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  • Pinkrose08, Has he more or less told you that it's over. Reason asking is because of the 10 of swords in future position. 10 of swords shows a person literally being stabbed in the back (that's you.) Also, on some level, I feel that he was abusive--why--because of 8 of swords in outcome. Something about his words actually prevented you from moving on. It's almost like you bent to his whims or gave up your own power so to speak. With the ace of wands in advice, the universe, so to speak, is putting it's wand down (lol) and saying start a different journey. You're blocked by emotion. I understand completely on this. This was a very straight forward reading--easy to read. Most of this reading is regarding this relationship. Also, the truth is blocked here. Page of swords has always been a truth seeking card for me. Learn the lesson here ok. I'm getting because of the dysfunction of the relationship itself, you feel like the victim.

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  • sorry dal. just one last thing.

    "i feel that he was abusive--why--because of 8 of swords in outcome. Something about his words actually prevented you from moving on. It's almost like you bent to his whims or gave up your own power so to speak."

    do you mean i will end up staying with him and turn submissive towards him? the word "abusive" sound scary to me.

  • Nency, Ok, You are truly on your own/creating your own path. I'm relating that the King of coins is prob dad and king of wands is you. There's a feeling here that you'll leave behind something and will be emotionally painful. The silver lining is that you'll be happier. I don't want you to make decisions based on my readings. My readings are indicators. You have to weigh all sides. I believe dad will help in some way. Did he find work. Remember whatever obstacle you're facing that seems terrible will improve. Perhaps things are not quite as bad as they appear to be. Something lost/something gained.

  • Pinkrose08, Has he told you that it's over. Ten of swords in future position. Might not have happened as of yet.

  • have not.actually. i know he is stuck currently. having 10 swords in future does that mean i will be the one he is going to give up?

  • Pinkrose08, His words will be if you let them, if you can't be yourself. Sorta like the mushroom growing in the dark and being fed***

  • Pinkrose08, I think your stuck, as well.

  • Pinkrose08, I take it that there's another party involved. This person doesn't show in reading. I don't think this has to do with the other person as much as him and the inability of you to move on. There's no indication here to resume this relationship on any level.

  • do you mind i need to find myself back in this relationship and not like what I am now.

    thanks dal. i appreciate you for trying to explain things to me.

  • jeah, of course i want make decision just upon reading, i wil take as indicator or smth :). yes he is working now, i hope it's gonna be better as you said, im really trying hard. i just need to motivate myself more, but sometimes i cant. thank you

  • Hello Daliolite!

    I was hoping to ask for some insight on a little issue that has come up in my finding a place to move into when I get to Florida.

    I have combed Craigslist and narrowed it down to about five possibilities. I realize that I might not be able to get EXACTLY what I want in time as I need to move in by the end of the year (I'm staying with my cousin until then when I arrive right after Thanksgiving), but each one fit the majority of my requirements. I'm only waiting on future instructions from my new workplace (Disney) to set myself up for the remainder of the application process before I actually start asking for more information from these individuals.

    I've considered living on my own, but current funds and the need to find a decent used car soon prevent it. The biggest issue is the lease. Its hard to find one that has only a six month lease, so if the arrangement doesn't work out, I won't have to wait long. All the ones I've picked pretty much require at least one year, but most everything else I want so far is just fine. There's one in particular that gave the most information about herself and it seems we might be a good match (still want to contact for extra information though), but she is the one requiring the longest lease (15 months). I know what everyone else would say, what if it doesn't work out? But then, I'm taking so many chance already (I might not even end up with a car in time!), and out of all of them she seems the best option so far.

    Is there any chance of this working with her or one of the others, or do I need to keep searching or even try another method of searching? I wish to look at this on all sides before proceeding.

    Thanks so much!


  • Thank you Daliolite. Look forward to it 🙂

  • Leolady, I'm getting that whatever is happening is something fairly recent/confronting right now. As I was drawing cards, got--doesn't want them to move--that was spirit talking to me. The need to get things in order and straighten out. It's here and you have to deal with it. You have 3 cards in present that are related--5 of swords (leaving), devil and hierophant. The situation involves 2 people, I feel. Are you helping someone financially/perhaps someone is helping you. I drew the queen of coins in future position. I'm getting order out of chaos. You don't really want to pick-up and leave. I'm also getting that emotions are tied to money. Time to do some talking here can't overlook it. Path is blocked/develop a plan/shakey ground. There is a lack of wand cards that indicates to me that this is fairly recent and the need to develop a path. This is an intense reading that involves several people, I feel. I feel a tendency to be seduced by something. I'm getting to be forewarned about what's happening as well. Like everything hasn't transpired--could get worse before it gets better. You seem to be transitioning but something isn't letting you. Drew the king of cups in present, when I draw a king card is usually someone besides yourself that is distancing. Strong indication this involves family 10 coins past/queen of coins/10 cups outcome. I will need more information on specifics that you wanted to know about.



    below--knight of swords

    present--king of cups

    situation--devil--not good in situation,however, seems to be somewhat behind

    past--10 of coins--what was once pleasant is no longer

    challenges--5 of swords

    future--queen of coins

    blocks--3 of wands

    friends--knight of cups

    advice--3 of swords

    outcome--10 cups

  • Eilyk, Will prob have yours up tomorrow

  • Thank you. 🙂

  • Eilyk18,

    In present, looks like path is an issue. I drew the king of coins over this. Is someone helping financially. Overall, in present there's a feeling of financial security or the fact that you're used to financial security. Starting a new path in present. An ending to something as you know it. Starting over. Change in friends/assoc position. While I was drawing cards I heard--music. I don't know if you relate to that or just me. An insecurity with starting over. Know what you want and go for it. Ace of swords in blocks--something not being said, communication is blocked. Might want to ask yourself--what is truly blocking me. In things to come, looks as though you're going to be immersed in something. A greenlight as far as path/career. I kinda get the feeling that starting over/change is something new to you. A lot of material/financial/money aspects surrounding this reading with an emphasis on materialism. I don't know what the main issue here is. Looks favorable as far as path with sun/6 wands/9 of coins. Knight of cups in advice--is there a love interest.


    over--king of coins




    past--8 of cups

    challenges--page of wands

    future--9 of coins

    blocks--ace of swords


    advice--knight of cups

    outcome--6 of wands

  • Hi Daliolite, thank you so much for your reading, it was on par with my current situation, i am planning on moving to my home country at christmas time and was/am torn with the decision as currently i am financially secure in my job, home etc so when i move home i will be starting all over again but i do have to move due to visa issues. the main issue for me is the fact that i will be starting all over again and leaving good friends behind. i have not confirmed yet with my friends and work here that i will in fact be moving home! As much as i fear the change in living i know it is for my higher good, its taken me a long time to come to the realization.

    thank you again.

  • oh also in relation to the music, i love music and am listening it constantly and singing usually!

  • Yummybrummy,

    Get the feeling here that this involves family/way of life/and another person. 2 authority type people here in this reading--you and a male. Present situation evolves from the need for stability/financial stability. You've been trying to maintain this while remaining in victim mode. In situation, showing that you haven't spoken up. Verbal warfare being shown. Drew a lot of sword cards. There is a definate call for connecting with the intellect/unbiased intelligence (queen of swords.) Wouldn't be surprised if your involved in lawsuit. Empathy and sympathy will not serve you/will only distract you. Better verbal communication is needed. This other person is being shown as distant but also up to the battle. More issues than direction. Things have been simmering/nothing new/just confronting now. A lot of this was forces bound to happen/inevitable. You're not where you need to be financially (queen of coins is blocked.) Reading indicates there's been avoidant behavior on your part. This reading deals with material security. In your friends/assoc position drew the 7 of cups--will have to ask you about this. Avoid dreams and illusions and set goals.


    over--10 of coins

    present--queen of swords

    below--ace of cups

    situation--8 of swords--are you scared

    past--king of coins


    future--10 of swords

    blocks--queen of coins

    friends--7 of cups


    outcome--king of swords

    Can you relate to the letter z--this came up several times when doing this reading. Almost like it was a girl's name, etc.

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