Tarot Readings

  • Offering readings on whatever concerns you. I like to do readings when I wake up in morning. I'll cut-off after my first page of requests, then take more.

  • hello Daliolite how are you?

    I hope your doing well :-). I would love a reading. Past Present and Future if thats ok. Or if you have a certain spread you would like to use instead thats cool.

    lots of hugs

  • whoops I forgot to ask, what deck do you use?

  • Hello Daliolite,

    Thank you so much for this offer! Can I have a reading on my present and future? Particularly in the area of love and career?

    Light and Love,


  • Hello Daliolite

    Thank you for your offer. Can I have a reading on my present and future on love, relationship.


    Thank you

  • Hiiiii Daliolite, may I have a reading from you again 🙂 two questions please!

    Is it possible for me to get into D company??

    How about EY company? Any chance?

    Any insights would be appreciated. Thank you so much !

  • Hi Dal

    Long time no see , I would love a reading will i find a job working from home in the future

    Thanks heaps love and hugs Loap:)

  • Hello Daliolite,

    I would like a reading from you.

    What can I expect in the near future?

    Thank you for the offer.

    Much love.

  • Hello,

    I would also like a reading.What can I expect in the near future?

    My love life and relationship.

    Thank you for the offer.

    Much love.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Thank you for the offer of readings... I would love one. I am needing to know about love life, job situation ( I am recently unemployed) and if you see a move for me. Also, I have a possible settlement coming through....do you see anything about that?

    Blessings to you:)


  • Ok, I'll start on these and be back...

  • Would you be able to do a reading for me please regarding job and finances thank you

  • For Laura SA87, I just use the traditional Rider-Waite. I'd like to produce my own. RW is ok, it has a lot of images. I would like to use images that I see in real life and put on cards. Maybe that'll be my next ambition. An example is when I see owls it means sickness or a passing. I use fairies for carefree/creativeness. Angels for guardians, etc.

    Ok, I'll start by saying that I get a feeling here that you want to accomplish something on your own. Does self-confidence/abandoning in search of/mastery ring true to you. You have run up on things/situations that aren't as they seemed. You're hopefully optimistic and follow your intuition. There's a message here to follow your own path, trust in your instincts. Remember practical realities. You'll have to work to get to where you want to be. Mastery over/peaceful environment is what you need. Someone is jumping ship here. Could be a diva message here as well. Could be issue w/friends 7 of swords (challenges) and 7 of coins (friends.)There are 2 strong feminine influences here as well as two younger-type male influences. I get a talent in some area where you're recognized for it. Love is favorable in things to come. I feel your main struggles right now is (this is going to sound wierd) is getting to know yourself and what you want. Cards are very favorable moving forward.


    present--8 of cups

    below--High Priestess


    past--page of coins

    challenges--7 of swords

    future--9 of cups


    friends--7 of coins

    advice--6 of rods

    outcome--page of cups

  • Laura--Feedback will help me decipher some of the reading--thanks.

  • Brightmoonshine--Yes, I'll do one.

  • For The Transformed, My "real" initials are TT.

    Your reading speaks volumes about weddings, marriage etc. I'm getting a wait and see or an aprehension. Are you waiting for someone to become more in-line w/what you want. The message in present is avoid temptation or being side tracked. You have things in place as far as career. Maybe you're waiting for your career to take off before you make any plans. In your friends position shows celebration. It feels like you're not totally in control over feelings/emotions. As you move on, shows you more in control of feelings and situation will change. You'll know what you want. Get a feel here that you need to go beyond advice and talk with someone spiritually. I get a feel that there's a man that you have reservations over. Something doesn't feel right. Have you been in continuing education, school etc. In things to come looks like you're going to conquer your environment (job, etc.) Stay your ground. Don't do anything out of character for you.


    present--7 of cups

    below--10 of coins

    situation--King of Rods

    past-page of coins

    challenges--Knight of cups


    blocks--queen of cups

    friends--4 of rods

    advice--2 of rods

    outcome--queen of swords

  • The transformed, would also like to point-out that there are 2 men next to your present (7 of cups) that is creating havoc. King of rods and knight of cups. Knight of cups being the younger of the two and probably more unstable of the 2. He is in your challenges.

  • hi Daliolite

    firstly thank you very much for the reading :-). That sounds like a great idea about what you want to do with the cards.

    Yes I would like to accomplish something on my own but I dont have the confidence. What is a diva message? Im not sure about the talent part. The last part sounds most accurate. I have no idea what I really want. Also the issues with friends is right and Im not sure what to do about it.

    Thank you

  • LauraSA87

    Could you do a reading for me about my career and life in general.i am currently unemployed.6/15/58

  • Daliolite

    could u do reading for me on career and life in general

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