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  • Daliolite

    I agree w your reading.the Tower did suggest structural defect or crumbling down.Judgement meant whatever decision you take now will be a major turning point in your life. In my spreads Judgement comes to suggest a quick change from the outside, so you are right you will find out very soon.

    However, I still feel there is a sexual undercurrent in my reading that you probably dont agree with.There is a male interest or emotions somewhere in these new circumstances.

    Thank you for discussing this w me ,its really good practice fr me. Im taking the liberty of trying once more, esp abt Texas building contactor, jst to practice;)

  • post disappeared so im reposting.

    Tried a new spread. Texas contractor turned up as page swords and page wands.Advice card page cups. 3 pages an interesting turnout.You turn up as empress and outcome Justice.This guy is immature and enthusiastic and you will have to go over his plans very carefully. This project will have no problem w financial resources. Not just Empress but also an oracle card reading threw up Abundantia. Justice assures that you will be able to handle the paperwork and a fair outcome.Lots of sword cards fr you overall, so you will have to use yr mind/logic.

    Crowley deck showed the first contractor as slow, cautious ,prudent and possibly cunning. The second (texas) one is fast but you may end up completing things too soon and the end result may not be very stable or satisfactory.

    The card that flew out at once was princess of wands and I suggest you look at the picture in it.Its trying to tell u something about you right now! the cards warned against under as well as overplanning, hoarding as well as deception, and a tendency to give too much attention to small details at the cost of the larger picture.

    I asked fr another option and it showed a third man Knight of cups. He is paternal,protective, emotional and a possible emotional/romantic interest but also part of yr building plans in some way.this matched the King cups who popped up yesterday. I like King cups:)He is mature and emotionally giving in my reading.


  • Also the knight cups has a possible cancer placement and the first contractor is possible virgo.

    Why are you an aquarius showing up as princess of wands:)

  • Sharon62, I wanted to know if it's still a while before the hearing. At this point, I think it's going to take money to help him. Felony doesn't look good when applying for jobs either. It's really a big mess. Is the son staying with his mom at present. I would imagine that she feels leery of him--I would. Esp if he has a drinking/anger problem. I guess you have to look at the extent of the injuries and circumstances revolving around the incident/what others have to say and take it from there. You can find out a lot thru discovery etc. It is what it is. My father used to tell us that when we're adults we're responsible for our own actions, and we are. Maybe this will wake him up and he can move forward.

  • Suramya, Empress and 3 pages. I read this as older vs younger type influence. I like the page of swords as this influence will tell me the truth. Sword cards--it's in the talking stages esp w. Texas guy as I haven't met him just his friend who referred him. King of cups is interesting. I'm working with a lady thru the metal co. She works at one location and her husband works at another. She had me do a reading on her husband and he shows as the king of cups. He's been an influence w/drawing up plans for me with the metal co. Yes, this guy is protective maternal etc. The problem his wife is having is that, in present, he shows as the Emperor and wants to control and is distant. She thinks he's a little too distant. Her father has been staying w/them (in a separate building on property) and husband wants him to leave. The father has health issues and she doesn't want to tell father to leave. I advised her not to. I'm kinda thinking that it's prob a matter of time before it falls apart. I've strayed from any advice though. I really don't like to be in the middle of marriage woes etc. Thank you! Your readings are very accurate!

  • Suramya, I'm prob showing as wands because I'm an artist. I'm also trying to create a certain look with these builders as far as house plans. Wands can mean path but if there's re-occuring or many wands usually points to a creative-type person. Wands can point to self-employed as well.

  • Jaimenrique,

    There's several conversations going on here. Will try to relate. I get a feeling here that you enjoy comfort/nice things. You're prob someone that others turn to for comfort, stability. You're really taking a look at things in present. You have a tendency to hold-onto which makes this a hard decision for you. Does this job offer you some independence/ability to branch-out instead of being tied to a group. This part of it really appeals to you. 9 of cups over reading is confusing to me. I feel I have to warn to put thought before desire. It's like you don't really need this job but there's aspects that you want. You might feel that you have a lot to lose/or taking a risk. I feel you'll find-out what you need to know. Someone is appearing helpless in friends/assoc. If this is a position where you'll be more vocal/independent, it's prob more in-line with what you're looking for. This is showing as a hard decision for you. Did you have words with someone or they didn't like your opinion etc. I like the page of swords, however, sometimes it gets in the way with authority type figures. Make an informed choice. Do you feel like there's an opportunity there and you need to make a decision (fast.)


    above--9 of cups

    present--2 of coins

    below--king of coins

    situation--ace of wands

    past--5 of swords

    challenges--wheel of fortune

    future--seven of coins

    blocks--4 of coins

    friends--hanged man

    advice--page of swords

    outcome--9 of coins

    Let me know if you can relate

  • Dear Daliolite, i think you may have missed me. I asked for a reading in page 153

  • Thanks Daliolite,this is helping me learn more:)

  • L8t, I did a reading it's back a few pages.

  • Hi Daliolite, i found your reading thank you.

    You are right. I guess i worry if she is good for him in the long run. I get this vibe like trickery.

    We weren't childhood friends but i guess there is deep connection. It didn't work out between us due to bad timing and misunderstandings really but i think he blames me.

    As for me i feel that there is something better for me out there in the world. Do you see me meeting someone new?

  • Yes, currently I want to leave my current job and I'm searching for my bliss. In my current job I feel I have no growth opportunities, and I feel it is very limiting to the goals I want in life. My bliss right now is a job that allows me to travel to live and learn from other cultures, I want to be indpendent as well, I don't want to work for someone else unless it is in a position of authority where I can make decisions that will result in benefits to me and my loved ones.

    A few offers are on the table right now, and I'm not really sure which one I want. My curremt job is in finance and I'm sick and tired of it, so I want to do something totally different. Probably something related to healing or helping others in some way to improve their lives. However, of all the offers, the one that I feel would somewhat be close to what I want is the MLM. The other options, from my perspective, would require me to stay here where I live, and I want something that would give me the freedom to move around.

    I would like to make a decision soon because my goal this year is to move out to USA and have a new job/line of work once I have finished paying a debt I have pending; I should finish paying off this debt sometime around September.

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  • Jaimenrique,

    Ok, that explains the 4 of coins blocked finance/finances. There's kind of a hurry up feel that's blocked. You feel that this one that gives you freedom is best. With ace of wands in situation, I feel, is a good sign for this. Hanged man in friends makes me wonder if someone is making you feel as though you shouldn't leave or there may be some opportunity at home. I believe that you can succeed at whatever you put your mind to--ace of wands.

  • Jaimenrique, There's also a feeling that somewhere along the way you may create your own business.

  • L8t, What page is your reading on so I can look at it. Thanks.

  • Well, I do feel like family weights in heavily on my decisions. Sometimes to the point that I forego what I really want to accommodate them. Of the three options I have right now, two of them involve family, both immediate and extended. So I kind of feel like I could momentarily do all three until I can decide on just one. But obviously, I ultimately just want to focus on one.

  • Jaimenrique, Ok, that explains more. I want to tell you that my readings aren't geared as much toward the future. I would get another reading as the time approaches. I see this nurturing family influence as well. This was a positive reading for you. Who is the king of coins. I got the impression it was you. And the page of swords could be this more vocal path of yours. Could be a person as well. Any thoughts on this as I remember that you read cards as well..

  • I think you're right again. I am the King of Coins and the Page of Swords would be my path. I'm kind of getting the mesage that I need to move forward on this path even if things are not perfectly clear at the moment.

    The reason I'm saying this is because I had an astrology reading done for me a couple of months ago where the Astrologer told me that on the second half of my life it was very important for me and for the job that I end up doing to make my voice heard. A job that shows my uniqueness. He made very clear that I'm in the years of a crossroads for me, so that is why I'm sort of seeking guidance as to find this path.

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