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  • MariaPisces, Yes, Have a couple ahead of yours. Prob by tues or wednes.

  • What happened Daliolite, is that our relationship was fine. Gary introduced me to his family, and I also met his sister out West as well. The both of us traveled together also.

    Everything was FINE until Tina stuck her nose in our relationship and kept making comments that he was sleeping with another employee while he was with me!

    I confronted Gary and the employee about this; and both of them told me that it was NOT TRUE!

    I contacted a previous employee and she told me that Tina had a habit of breaking up people’s relationships and marriages. Apparently, this Woman has broken up about EIGHT different marriages!!!!!!

    When I did my research, I found out that Tina does this as a hobby. As a result, I told Gary that I would only deal with Tina on a STRICTLY PROFESSIONAL basis. I also told Gary that I would NO LONGER make small talk, or act cordial; for, I would be focusing on the Brain Injury Clients needs.

    Gary and I went out to dinner one night and out of the “Blue” he asked me “Could you be cordial to Tina?” I asked him WHY would I do that after she tried to break us up? Gary stated…Tina was trying to protect you.”

    Daliolite, for SOME ODD REASON this bothered Gary. He did not want me to act Professional. Gary kept asking me to pretend that everything was okay and to pretend to be her friend!!

    For some reason, he did not want me to act professional towards Tina. IT WAS AS IF HE WAS AFRAID OF SOMETHING.

    I asked Gary’s daughter “Why would a Boss not want his employees to act professional??” “Shouldn’t the Boss be ENCOURAGING his employees to act professional?? Gary’s daughter replied “TINA WAS PROTECTING YOU”

    To make a long story short, I was fired because I refused to act unprofessional and I refused to walk around smiling and pretending that everything was okay.

    (There was a lot of chaos and mayhem in the company)

    Due to the fact that ALL of the employees were walking around smiling; Gary was NOT COGNIZANT of what was going on as far as the chaos.

    Gary has had to pay out FIVE LAWSUITS so far. Eight of the employees have made false statements. Tina promised them money in exchange for their False Statements.

    So Daliolite that is WHY he fears communication; because, he now knows that that I was right all along!!!! In that he should HAVE HAD followed my example, and handled Tina on a STRICTLY PROFESSIONAL level!!

  • I was also wondering...Does this "Trump Card" that Tina is holding over Gary's head, have to do with race?

    Gary kept stating: "Tina was trying to protect you" in regard to her trying to break us up.

    Did he do something BAD to a Black person? {I am Black by the way}

    Thank You

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  • StandingTall, I really don't understand any of this. What exactly do you want to know.

  • I'll be back Mon.

  • SORRY FOR RAMBLING ON DALIOLITE. What I basically want to know is; WHY Gary is so afraid that I will find out; in regard to what Tina is holding over his head.

    I have a feeling that it has to with Race. He is AFRAID that I will find out something about him!

    Did he do something bad to someone and Tina knows about it?

    Your Insight Please.

  • StandingTall, Ok, now I remember. I'll try a reading, have a couple ahead of yours. My impression of this is that Tina probably knows this guy better than you and perhaps you need to take blinders off. Perhaps you're angry from rejection. Be glad that your free of this strange scenario. You're better than all of this.

  • Daliolite, can you please do a reading for me when you have a chance? I know you're busy. Your past readings have always been spot-on.

    I am slowly pulling myself away from my ex. We were supposed to be fixing things, but I realized that he was just stringing me along for his own personal gain. My feelings for him are almost gone, finally. We still talk daily, but not like we used to. Can you please tell me what my love life has in store for 2013? I'm wondering if I will meet somebody new and finally stop falling for my ex's charm - and if so, how. I work from home and don't get out much. I am not even sure if I am interested in dating anybody at the moment. Dealing with my ex has left me emotionally drained and I can't even imagine myself moving on, but I do know that I'd like to be married one day.


  • Hi again Daliolite,

    I just went back and re-read your earlier readings for me... they were so good, and I feel like things have been resolving accordingly... I did land my job and I start in a week - I'm wonderin if you can do a general reading for me about my new job and life in general over the next few months, new year....

    Thank you!

  • Geminichick, Yes.

  • Firehorsecrab, Yes.

  • Checking...

  • Checking...

  • Hi Daliolite

    I hope i am not too late to get an urgent reading from you as I would very much appreciate it.

    My (ex) by sorta his name is Ronald. 19.09 72

    and I am Elena 30.09.69

    we met 2 years ago and We are still in contact. Would like to know very much what isgoing on in his heart about me as he is a very difficult person to read... He is virgo... and some important issues are coming up and I am very confused. WIll explain later

    Regards and hugs

    really will appreciate it... thanks thanks


  • Caribchick, Have a couple ahead, will get to one for you.

  • SagittariusGurl,

    I think you want a reconciliation instead of doing the necessary things to move on. Three of cups over reading/judgment in present position. You're emotional now.There is a call to move on and learn from this experience--queen of swords in outcome. Young love and vulnerability I see as advice. Thinking/judgement instead of involvement. Isolation is involved due to "wrong" relationship. I don't know all the ins and outs of this relationship. Cards are saying that break-up was inevitable--tower in foundation. Look at your behavior in all of this and learn from it. You will not be able to move on until you do. Lack of wands is telling me that emotions and words involved w/o any real plan in place. There is a tendency to hang-onto in future position. Is the child you have his child. Are you not pursuing financial support in hopes to hang-onto him. I'm trying to interpret cards. Communication is blocked--ace of swords in blocks. It's good that you're thinking of your daughter. She is the one suffering fall-out from all of this. The positive aspect of this reading is that the sooner you move on the better. A call to move forward.


    above--3 of cups



    situation--3 of swords

    past--2 wands

    challenges--ace of cups

    future--4 of coins

    blocks--ace of swords

    friends--5 of cups

    advice--page of cups

    outcome--queen swords

    Look at what makes you vulnerable

  • SagittariusGurl, He did not show up in reading. It's more of a learning aspect here.

  • StandingTall, I'll do a reading on Gary's intent/motivations then I'll leave it alone.

  • Thank you daliolite yes my daughter is his and I am pursuing financial support in fact we have court next month and am kind of scare of how it will turn out.

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