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  • Hi Daliolite,

    Could you do a reading for me, have been through a very difficult time in my life and dont know where to go from here. Should I try to get things back to the way they were or take a ompletely different direction?

    Thank you,


  • Hi Daliolite

    May I have a reading? Do you see if my boyfriend will propose by the end of this year? Thanks.

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  • xVirginiax, Yes, prob by wednes

  • great thank you 🙂

  • hll, Yes, prob by Thurs

  • Daliolite,

    Thank you for your reading. I just got the administration's response to the staff issue. This person is going to be dismissed. Shes now trying to ease up tension at work perhaps to make me back down. But I realize that it is manipulation. Unfortunately I feel her severe hormonal imbalance. Regardless, it is not good for the office and the roller coaster ride with her. I expect resistance and her true color to return. Yes, as you said, the situation kind of rock my world a bit but I equally recognize the manipulation. As for the surgery, I have hear, of course, but will go through.Early detection is key.

    I dream of my (love) friend a few days ago and it was sweet and so vivid like it was all true.

    Thanks very much.

  • Tellstar, Let me know how things go for you. I ask for guidance and pray before every reading. Good luck, Tellstar.

  • Hi Dal! Would you be able to give me a general reading for the next little while? Possibly centered on love and/or career? I want to double check my own personal readings and make sure my emotions aren't carrying over into my card draws. 🙂


  • YipYip, Yes, Will be couple of days

  • Rockofages,

    First, this is a very intense reading and I'm definately feeling what you are. For someone as creative as you there is certainly a feeling of isolation. I don't know if this is a person who feels isolation or the EFFECT that it's having on you. I don't know your mother's personality so it's hard to read. BTW really need you to explain her personality so I can make sense of this. She is very much part of this plan of yours. Over this reading (especially the present) is a time-out. Does your mother want you to look at all angles here. There is a hold on plans--thinking about it. In past, I'm getting that you have already had training in this field. My question is why are you changing. Are you changing from make-up artist to fashion. I believe your mom is shown as the high priestess--a meditative card. I definately get that she doesn't want you to go. There is dysfunction here. I don't want to call mom dysfunctional. There is some aspect in this reading that's not jiving at all. Drew the devil in blocks. Is your mom preventing or blocking this idea of yours. I would say listen to her words of advice and decide for yourself. Drawing the tower in outcome and death in future I can't help but predict the eventual fall of the idea. Your mom is predominant in this reading. This is what she's feeling, thus making you feel this way I didn't see this field as hopeful for you in first reading. I would find out as much as you can before taking the plunge. I applaud you for doing what your heart loves. I do feel that she needs you. If the career is already taking you far from home, think about where you'll go in future. I do see you as a person of action/plans. I need more input about mom--


    over--4 of swords



    situation--high priestess


    challenges--king of cups



    friends--king of swords

    advice--queen of wands


    Your mom is truly alone w/o you. Has death in family also caused this isolation of hers. Is this why she is so close to you.

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  • Hi! Wow you are good 🙂 So I won´t go to LA? 😕 No deaths, but me and my mom has always been superclose, it´s always been us, my "dad" who I really hate used to psycohologically abuse her and me, but he also used his fists on me but he left 7 years ago after cheating+ he was an alcoholic. We lost contact with her sister and my cousins so it´s pretty much just us, I really love my mom but I do feel sometimes as if she is stopping me from doing stuff. She´s said it´s OK if I go to LA because I was gone almost a year in the US to be a high school student .

    So I won´t go to LA? Is it the wrong choice to go or? I really don´t get what I should do..

  • I'm not in the advice business, really. Use the cards as an indicator of what's wrong w/this picture. Tarot is a series of pictures, sort of a snapshot of the situation. I feel there's something structurally wrong in the plans or the building of this picture. You gave me clarification on what the devil represents--your dad and the effects or blocks in the family dynamics here. Why your so close to your mom. I see the king of cups as a distancing of emotion in challenges. This reading is regarding your mom. Basically what you wanted. Yes, it's going to affect her. Because this is regarding career in your eyes it's a choice you have to make. I really think you need to look at whether you're willing to put your all into it. I no longer feel that your mom is dysfunctional--it was your dad's influence. This is something that you want to do regardless. You have some great pairings, however, every plan needs careful consideration. I wanted to ask about friends/assoc position--you'll be alone in this regard as well. I don't want to throw any thorns in your plans.

  • Yes and it gave me alot to think about 🙂 but it won´t affect her in a bad way will it? I am doing this so we can have a better future, so I can give her the life she deserves to have, my mom is my only family and yes being away from her is hard, but I do think it´s healthy aswell and I didn´t miss her that much when I went to the US because I knew we would see eachother soon and if I go, then I will be gone from august to december and then january to may and then be home between december and january and then may to august so it will only be first 4 months apart and then 5 each year

  • Rockofages, I feel this occupation is hard to get into. I have to warn you of the downfalls because there's plenty present--ok.

  • My apologies for the delayed response. Thank you so much for the reading, as well as your time.

    Taking the high road is certainly warranted in this situation. LOL! It's certainly not easy though.

    Also, we did try to reconnect but that quickly turned to crap. We're no longer in contact yet the intensity is still there...which for me, is not the norm...at all. I did change my career path and currently pursuing something very close to my heart...my dream job, actually.

    These two cards threw me for a loop...is this something i'm projecting? Or my former?

    "4 of coins relates to holding-onto what you have.

    The truth is being blocked/page of swords in blocks. Something just isn't being addressed."


    So, there is something that's not quite right here. Unhealthly attraction to something/don't lie to yourself. A decision made about a certain path/life change in past. Did you get back together with him possibly. Your reading is pointing to a change in direction and I'm picking-up something regarding career with this as well. Take the high road now and everything will work out. I'm getting that you're busy/balancing act. It's almost like you're starting your own business and wondering how it'll go. It'll go alright when you believe in yourself. You don't have time to look back. You'll remain a victim of choice if you hang-onto the dysfunction in your life at present. While drawing the cards, got a strong message regarding the 4 of coins. Only you can interpret the meaning behind this message. 4 of coins relates to holding-onto what you have. The truth is being blocked/page of swords in blocks. Something just isn't being addressed. I noticed that he is younger. The page is a younger card. So, my question is what is the new path that you're on/being urged to take in present. You're being shown as creative/energetic. Take the high/right road here. I have a feeling that you know what I mean.


    over--knight of wands

    present--wheel of fortune

    below--2 of coins

    situation--ten of wands



    future--8 of swords

    blocks--page of swords

    friends--7 of coins

    advice--4 of coins

    outcome--7 of wands

  • Stylegoddess555, I'll respond may be a few days however.

  • xVirginiax,

    I see you as the page of cups, youthful and full of emotion. Your reading speaks of a time of transition. Esp. w/the 3 of wands in the situation. I get the feeling that you started something that doesn't seem to pan-out for you. There's a lot of emotion in this reading that's coming from you. 3 of wands is a moving card for me. Perhaps to find a better job in whatever field you're in--requires moving. I'm also getting that it's up to you. It's almost like a growing/growing-up process for you. A feeling of being in submission financially. Are you living w/your parents. You're looking to the future in this reading/want to know what the future holds. In foundation something is inevitable/forces beyond your control/was bound to change. You need to put emotion and desire aside. There are some plans in place, however, there's work to be done. Mostly by you. I get that change is upsetting for you. May not want to re-invent yourself. All is not lost. A need to be more selective. Chariot showing in friends position. Hearing something thru friends? I'm just getting to be selective--it's your decision. News coming in friends position.


    above--6 of coins

    present--queen of swords

    situation--3 of wands

    past--page of cups



    future--knight of cups

    blocks--8 of coins--you may be challenged by doing things on your own


    advice--5 of cups

    outcome--4 of cups

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