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  • Rockofages, Will prob have yours up tomorrow.

  • JoyLily82, I'll try and have yours up soon. Thanks for the info. It always helps provide better direction when I know something. W/o necessary input, readings can be more general than actual guides.

  • Someone on this forum lost someone, perhaps child. Wish I knew who. I know that sounds strange. Maybe I'll find out by posting this.

  • Insight into the meaning of the Tower card:

    I wanted to offer this insight fromWhat does the parable of the tower builder and a ruler on a war campaign have in common? Both risk serious loss if they don't carefully plan ahead. In a shame and honor culture people want to avoid at all costs being mocked by their community for failing to complete a task they began in earnest. This double parable echoes the instruction of Proverbs: "By wisdom a house is built" and "by wise guidance you can wage a war" to ensure victory (Proverbs 24:3-6). Every landowner who could afford it walled in his orchard as a protection from intruders who might steal or harm his produce. A tower was usually built in a corner of the wall and a guard posted especially during harvest time when thieves would likely try to make off with the goods. Starting a building-project, like a watchtower, and leaving it unfinished because of poor planning would invite the scorn of the whole village. Likewise a king who decided to wage a war against an opponent who was much stronger, would be considered foolish if he did not come up with a plan that had a decent chance of success.

  • Thank you for your time, Daliolite! I will try patiently to wait and see what you come up with.

    A little update -- I've contacted the girl, but it looks like she already has roommates now as her listing is no longer up. I'm still considering living on my own, probably in the same apartments she was going to move in to. I have to hurry though, because it looks like their prices will go up, and even with me being a Disney employee (which many apartments in that area give discounts to, like the girl I mentioned) it might be a little too much. I'm such an independent though. Its tempting. I'm also trying to negotiate a loan with my dad to help with a down payment on a car so it won't be as tough. Don't know how that will go tonight.

    Thanks so much again!


  • Dailolite,

    Thanks for the reading. I was without power and internet connections for over a week due to the hurricane. We are slowly getting back on track. Got internet tonight. Yes, i kind of want things to speed up in love life ( if you could call it that). Yes, I will let go of a staff - just isn't working.I think I am patient and I wait it ride it and tolerate for a while but without any kind of progress I do know to let go. When I reach that stage I usually call it quits cold turkey almost on any kind of situation. When it happens I usually do not look back unless something extra ordinary happens to make me look back. Friend in love is busy, busy, busy. But, what does itself mean for me? Any suggestion?

  • Hi Daliolite

    You are correct regarding the current position, I do hanker for security in particular financially and yes, with 8 of swords, I'm not scared, I'm PETRIFIED. A little background is I now live in Dubai after leaving UK and hoped I'd be able to make something of myself but unfortunately it's only been a side step rather than a huge leap. I'm very unhappy in my present job and finding it increasingly difficult to move, applying for a mammoth amount of positions but to no avail. Am concerned because I haven't the opportunity to save for the future due to my income and worried sick when I retire I shall have nothing!

    Sorry, I know nothing about a possible lawsuit or another male in the equation somewhere.

    You're correct about nothing happening for a long time now - feels as though I'm in limbo and as I say, am dreading the future.

    You're telling me to avoid dreams, haha I don't DARE dream. So yes, am sure you've ascertained I'm at a very low ebb at this point in time.

    I've thought long and hard about anyone I know with initial Z but nothing seems to come to the surface.

    Thank you so much for investing your time in doing a reading for me Daliolite and if anything else comes up, please let me know. Hopefully something that will lift me out of this very dark hole 🙂

    Have a lovely day and blessings.

    YB XX

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  • Tellstar, Can you post your reading so I can look at it.

  • Yummybrummy, Could the king cards be addressing a family figure. Also, was curious about friends or how exactly did you get the idea for going to Dubai. Balance and clear direction needed. It's almost like you didn't know ENOUGH about the situation before going there. Maybe that's where the swords come in. Swords deal with communication and ideas. Your reading is telling you to weigh both sides (temperance.) Is family going to help.

  • OKi thanks I appreciate it 🙂

  • Rockofages,

    Your reading speaks of the steadfastness of your desire/goals/path of this occupation that you chose. This is something that you've really always wanted to do. You're also shown as a very giving type person. This giving nature of yours can be a block esp. if you're dealing with high-maintenance people. Your challenge is that you're not fufilled. It is not because of lack of effort on your part. There is something out of sync w/reality. Perhaps it's lack of demand for this particular field. You need to rethink. Your reading is telling me to get on a different path, you're on a dead-end path/ending to a path in present. I can't deny that I drew Death in the present position. I feel on several levels you need to break free--5 of swords situation/7 swords in friends position. I believe that you are actually very good at the work you do. Might be a problem regarding how something is presented/communication. I don't believe that your personality is part of a group. This reading is indicating that you'd do much better on your own away from the confines of a group. Entrepeneur. Things will not improve until you make a decision. This has everything to do w/your current dilemma. Tendency to stick to your guns perhaps too much. Perhaps a different area of same field that you can pursue and be more prosperous. This is a hard field to get into--your reading is screaming this--7 of wands in outcome/9 of wands over this reading. This is something that you can do, things have to be tweaked.


    over--9 of wands


    below--8 of coins

    situation--5 of swords


    challenges--ace of cups


    blocks--10 of wands

    friends--7 of swords


    outcome--7 of wands

  • checking

  • Daliolite,

    Here's the reading you gave me.


    A lot of male energy here, quick delivery here. Page of cups in foundation, immaturity regarding love. I feel that you have a vulnerability regarding love. I get the feeling here that you really want things to move and happen fast. Is this part of your personality or the fact that you're fed-up with situation and ready for a much needed change. In present, it's all about a new path for you. I believe you're on the right path. In past, showing trying to control/take ahold of things. On some level, I feel you need to expand/broaden your horizons. You may be asking, how do I do this when I'm so bogged-down with everything. I'm getting setting boundaries, knowing what illusion and reality is. You may be holding onto ideas that just don't work for you. Get to the heart of the matter/cut thru the BS. Clear communication is needed. The plans that you've created in present will be turning into words. I have a feeling here that you'll be putting your foot down (ace of swords in advice). There's strong indication that someone is leaving in outcome. So, looks like co-worker will be leaving. Paired w/ace of swords, you'll make this move. Ace of swords can mean a good conclusion to your divorce, as well. It's all about the direction that you need to take. Could be sharp words that you'll encounter. Maybe this is what you're trying to avoid. I just feel like you haven't spoken-up or acted-on. In friends/assoc showing as a can of worms, so to speak. Knights surrounding the present--urgency. I'm curious as to your personality how you'd describe it--


    present--eight of wands

    above--knight of cups

    below--page of cups

    situation--knight of wands

    past--4 of coins

    challenges--5 of swords

    future--5 of coins

    blocks--10 of wands

    friends--7 of cups

    advice--ace of swords

    outcome--7 of swords

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  • Tellstar, Knight of wands in situation is telling me a new direction in career/new direction. I've been seeing the ace cards as marking a line or putting a foot down , so to speak. In this reading, speaking the truth or knowing what you want/clear direction. Ace of swords in advice meaning communication. Is something changing or do you want to change some aspect of your career. Knight of cups above and page of cups below can be clear indicators of a love interest/coming interest soon. I believe the page is prob you. Did you have someone in mind. Cups represent water, emotions. I need more info about your love history. Reason is the 5 of coins in future. I don't know if you are having a carry-over of a relationship that didn't work or there's an appealing person that's may be no good for you. 5 of coins shows a couple struggling financially. It's like several things going on or about to happen. Really need more info as this is pretty general.

  • Hey Daliolite, how are you? I could use a reading if you have the time and energy 🙂

  • Hi!

    Thanks for the reading,so I shouldn´t be a makeup artist/stylist anymore? What path should I get on instead?

  • Watergirl18, I'll get to yours soon. I think I have 1 or 2 ahead.

  • JoyLily82,

    Your reading is addressing this job situation. I started analyzing the outcome first so that's where I'll start. This is something that you want to do, the responsibility is in your hands--sun/9swords paired. It's basically a taste of the real world. Did you get this job thru a friend or some people that you know--5 wands in past position. Does your dad possibly have an issue w/some of your friends. Your dad feels like he doesn't know enough about this whole scenario. He's being shown as a financial help, however, he's blocked. This job appeals to you and your personality. A lot of the aspects of this succeeding is founded on group effort or the effort of several people. The girl who wanted a roomate--there may be another opening thru her or w/her. Group effort is being shown--5 wands paired w/3 of coins in future. This looks like a promising aspect. You really want to be independent and perhaps your bored in present. You're having to get others involved w/similar interests. Perhaps you haven't looked at this thru a more mature lens. You're going to have to be careful w/planning as this could blow-up on you--tower in friends/assoc position. I think the 3 of coins is referring to careful planning. It's going to take group effort or very careful planning on your part. You want to be independent, perhaps it's better to stay that way. Perhaps you can take a bus to work. Tower in assoc worries me. I'm feeling the victory here is that you found a job that matches your interests. I'm really feeling like this is your own victory/plan carefully. I'm getting fast-paced in present--this is moving along and sorta frightens you. Stay practical. Know that if you build structures relying on other people, instead of your own structure it may fall.


    over--knight of cups--you want this job

    present--knight of wands--your in charge of the planning

    below--9 of coins

    situation--star--may be some unrealistic planning

    past--5 of wands

    challenges--page of wands

    future--3 of coins

    blocks--king of coins


    advice--9 of swords

    outcome--sun--create your own path!!

  • Thank you, Daliolite!

    Its funny that you mention careful planning, as last night I found out that the financial assistance I'm currently getting (not from friends or family, from unemployment) is not as much as I was hoping, which caused me to rethink getting a car for now. The bus is an option, but its limiting, and I know everyone BUT Dad are going to push hard for a car instead when I know I really can't take on another loan, even from family. This will also mean I'll have to stay wit my cousin longer until I find a place to stay, especially if I decide to go out on my own completely, without a roommate (this is preferable as I'm very independent as you pointed out).

    The girl I contacted is no longer looking for a roommate, but she works for the same company. Most likely, I'll either run into her in the future, or will get some help and advice from others like her. Disney is a company full of creative people, like-minded in the sense that we love to imagine and create. I'll take your suggestion not to build structures relying on other people. If I have to cut back, I will. At the same time, I know this will only work if I get a little help. The group effort you mentioned reminds me of my aunt and uncle, my cousin's parents, giving me to push to go do this. I was totally overwhelmed while they kept saying I have to do everything myself, but I told them that I don't have a problem doing it myself, I have a problem knowing which way to go to avoid mistakes that others have made (they've confessed that they made plenty!)

    Dad is a very reluctant player. You said he will be of some financial help but is blocked. He doesn't believe this will pan out and tries to have as little involvement as possible. He makes his irritation at having to do ANYTHING with this known, even going as far as telling me to make sure everything that's mine is either boxed and ready to send off when I find a place to stay or stored away in someplace like the attic where he can't see it. Forget about having a place to sleep when I come visit, or seeing anything in the converted guest room/study that would be a reminder that I was once there. I'm serious. Its a huge contrast to my aunt's approach where many of my cousin's childhood things are left in her old room displayed almost like somebody still lived there. She uses that room as a study herself, but she is surrounded by things that remind her of her daughter. She did a similar thing to her son's room (who's now married and has a kid of his own), only its more of a guest room/nursery with many of his old things making up the furniture and such. The only financial help I'll probably receive from Dad is what would be my Christmas 'present(s)' turned into money put into my account.

    I recognize I'll have to make my own path, but it will be difficult without some help and good advice. Is there something in particular I have to watch out for concerning new friendships? I was once told that I would actually meet my soul mate on this journey, but it wasn't going to be an easy task as this person was supposed to have something difficult in their past they will be dealing with. The initial meeting may be great, but these issues will come up later. I'll have to know how to deal with that. You make it sound like there may be some untrustworthy people I'll be meeting as well.

    Thanks so much for your time. This is giving me reassurance that I can still do this, even without the initial financial help I was hoping for.


  • JoyLily82, I know you have the best intentions. Too bad your aunt and uncle don't live close to this job. You're thinking of living w/strangers. If you do go out there, get your own place and develop friendships.

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