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  • Danceur,

    Your reading is speaking/calling for expansion, a creative path. Some struggle showing in the foundation of things. Almost like you're your own worst enemy--8 of wands/8 of swords. You're still talking about a creative path. Kept picking-up on water in cards in present. So, can you relate to water. Is water close to some location. Have feeling that hearing/words/some communication will have impact on you and cause you to go into your shell. On some level you don't want to accept the inevitability of the change in your life. It's like all of this happened for a reason. A lot of inevitability here. You are/will be in charge of your path. You need to be in charge of your path. Plans are up to you. The time is right for the change. Hermit in friends is hard for me to read. Do you have friends/assoc who are furthering, perhaps going to classes. I think you need to seize the moment. I think you feel all alone for some reason. There's almost a not good enough/fear coming from you. Life doesn't have to be a constant struggle is what I'm getting. Your path is changing to swords. Strive to be bolder.


    above--8 of wands

    present--ace of wands

    below--7 of wands




    future--king of wands


    friends--hermit--someone here can possibly help

    advice--knight of swords

    outcome--8 of swords

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  • Hi Daliolite,

    Thanks for the reading.

    I'm just not sure if I really understand it.

    It's like this - I've been looking for a job since my contract was prematurely terminated in Nov.

    At first I started out with good energy and was hopeful I'd find something soon. Had a job offer but it seems to have fallen through - perhaps because I tried to negotiate the salary or something else I said. They seem to be avoiding me, neither confirming or denying whether the offer is still available to me.

    Am trying to look for other work opportunities and am very worried deep down - but also trying to remain positive. Have also been struggling with recovery from a back injury for months and had to stop most of my exercise classes. No one seems to know how to heal me. So I am alone (don't see friends/acquaintances much) and I also feel alone due to the internal struggle with the injury and unemployment. In theory, I do relate to 'taking charge of my path' and being bolder and feeling liberated and not victimized by the changes - because I have lost faith/confidence due to protracted unemployment. But I don't know how to turn my situation around. Am just not getting interviews though I've applied to so many jobs.

    Do the wands necessarily read as a creative path? Is there another meaning? Perhaps maybe nurturing individuality? Also not sure what the 'water' means. Can you elaborate? Thanks.

  • Thank u so much for the reading, it was spot on 🙂 Can I ask for a reading about me and my friends? I feel as one of them and me are drifting apart...her name starts with M

  • Danceur, Have you thought about something outside the bubble, something different. You're challenge is the shake-up but it's also a new path that you're being told to start (now) in present. Can you relate. As far as water, water is pictured in some of the cards in present, can you relate. Also, can you relate to the name Tim.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Do you mean a different kind of job than I usually do?

    Sure - I have thought about it. But they are mostly physical in nature or fitness related - and my injuries mean that I can't do them. I have to stabilize and strengthen my body first. That will take time. Also, my financial commitments are preventing me from trying any jobs that will mean retraining for a different vocation and a lower paycheck. But the plan is that once I'm able to find a 'paying' job and sort out my financial and injury issues, I am going to try something different entirely - but that will really be years down the line.

    I don't know if the new path could mean just starting on this plan - even though it will take years to manifest.

    Hmmm Water... not really. I am a 'water baby' though - though I don't swim very well, I de-stress during my swims (water therapy).

    Yes I do relate to the name Tim. One was my first bf ever when I was a teen, the other is just an acquaintance, he teaches one of the dance classes that I occasionally go to. But I don't see a connection to anything in my current situation.

  • I would start planning. I rely on auto thoughts and that name came up. I don't know what it bears in your life--ok. This is something that's new to me. I wish you luck and try to enjoy the spare time that you do have.

  • confines of the relationship. Has someone told you that they're really happy esp. in present. L8t,

    I get the feeling here that you want to know if they're happy, really happy. Don't worry about the gossip as this is a gossip mill, it'll come and go. I see that you feel victimized, feel caught in the middle. Wait and see--that's how you look at things. It's like you're at an impasse. Will all of this blow-over. One of your personal struggles is to create a new path. This leads to the feeling of moving or leaving. You may be caught in the emotion of things. There are two figures by large body of water. I'm interpreting as a sea of emotion or perhaps re-locating. Have you known this person for awhile perhaps from growing-up--childhood. Perhaps you felt restricted from the This reading is about getting over and out and rising above and thru. It's like you're considering furthering in something like education, training. Do you feel like you can get a better job elsewhere. I'll need more feedback--


    over--10 of cups


    below--8 of swords


    past--6 of cups

    challenges--page of wands--he could be your challenge, as well

    future--two of swords

    blocks--9 of coins


    advice--3 of wands

    outcome--queen of swords

  • Daliolite you did a reading for me , a few weeks ago, well you were right , but now I don,t know what pth to follow , what type of work, please, help, did you find your dogs?

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  • Brightmoonshine, I'm doing them in order they're posted so I'll get to it.

  • thank you so much!

  • Hello, Daliolite.

    I just wanted to give you an update on what's going on.

    The job at my dad's company (the utility job I applied for) has yet to be filled. Dad talked to the people in the HR department, and they said I'm still in the running. I should be getting a call back with in a week or two to tell me if I'm hired or not (or else, Dad might tell me I don't have it if they forget to call). Fingers crossed!


  • Dear Daliolite,

    I completely out of control and emotionally intense. I know I have mistake but I just felt like I was betrayed by someone I used to be friends or we still friends up to now . I have a lot of friends but I was being cautious to choose who I trust. It's not nice to tell but I'm am too much affected cos its seems like too personal and in any case the guy I used to go out in the past put too much on me. I have been to a lot it's all done but something is not acceptable if this past guy I used to go out can even bother face me off and twisted everything to me. I can easily let go everything but it seems like his not yet even happy to take all the help and showing him my devotion in four years of I was no one to him but nothing. I don't want to get mad and I never been like this before but I was getting affected while I'm trying to build myself on the ground and be happy getting to know another person but when this person seeing me stress out on past easily give up to me till we fell apart now. It wasn't bad cos we had respect and talk things calmly. I just really wanted to finished the old business is this past guy intentionally wanted to hurt me and why he can't even bother to face me for some respect and stand on his words against me. This guy completely ruined myself confidence and pulling me down since I met him.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    What are auto-thoughts?

    I was thinking of the film The Odd life of Timothy Green the last few days - maybe that's where the Tim is from. Cos the real Tims in my life have no significance...

    Thank you so much for the reading and the advice. I am enjoying the free time 🙂 I'm just also worried about bills and finances and the injury. Can't make plans until I get a job and back on my feet, so hopefully a good job will turn up soon.

    Hope you are doing ok. Hugs!

  • Hi Danceur, Words/voices that speak-out, so to speak, while I'm concentrating on your reading. I'll try to see if anything else happens re you. Maybe today.

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