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  • Suramya, I've asked God for signs regarding my dogs and it's been everyday that I've received signs. Tonight when I pulled up there was a big play bone in the driveway. It's almost like my dog's spirit is following me. I don't really know how to take this all in. I'm going to contine to talk with Him and just wait and see..

  • OH DALIOLITE!!! You were correct about a passing. My Brother and Law died last Sunday 😞

    Boy....I am taking one day at a time. Apparently, he was not happy here on earth. He was looking forward to crossing over. He died in a tragic Semi-truck accident on the highway.

    Could you please give me a reading on this. I feel so HURT and LOST right now. Sometimes I can feel that he is around me.


  • Hi Daliolite, it's on page 153. Thanks

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  • StandingTall, If you feel you need a reading now, let me know and I'll do one.

  • SongofSharon, Could you please post your reading for me so that I can look at it more closely and I'll try to answer your questions.

  • L8t, Your request is on pg 153, not your reading. Post your reading for me so that I can look at it again. Thanks.

  • MissAshley84,

    Gosh, there's a lot of people in present. Your reading is talking mainly about path/career, money. In foundation, your making plans and the plans are in your hands--king of wands in foundation. The feeling that I got when first looking at your reading would be someone that moved back home. The ending of something and the start of something new. New path that you're unsure of. I draw the moon a lot when someone is considering what they could/might do. Two of coins in advice escalates the choices in present. Did something not pan out so you're considering something totally different w/your life. Some kind of separation from friends/ a what will be type scenario in friends/assoc. There's a feeling here that friends are moving ahead but you feel as though you aren't. I'll need more info as there seems to be 2 choices.


    over--queen of wands


    below--king of wands

    situation--knight of wands

    past--page of coins


    future--8 wands--something different

    blocks--5 of coins

    friends--3 of wands

    advice--2 of coins

    outcome--10 of swords--this is validating the fact that you feel on-bottom now and path/direction is being critiqued so that you can move ahead

  • Yes, please I REALLY need a reading. The funeral is tomorrow, and I am hoping that I can handle it. A song keeps playing in my head (Lennon; Imagine). Whenever I think of Maurice, that song plays in my head over and over again 🙂

  • StandingTall, I'll do a general reading regarding him.

  • Whenever I get an impression of something I feel I need to communicate it. I got my symbol for a passing and then I saw a structure that looked similar to the Eiffel Tower in France. I thought I would throw this out there--

  • Daliolite

    I picked a card from the Archangel Michael oracle deck and it says "your inner guidance is trustworthy": Follow the signs that spirit sends you even though you do not know where it leads. You seem to be "hearing" correctly.

    My first feeling on reading yr post was: could yr second dog be missing you as well,the one that is being well taken care of?

    But the cards suggest that you are the one most in touch with the truth of this situation.


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  • StandingTall,

    I'm getting that a woman is greatly impacted in present. Might possibly be a mother. I'm also getting a father/son impression in present. There are 3 people in present w/your brother in law showing as the king of pentacles. I did a separate backup reading because I've never done anything like this before. In blocks, showing an issue w/finances or crossroads in life. What I'm picking-up on is finances/money. I'm getting that he wasn't at fault/moving forward. If there's a message here it is to move forward. Move away from any negative feelings. I just got tractor/trailer? My first impression of these cards was that someone was working while accident happened. No negative feelings moving forward. Someone possibly moving away (female.) I just heard child.

  • Oups sorry Daliolite i meant page 161. I'm reposting it here


    I get the feeling here that you want to know if they're happy, really happy. Don't worry about the gossip as this is a gossip mill, it'll come and go. I see that you feel victimized, feel caught in the middle. Wait and see--that's how you look at things. It's like you're at an impasse. Will all of this blow-over. One of your personal struggles is to create a new path. This leads to the feeling of moving or leaving. You may be caught in the emotion of things. There are two figures by large body of water. I'm interpreting as a sea of emotion or perhaps re-locating. Have you known this person for awhile perhaps from growing-up--childhood. Perhaps you felt restricted from the confines of the relationship. Has someone told you that they're really happy esp. in present.This reading is about getting over and out and rising above and thru. It's like you're considering furthering in something like education, training. Do you feel like you can get a better job elsewhere. I'll need more feedback--


    over--10 of cups


    below--8 of swords


    past--6 of cups

    challenges--page of wands--he could be your challenge, as well

    future--two of swords

    blocks--9 of coins


    advice--3 of wands

    outcome--queen of swords

  • StandingTall, I'm also getting "his sister" and the name "Keith"

  • L8t,

    One thing that I don't do is predict future love relationships unless it's definately there. This is more of a what will be type reading. This reading is really telling you to move forward.

  • Daliolite don't forget me..

  • Yes, Daliolite, the other driver of the Semi-Truck lost control of the Semi. Maurice was sleeping in the Cab portion of the Semi.

    The driver feels really bad about the situation; however, the family did tell him that it was NOT his fault.

    Yes, my sister did state that she will be moving away.


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