distancing in the past, perhaps a divorce/separaton. Definately a financial reading. I get the feeling that some people perhaps friends would like you to do something differently. Financial benefactor needed. No one knows like you how much one is needed in present. Is the area not beneficial for what you want to do. Look beyond is coming-out in advice. Perhaps, start small and go from there--can you relate. Path is blocked as well as news. Idea needs to come through. Communication needs help. Something needs to be clarified/talked about. It's like you need to sit down and talk w/the right person to get this off the ground. I'll need more info. It's like you're starting from 0 on this. If this is something you want to go, still needs development/planning. I do see someone interested in all of this--if you can relate.


    over--6 of coins

    present--10 of swords

    below--page of coins

    situation--2 of coins


    challenges--queen of coins

    future--knight of coins

    blocks--knight of wands


    advice--2 of wands

    outcome--ace of swords

    You may get criticised by someone. Someone may have long-held beliefs.

    Any additional insight would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  • StandingTall, Did Maurice have a child (son). If not there's 2 men one older one younger. I'll post cards. Also, queen of cups could be your sister in situation.


    present--page of pentacles

    above--king of pentacles

    below--6 of wands

    situation--queen of cups


    challenges--2 of swords

    future--6 of swords

    blocks--7 of pentacles


    advice--ace of wands

    outcome--8 of wands

    I believe the family is owed a settlement.

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  • SongofSharon, Is there some scenario where the money dried up, so to speak. I know this sounds vague but it's what's coming to me. 2-sides in situation, 2 options. One way or another--explain. Also, other people's money above reading. Change in location in advice and rising above the situation/going beyond w/education. Let me know what you gather from this. If this sounds mediocre can do another reading as it's been a while.

  • Brightmoonshine, Yours is next. I have a friend who needs a reading. Yours will be up by tonight or tomorrow.

  • Hello Daliolite

    I was mainly interested in my career and if I was on the right path.I am in a Masters program where I need to find preceptors to complete the program -which is difficut to do. Not only that, I have limited work experience while all the other students have years of experience and confidence. I feel like it's going to be an uphill battle for me. I just wanted to know what the outcome/suggestion may be. Regarding the "money dried up", I think you were refering to my friend who has retired and has limited income to spend. Thanks again- Daliolite 🙂

  • SongofSharon, Looks as though you should continue w/education--queen of swords. Knight of wands is blocked. Delivery of news that you want is blocked. Perhaps the money dried up refers to lack of preceptors--btw--what is that. I see this as more of a financial reading than anything. You have the ability perhaps lack of confidence. Tell me what preceptors are as this seems to be the block in all of this and perhaps confidence. Do you want another reading. Are you single/married/or at home. Wondering who the emperor in past is and knight of coins in future--this would help me.

  • Yes, Maurice's son is my nephew, and he is taking his father's death hard! (The younger man in the cards)

    Yes, Maurice has a father. I think that he may be in his sixties?

    Yes, from what I understand, Maurice's Mother hired a Lawyer; therefore, the family will receive a settlement (I am hoping).

    The Queen of cups may be my sister or Maurice's Mother. His Mother is SO HURT!

    Thanks Again. You have been SO HELPFUL in my time of Grief!

  • Daliolite you stated a couple days ago:

    Whenever I get an impression of something I feel I need to communicate it. I got my symbol for a passing and then I saw a structure that looked similar to the Eiffel Tower in France. I thought I would throw this out there--


    If yes, are you saying that the passing will take place in France? And will the person be a Male or Female?

    Thanks In Advance 🙂

  • StandingTall, I wasn't intentionally thinking of you. I do feel like a building is in danger, possibly terrorist, etc. Do you know someone in France.

  • StandingTall, I get the impression that your nephew will receive something from all of this. I think the grandparents will make sure of this. Why is your sister leaving.

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  • Hi Daliolite

    I am in the Nurse Practitioner(NP) program, where a preceptor -a MD or NP -shows you what you need to know in a clinical setting. I was very surprised to be accepted into this program,it is very competitive. The main problem is that there are not a lot of primary MDs or NP that are willing to teach. Most of them specialize, that's where the money is and I need primary care preceptors. I knew this would be a problem going into the program, many students don't finish because of that reason. I have to find someone by March or else skip a year. It's a 3 year program with a 5 yr limit to finish.

    I am single, living with my mom. As for relationships, I'm in one now. He is definitely not the one to be married to, but he has been in my life for 9 years(not all happy ones either but he has gotten better since he knew I wanted to leave him). I pretty much gave up on finding Mr Right. I thought I found him 2 years ago and I would leave the one I know now but it didn't work out. What a heart break, so life goes on. Any additional information on ANY topic would be great, Thanks again

  • My sister has a friend in Arizona. Several months ago, her friend offered her a job opportunity. She stated that she was going to move in the Summer of 2014. Now that Maurice is gone, I get the feeling that she is going to move very soon.

  • Daliolite,as far as France. I do not know of anyone personally that lives there.

    I know that my Exboyfriend Gary likes to travel a lot. His daughter travels a lot also.

    They are the only people that I know who are traveling at this time.

    Your insight please??

  • Hello Daliolite,

    I could really use a reading when you have the time.

    Thank you.

  • SabrinaFair, Ok, I have several ahead and do them in order. I somewhere around pag 154 give or take.

  • I'm on requests from page 165 currently---If anyone needs to know. I believe the impression that I saw regarding a building is pointing to a tower in Mexico City. They had an explosion there. The reason being is that it usually occurs shortly after I see it. If the tower is silver, it'll re-affirm it.

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