Virgo female and male virgo in passionate love

  • I am a female virgo and have been in the most amazingly hot, passionate and totally uninhibited relationsip with a male virgo! I am surprised at our love talk and expressions that seem to depart from my/our sign's cautious and controlled nature. Oh, by the way he is married and I am divorced for nearly 3 years. He is unhappy in his relationship with his wife but has remained for the sake of the child they have together. Just curious about how other virgos view this.

  • Hi bunkyvirgo, I am also a virgo and have dated several virgo men over the years,,,, and am in a open relationship with one now.

    They are amazing guys, down to earth, crazy kinky and love to have fun... but .... my word of caution is this,

    Virgo men get board very easy ... (all virgos do) and they are very sexual,,, almost will always have an affair to feel like they still "have it" .... So please be very cautious with your heart and dont close any doors to date other men... you have to remember that this is an affair , I have been in this position and he will keep coming back as long as you allow him,,,, but if he loves her he will never leave the stability of his family. You have to be willing to just be the mistress... and keep an open mind, this is why I am in an open relationship with my male virgo so either of us is allowed to play if we feel the urge....

    Good luck and I hope it all goes the way you wish it to 🙂

  • Thanks for your candidresponse virgogirl64. You are right about his having affairs....I am not his first. He has been honest with me about that. It started out as "just for sex". He is fun and wild....says he and his his wife both agree they are better friends than lovers and should never have married one-another. She is super religious and he definitely is not. As far as guarding my heart is a bit too late as I am already in love with him and he with me.....he calls and tells me this on a daily basis....says he is going to leave his wife and be with me as soon as the child is older. Something tells me I am up to my neck in alligators! 🙂 What do you think?

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  • Well Bunkeyvirgo,

    It sounds like it could be the real thing but the question is ... how long is he asking you to wait? one year... 5 years.... thats a long time to put your life on hold for someone.... you certainly have a lot of soul searching to do ,,,, always ask your self "what is for my highest good?"

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  • Let me tell u, I totally agree with virgogirl64! I do not trust virgo men now after having a similar experience with one. She hit the nail on the head in regards to virgo men! I fell head over heels for a virgo male and he totally misled me. He was also married with eventually 4 kids. I believe it was an ego thing aswell like virgogirl64 stated above, they (virgo's) wanna know they still have "it". I already had fallen deeply in love with him and he was killing me emotionally and mentally; I was however smart enough not to sleep with him! He was like my drug, no matter what he did, I always was the first one to reconcile. Can u imagine if I did sleep with him how much more bezerk I wouldn't have gone? I swear he almost had me suicidal. I really needed to step back from him, which I did, and now I just stay away from him completely! He would and could still make me melt when I would see him, but that is why I make sure I don't see him and I fill my life with other loving people, and I am starting college in my later yrs. to pursue my career. We had the passion, but I believe that God allowed me the strengh to never act on it! I let my head do the thinking, even though every fibre in my body was craving him in every way possible!

    I am a leo, I am the most passionate person, it was love at first sight with this man, however, I realized through all my heartache, that this virgo man would never be all that I wanted in a man. Just as virgo's are moody, going from one mood into another so quickly; I truly think that you are just the flavor of the month, filling a void in his life that his wife is unable to fill, because her husband has a wondering eye, seeking passion outside the marriage instead of stepping it up and bringing it to the table in his current marriage. Is that the loser that u want into your life? Let me tell u, do u really think he is going to be any different when he enters a real relationship with you? TAKE THE BLINDERS OFF LADY! He is just tickling your ears! Telling u what u want, need and are lacking at the moment from someone else. You are only living in this moment with him, the passion/sx is the only thing that is keeping you addicted to him. But along with passion always comes drama! Maybe not today, but give it time, your just in the honeymoon stage girl! I hate to sound so mean/negative, but I hate to see good people hurt, abused, then thrown away like a used tissue. This fling is either going to make u or break u. (the make)-Either your gonna learn a hll of a lesson, or (the break)-you will be so emotionally, and mentally crippled in spirit, you may even be suicidal at the end, and let's not even say how long it will take you to finally be ready for a functional relationship.

    You will eventually find out, but don't say I didn't warn you when it all unfolds around you, and you refuse to see him as he really is...a jerk (but also a victim of the negative force at work in the world). I am not judgemental, I am realistic/practical, maybe that's what MY virgo man taught me, is that no matter what illusion one may create for someone to believe, to always look beyond the illusion to the reality of things! Something tells me though, that the forbidden fruit is much tastier at this moment, and you're not ready, willing, and able to give it up, even to save yourself. How sad, you really had absolutely no protection, and/or no suit of armor when this situation came at you. My prayers are with you child.

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