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  • Libraluli,

    While doing your reading "more intelligent" came out. I get the feeling here that you're more contemplative or feel you need to be this way in relation to other people. Don't let things "just happen." 10 of wands in advice--the need to set boundaries w/people. Overall, learning from and drawing from experience. Coming out and speaking-up in blocks. A transformation from the high priestess. Don't be afraid to do what's right. Are you with some friends that you've known a while--6 of cups over reading. Compatibility in friends--2 coins/high priestess. I'm picking-up "busy" in friends. There's a lot of swords in reading which is pointing to talking/words/ideas. Finances are on hold/could be better. The need to do something for yourself instead of others. My readings deal mainly w/the present situation. I don't like to predict future love relationships unless it's definately in the cards. Your situation deals mainly with getting on your own. A look at what needs to happen. More movement and the ability to go forward/speak up. Creating your own path. Not taking on someone elses burdens. I have a feeling it will be rough for you until you see yourself this way. I'm getting harsh words have brought you down/move beyond this in a truthful way.


    above--6 of cups

    present--4 of coins

    below--knight of swords

    situation--death--this speaks of the ending of one path, queen of swords is starting a different one

    past--high priestess

    challenges--knight of coins

    future--10 of swords

    blocks--page of swords

    friends--2 of coins

    advice--10 of wands

    outcome--queen of swords

  • Danceur--Recovery/optimism/hope, also, dated back--Bill. Also, I hear footsteps like your sitting somewhere and can hear them.

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  • A few wanted to know about my dog that got hit by a car--I asked God to show me signs and He's gone above and beyond. I was put on a different hall at work the other day and the patient had a picture of a basset hound on the wall, same color,breed & everthing. I believe I was put on this hall as an acknowledgement. There's been other signs as well--all significant.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Wow that's interesting - is that a new 'dimension' to your abilities?

    Yes I was feeling those - recovery/optimism/hope.

    But what is 'dated back - Bill'?

    You can hear things too?? Cool stuff.

    Glad to hear you're receiving signs about your dog. Really hope things will turn out ok.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Your reading was very accurate....my present situation is exactly how you described, right down to the harsh words! The friends aspect....I have been living with friends because of my situation. I would be on the street if not for them. I am trying to get back on my feet and just changed my mind about working with someone because I didn't feel the boundaries were right, so you are correct on that too!

    I have been training in Reiki and will be completing my masters in it next week and hope to proceed to set up a practice. I really have felt the need to go another direction with work, something where I could help others and was guided to Reiki. I don't know if anything about that applied in your reading? My finances are so bad right now....was hoping to see an improvement soon? You mentioned a Bill for Danceur above.....are you sure that wasn't coming in for me?

    Thanks so much for the reading.....great insight!



  • Libraluli, Probably as I had just finished your reading. It's almost like I get parts of conversations, kinda like glimpses. Queen of swords usually marks education lifting you above something. So yes, the training that you're getting/move ahead with it. I think you're starting a new chapter. Derive all that you can from it. Swords can indicate study, words etc.

  • Did you get anything else on Bill? It is a relationship from the past but a very complicated, soul connection for the past 20 years.


  • Libraluli, Tomorrow.

  • Thank you...so appreciated!

  • Daliolite

    Sending love and light to you and your dog. I firmly believe that if you have loved a pet or anyone in this life it stays with us in spirit. I once had a past life regression in which I saw that the dog that I take care of in this life was my pet in a previous one.Love remains

    God bless

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  • Suramya, You did a reading regarding my building a smaller rental place. I have a builder that I've been working with. I'd like to hear what spirit has to say about him. He is the main contractor. I am also working w/a metal buildings co. If I go more large scale, will have to get blue-prints, houseplans as I like modern styled houses. Main concern is contractor.

  • Sharon62,

    Hi, I know I've done readings before but can't remember them. I get a feeling here that others are playing too much of a role for you. Money seems to be an issue as well. Others controlling your destiny/other peoples money. I'm also getting bad company or no company. Hermit in present I read as being alone. The need to get what you can. Finances for someone are heavy/weigh heavy. A burden in situation. Wait and see changes to isolation or being alone. The need to isolate in order to get away from. This is a no-win type situation/forget about it. Don't let pride get in the way. Changing everything as you've known it. There may be some hobby that you're good at that you can benefit from. You haven't developed yourself and put all your time and effort into something else. I get a feeling here that you've done a lot for someone and it's blocked your path/created more of a problem than anything. You'll have to break free from group that assoc you w/some person who is a male. I'm getting that money will make it better. Perhaps a new path is the answer.. I don't see any change in current situation. The message is to move forward. Feel like you'll be doing this for the first time in a long time. You need a different group--can you relate.


    above--knight of coins


    below--world--will the world be a happier place?

    situation--10 of wands

    past--high priestess

    challenges--6 of wands


    blocks--king of coins

    friends--7 of swords

    advice--page of wands

    outcome--6 of coins

  • Libraluli, I get a strong message of fun and games. I don't know who this relates to. Delivery and outcome. Signal ahead--red light. Don't ask me what it means--random thoughts. Consider your purpose before anything.

  • Libraluli, I'm picking up the color red.

  • Thanks Daliolite.....I don't know what it means either. Did you mean those thoughts all applied to 'Bill' or were they just thoughts?

    Thanks again!

  • Daliolite

    The contractor is not showing up too well on the cards Im afraid. Im getting debauch and deceit. You should keep looking : the three of wands seems to suggest to me. In the two decks I used Judgement came up for you, Aeon in the Crowley deck. In an emotional matter , or about yourself, you are about to take a major life changing positive decision.

    the advice cards ask you to be bold, outgoing, and more visible in some way. You may meet a significant person, probably a man imp to you, a virgo or a leo or a virgo-leo cusp.The number 3 came up many times(3 cups, 3 wands, 3 pentacles). it seems to be a time of expansion for you. Also a favourable time for family matters.

    Im sorry I did not get too specific an answer for your housing plans but the cards suggest you should persist in a determined fashion and you may compete or have to out bid someone.Check all details carefully.

    All in all, a major change heading your way (tower came up too)

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