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  • Hi daliolite yes he met her at work almost a year ago. I don't know if he sees her as a financial gain. I do know that he could fix his legal status in the U.S. he did think that if e married her his situation was going to improve. I guess he did think about that for a while as we talked about him marring her that it will help him get a better job and other stuff right now his married to her. Yes we did fight I guess that's what made him decide to do what he did. Moving me? I'm not dire I have thought about moving to a different state but at the end I didn't. I did move in with my sister and mother. He'll return what do you mean by that?

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  • hi 🙂 there's one guy, i feel intrested in. idk why, cause i havent properly met him. will we maybe get closer and become friends? i still dont have any friends here. 😕

    my sign is virgo, he's libra

  • SagittariusGurl, Well, it just seemed like a dramatic turn-around from abandonment emotionally to emotional fufillment. Kinda hard to read for me. Are they possibly thinking about moving. This isn't one of those straight forward readings for me. I think he fears you moving. He doesn't feel grounded because of that. How far are they from you.

  • Daliolite I am not sure if they think about moving since me and him don't have that much communication. We only live like an hour and a half away. I don't know why would he fear me moving if last time he said he don't care what I do and that he doesn't care at all about me.

  • SagittariusGurl, Ok, I would read this as a closing of a relationship between you and him.

  • StyleGoddess555,

    So, there is something that's not quite right here. Unhealthly attraction to something/don't lie to yourself. A decision made about a certain path/life change in past. Did you get back together with him possibly. Your reading is pointing to a change in direction and I'm picking-up something regarding career with this as well. Take the high road now and everything will work out. I'm getting that you're busy/balancing act. It's almost like you're starting your own business and wondering how it'll go. It'll go alright when you believe in yourself. You don't have time to look back. You'll remain a victim of choice if you hang-onto the dysfunction in your life at present. While drawing the cards, got a strong message regarding the 4 of coins. Only you can interpret the meaning behind this message. 4 of coins relates to holding-onto what you have. The truth is being blocked/page of swords in blocks. Something just isn't being addressed. I noticed that he is younger. The page is a younger card. So, my question is what is the new path that you're on/being urged to take in present. You're being shown as creative/energetic. Take the high/right road here. I have a feeling that you know what I mean.


    over--knight of wands

    present--wheel of fortune

    below--2 of coins

    situation--ten of wands



    future--8 of swords

    blocks--page of swords

    friends--7 of coins

    advice--4 of coins

    outcome--7 of wands

  • Sillyputty9999,

    In present, working thru struggles. Over this reading, shows you've been thru a struggle. Might be a creative struggle. Take responsibility over what works and doesn't. Learning to work w/high demand people. Perhaps there was a struggle w/someone who made demands over how you do things. Working in harmony is in the present. Struggles will be overcome by working in harmony. I'm also getting completion in present. Was a project completed. There's a feeling here of contributing to, also. Your reading speaks alot about your friends. With everything going on here, your friends are by your side. Perhaps your able to draw people together. Moon is in the future position/thinking about changing path or perhaps a path is ending. Not to worry, a new path will begin for you. Strong message that friends will help along the way--sun/3 cups. There is a message here in blocks regarding the page of coins. Perhaps the need to be more pragmatic in regards to money. Strong message that things will start looking up for you. Seems worst is behind you. What happened at work, if you don't mind me asking. The past is being shown w/the nine of swords. Perhaps sharp words. Possible love interest in things to come.



    above--nine of wands


    situation--3 of cups

    past--nine of swords



    blocks--page of coins


    advice--ace of coins

    outcome--2 of cups

  • Thanks for the reading.

    I was just laid off from work since yesterday. So I think that represents completion.

    In regards to friends support and getting together, before this whole layoff happened, we were basically all at each others throat. But in the last couple of weeks we have left our differences aside and everyone has offered their support to me.

    There is one lady that didn't get laid off, but we are all disgusted with her because she is not to be trusted.

    Well its good to hear my unemployment situation shouldn't last too long.... I hope.

  • Sillyputty, Were you and group all laid-off. Was there a mutual project that you were working on together.

  • A few were laid off yesterday, a few more will follow at the end of this month.

    I didn't have any projects on the go.

  • A few of us were laid off yesterday. Some more will be laid off at the end of the month.

    I didn't have any projects on the go.

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  • Daliolite yes maybe you are right it might verge end of our relationship. I just hope for the better!!

  • Hi Daliolite, Could you do a reading on me please? Just needing to see if you can pick up anything on my current situation right now and offer some advice

  • Leolady25, I have 2 ahead of yours. Will prob have up by mon morn.

  • PinkRose08,

    I don't know why I'm picking-up an emotional break-up from the past. I'm picking-up that you're playing it safe and don't really want to rock the boat prob in fear that this relationship will end. A sense of urgency in present. Almost like you want to know if this is "the one." I think this sense of urgency will be your guide--get to the truth, don't be afraid to rock the boat. Page of swords in challenges. I think this may represent you. Your quest for the truth. I'm getting not to be a victim of your own circumstances. Don't stagnate, move on. This relationship may have reached it's plateau meaning it needs a different direction. You 2 may have different personalities or ideas on things. He'll take a different direction/something different. A lot of emotion in past and leading up to present. This will turn into words and a new path. Cups (emotions) in present, followed by words and then path. I don't see things merging together.



    present--ace of cups

    below--10 of coins

    situation--2 of cups

    past--8 of cups

    challenges--page of swords

    future--10 of swords

    blocks--9 of cups--may be blinded by emotion, desires

    friends--knight of wands

    advice--ace of wands

    outcome--8 of swords

  • Thanks Dal for the reading.

    There is nothing I can do to salvage this r/s?

    when you mentioned about the emotional breakup, is it referring to both of us? or just either of us.

  • Hi Pinkrose08, First, can you relate to the reading--is it accurate or inline w/what's happening. I guess, recognising that he's different in some way. Perhaps on some level it's ended emotionally for him--can you relate.

  • Nency, I'll prob have yours up tomorrow

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