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  • okay, uploaded a comment a couple of hours ago, but still isn't up, so here we go... On March 1st, my teenage daughter informed me that my husband of 10 years had been going in the bathroom with her when she showered. (This is her step father). He has apparently been doing this for the last 3 years, but recently, he had begun to reach in the shower and play with her belly button ring. she stated that if she locked the bathroom door, she would be "in trouble". He admitted to this behavior, I had him arrested, and in May, I filed for divorce. Initially, he was sure that I was not serious, that we would get back together and make it work. No thank you, as this was just the straw that broke the camel's back. He is a recovering alcoholic whom had begun drinking again 5 yrs. ago. Very manipulative and emotionally abusive to not only myself, but my children and his son as well. Always insinuating that I was doing things that I should not be doing, as well as alienating me from friends and family. Nothing was ever good enough to suit him. Anyway, he has made this divorce very difficult, and now, my home is in foreclosure because he refused to help pay the mortgage. After 4 continuances, I finally got to go to court on Oct. 15th, hence the comment that I am no longer stagnant. I was fighting to try and keep the house but that is not going to happen, hence the "letting go". In the meantime, LPN's at our hospital that they will no longer be utilizing LPN's after Jan.2014, so until all this hit the fan, I had been trying to go to school to earn my degree as an RN. I was very resentful of being forced to continue my education, as I am 47 and really did not want to go back to school. Now, I will not be able to make the deadline my employer has set because I dropped out due to all the drama. So, I am keeping my eye open for a different job. Also, my parents, whom are 80 are getting more and more frail all the time, and every time I go to their house, they tell me where this life insurance policy is, where this bank account is, where their funeral home is and buriel plots. Since I have finally realized that I have nothing to fight over or for anymore (no mortgage payment, and no one to tell me I can or cannot do this or that) I have been toying with starting my own business related to downsizing the elderly, possibly the connection to the letter "e" in your automatic writing. I do not currently live with my parents, but as I said, my home is going into foreclosure and I am not so sure where I am going to end up, but with my parent's needing more and more help, that may end up being the logical choice. As far as death in friends and associates, there certainly has been a clearing away of numerous people. When you go through something of this nature, you sure do find out who your friends are! Anything else you could tell me would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps this information will help. Thank you again for your time and kindness!

  • okay, i have tried to respond twice. so maybe shorter posts will do it.lol. Going thru a divorce due to hubby of 10 years deciding he liked to watch my teenaged daughter shower. Then decided it was ok to reach into the shower and touch her abdomen. Kicked him out, had him arrested, and filed for divorce. He is very manipulative, emotionally abusive. Did his best to alienate me from friends and family.

  • Also, he quit helping me pay the mortgage, so now the house is in foreclosure. I was trying to get it refinanced, but the payment will not be low enough, so have to let it go. This I was fighting. Also, my employer told all LPN's that we have until 1/2014 to be RN's or we no longer have a job. So, quite resentfully, i went back to school. But with all the emotional drama going on, it was too much for me to handle, hence i dropped out. Now, I will not be able to meet the time frame they are insisting on, so I am keeping my eyes open for another position.

  • In addition to school, work, drama with my child, getting divorced and putting the house up for sale and having to keep it spotless for showings, my father needed aortic valve replacement. This was a long process and took months for him to get approved for it, all the while his health declining. He has now had the surgery, but every time I see my parents (weekly) they are getting more and more frail. Every week I have to hear about this life insurance policy and that bank account, where they are to be buried, what they want to be buried in. which child gets what and so on. I just feel as though they are ready to end their journey here, ready to go home.

  • That is what has been going on in my life. But just in the last month, really last couple of weeks, it has occurred to me that I no longer have to be anything or anyone that I do not want to be. It has been quite liberating. And, I have been toying with opening my own business related to elderly downsizing, hence possibly the "e" in your automatic writing? Yes, I am very creative, but never followed through with anything due to fear of failure. I had to be able to bring in enough money to help pay the bills. Now, it doesn't matter does it? No big mortgage payment, no husband to shoot my idea down, throw a fit if I am not home to get his dinner on the table. I am truly free!

  • Thanks, Dailolite.

  • Hi Buzzinpalms, If your post starts a new page, it won't post until there's another behind it. If I'm starting a new page, I'll put another post behind it that says checking so that the first one posts. I've never met a nice alcoholic. All I've met harm themselves and the ones in their path. So, this is the path that needs changing. A path shows up in the Moon card as well as Death. The path is blocked as well in the Sun card as it shows an infant riding on a horse. Knight of coins always seems to be a financial weight when I draw it. I think the sun card symbolizes your daughter and how he blocked her path. I believe the moon card represents your path. His path has ended--death.

    The good news is family is going to help. I'm talking about your mom and father. This morning I was thinking about doing a reading for you and contemplating auto-writing. What I saw in my minds eye was a letter e--like this--it was like an emblem with a light going around it, like you'd see on a car. Anyway, maybe you can relate to that. A very positive reading as far as developing your talents and ideas. Entrepenuer is something that you're cut out for. I don't know what you mean by downsizing the elderly. Maybe that's why I saw a small e. So, what is downsizing the elderly.

    Take care of yourself first. Not an alcoholic. Time heals.

  • Downsizing the elderly would be assisting an elderly individual to go through their belongings, discarding what they no longer need, re-gifting, donation, or going ahead and passing items to their children so that they can move into a smaller home. In this process, you help them determine what furniture/items they can keep (basically what will fit) into their new home, usually a condo that requires no outside maintenance, or an assisted living facility. You then arrange for a moving van, pack up their stuff, and unpack it at the new place for them. It is a very needed service, as most people and their children become very overwhelmed at just the thought of moving an elderly parent.

  • Buzzingpalms, That's good. I can't respond to anyone now as I picked-up a serious bug where I work and it looks as though I'm heading to the hospital. I'll be back in a few days.

  • Daliolite,

    Healing energy being sent your way. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

  • Tellstar,

    A lot of male energy here, quick delivery here. Page of cups in foundation, immaturity regarding love. I feel that you have a vulnerability regarding love. I get the feeling here that you really want things to move and happen fast. Is this part of your personality or the fact that you're fed-up with situation and ready for a much needed change. In present, it's all about a new path for you. I believe you're on the right path. In past, showing trying to control/take ahold of things. On some level, I feel you need to expand/broaden your horizons. You may be asking, how do I do this when I'm so bogged-down with everything. I'm getting setting boundaries, knowing what illusion and reality is. You may be holding onto ideas that just don't work for you. Get to the heart of the matter/cut thru the BS. Clear communication is needed. The plans that you've created in present will be turning into words. I have a feeling here that you'll be putting your foot down (ace of swords in advice). There's strong indication that someone is leaving in outcome. So, looks like co-worker will be leaving. Paired w/ace of swords, you'll make this move. Ace of swords can mean a good conclusion to your divorce, as well. It's all about the direction that you need to take. Could be sharp words that you'll encounter. Maybe this is what you're trying to avoid. I just feel like you haven't spoken-up or acted-on. In friends/assoc showing as a can of worms, so to speak. Knights surrounding the present--urgency. I'm curious as to your personality how you'd describe it--


    present--eight of wands

    above--knight of cups

    below--page of cups

    situation--knight of wands

    past--4 of coins

    challenges--5 of swords

    future--5 of coins

    blocks--10 of wands

    friends--7 of cups

    advice--ace of swords

    outcome--7 of swords

  • checking

  • Hi,

    Can I get a reading? I had one about a year ago and I would love an updated one 🙂

    Me: 11/14/77

    Boy: 12/27/85

    Thank you!

  • Stylegoddess555, Yes prob by tomorrow.

  • Hello Daliolite,

    I would love a reading on my job status (I am being laid off). Any good news awaiting me soon?

    My name is Regina and birthdate June 22, 1968.

    Thanks very much.

  • Sillyputty9999, Yes prob by wednes

  • Hi, can I have a love reading on my relationship with this guy?

    Thanks many!

  • SagittariusGurl,

    You had requested a reading on BF a while back. You had mentioned that he was cheating. In the present, things involve money. Ace of coins over this reading. Did he meet this person at work/does he see her as a financial gain in some way. He is changing his path/career. I feel she has a lot to do with this. Words dominate the present. On some level, I feel, he may fear you leaving. Perhaps fears you leaving location. He knows the consequences but has decided to move-on. May appear self-centered but feel like it's something he had to do to improve himself, or perhaps it appears to him this way. If there is something that's "not right" here, it'll be exposed or he knows of it. I get a feeling here that he thought about this for a while before it actually transpired. Perhaps the deciding factor in all of this was an argument or fight you had w/him that tipped the scales--temperance/justice in past positions. It is a challenge for him NOT to feel bad or guilty. Perhaps he does see his role in all of this but just decided to move on. I get the feeling here that someone may be moving. Is it you SagittariusGurl. Perhaps this is what he's afraid of. In the outcome and advice--showing an emotional time in advice. He's walking away. This may be a more emotional time than what he's letting on. The three of cups landing in outcome is interesting to me. Either he's made the right decision for himself following this new path/idea or he'll return. I can't really read this because there is such a turn around from the 8 of cups to the 3 of cups. He will find out if it was worth the risk either way--

    Showing a happier time in outcome.


    over--ace of coins

    present--5 of swords

    below--6 of swords



    challenges--8 of swords--he might even see you as the victim

    future--knight of wands


    friends--6 of wands

    advice--8 of cups

    outcome--3 of cups

  • Stylegoddess--will try and have yours up tomorrow--

  • Okie doke...thanks a bunch! 🙂

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