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  • StandingTall, Perhaps.

  • Dmick59, Perhaps a situation will arise (or already has) where you'll be in a touchy situation (no pun intended) w/someone whose already involved w/someone else. I feel it's a warning. Don't compromise go forward--ok.

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  • Hmmmmm.....well how in the world did Tina find this out? Did someone tell her?

  • . DALIOLITE, what you have stated really got me to thinking.

    I looked up the divorce records from his second wife, and it appears that it was a default divorce. I am not able to access the records from his third wife, because he got married in Washington D.C.

    Also you stated: You were led to believe something--ace of wands blocked

    You also stated: He wasn't totally truthful w/you. I just heard--it's not good/husband. 8 of swords in situation-is you as well.

    Now from this reading, and our previous dialogues; are you saying that I was led to believe that he was completely divorced from his previous marriage?

    Your Insight PLEASE!!!!!

  • StandingTall, I'm not trying to deceive you. I'm trying to make sense of whatever it is that's been withheld from you. If you can think back, can you remember if Tina ever eluded to anything. When I stated that he may still be married, I was going from auto-thoughts--random thoughts that come from thinking over your reading. Did he end the relationship abruptly. You mentioned that he fired you--is that right. Are you looking for legal remedies regarding the firing. You seem very unsettled regarding everything that happened. How long ago was all of this. Instead of a relationship reading perhaps a reading for yourself on things at hand and moving on. You can't control what he does (or has done) only yourself. What better time of the year to start over.

  • StandingTall, I did get the impression that he's changed states. Was it job related--the reason for the move (s). What type of occupation is he (Tina) involved in.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    I was wondering if I could get a relationship reading? My DOB is 11/3 and his is 5/5. Thank you 🙂

  • ScorpioF69, Yes, prob tomorrow

  • ScorpioF69,

    Your reading speaks of this love you have for him, esp in present. I'm showing him in the foundation of reading as the knight of coins. You have made plans w/him. Showing that you've regarded him as "the one." Your reading in straightforward in regards to this love in present and the advice I should give you. You may have some abandonment issues. Not certain who it pertains to--prob him. Your challenge is someone leaving. Tendency to hold-onto something. Knight of coins and 4 of coins indicates a material aspect to this. Emotions are high as well. Eight of wands in future position is telling me that "other" plans need to be made. The tendency to hold-on will make it harder. Tower in advice is that this whole structure will fail--soon. Queen of swords in friends/8 of wands in future is telling me to look to the future. Make the mature choice and learn. Friends helping. I see this love ending and I feel it's going to hurt. Sun in present position shows that you're starting a new path/the old path is over. I feel like you got news recently (words) that have changed your course thru all of this. I feel like this break-up will hurt but is inevitable.


    above--ace of cups


    below--knight of coins--I get the impression that for some reason he's not around

    situation--2 of cups

    past--4 of wands

    challenges--5 of swords

    future--8 of wands

    blocks--4 of coins

    friends--queen of swords


    outcome--8 of cups

    Did you already break-up and wondering if there's going to be a reconciliation

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  • Thank you Dalioite - you're reading is spot on.

    I do care for him very much and have always thought of him as "the one". He says he's not ready to be in a relationship right now (he's been saying this for a long time and his life is a bit of a mess right now) so I decided recently to give up and walk away. I got tired of waiting around and decided this was the best thing for me to do. I broke off all contact with him. This whole situation was dragging me down and I had to let it go.

    Even though I did walk away, I still do feel that he is the one and I know our timing just isn't right. I feel that distance is the best thing for right now. I still have hopes that things will be different down the road and I'm wondering if I did the right thing. I don't know what he's thinking or feeling or if he even feels the same. He always told me to be patient, but 2 years was long enough. I'm not waiting around for him and if someone else should come along, I'll give them a chance.

    I know he still wants me in his life but I don't know if giving up was the right thing to do. Should I continue being patient and see where it goes, or is there no hope at all? I wonder what his true feelings are for me, or if he has someone else, or hopes to find someone else.

    Thank you for your insight. I really do appreciate it 🙂

  • From what I understand, Tina took over the company this Summer (2012). I am not 100% sure, but I think that Gary did move to a different state recently?? This was an agreement between the two so that he could move on.

    Tina had filed a false Sexual Harrassment lawsuit against him ,as a way to get back at me. She also manipulated EIGHT other employees to testify against him. Tina had promised to share the two million dollars with them in exchange for their false testimony. {LAWSUIT STARTED IN 2010}

    Tina made Gary fire me so that she could get me out of the way!

    Yes, he did end his Third marriage abruptly. According to one of the employees they were VERY HAPPY for the first four months, after that, everything went downhill. Lynn did not want Tina working for the company, from what I understand, this is WHY they got divorced.

    Tina kept finding excuses to call the house at odd hours of the night. She has a habit of creating situations in the company, in which she comes out looking like the hero. That is how manipulative she is.

    The SAD thing, is that I had warned Gary about her; however, he is SO AFRAID of what Tina has on him he could not think clearly. This is WHY he has is afraid to talk to me because he knows that I will say....I TOLD YOU SO!!

    He ended our relationship because Tina had pressured him to. Basically she told him "I am leaving the company if you do not fire her!"

    I do not know what she has on him...but I was a VERY good woman for him, and we really did have a connection.;......and the fact that he gave up happiness...well it must be something BIG!!

    From what I understand, he still misses me.

  • StandingTall, You may want to contact someone like Shuabby, Bluemoon to see what insight into this they may have. Also, Watergirl18.

  • ScorpioF69, Your reading is telling me that it's time to move on and you made the right decision in present--Sun in present shows you creating a different, much better path. You want clarity. Sun provides clarity. I think you'll see things much better by moving away from this. I also see him moving away--8 of cups in outcome. Your reading is saying that this was inevitable.

  • hi daliolite

    can you please read what kind of decision i will need to make in future that is inevitable and i cannot avoid ? and how ill it affect my relationship with him ?

    thank you

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