Can I get a reading?

  • Thanks for the tip it's like my personal development plan that I make

  • I told the aries guy I don't want to talk to see him anymore when i said goodbye and he said just like that, that is clear ok.... i said it isn't just like that then i was pissed that he saw it as a surprise and replied so dry so i told him i thought he was special but he is an ass like many...and he said thank you. I got pissed but i just said i hope one day u stop playing with girls heart and if you are not interested anymore just say so because you would not want someone to do it to you. He said nothing. Maybe that was too much? Is it true that aries guys just don't care? By his dry answers I would think he didn't care.

  • You have given him the upper hand by showing him you are still interested in him. So he knows he can treat you badly and you will still stick around.

  • Today, talked and I told that I went overboard and he said that it does not matter now, i made my point clear. I also mentioned that he accepted it easily and he said yes you know i am in debt and i am almost finish with it, then i can go home....and now you come with this so yes i accept it. I guess trying the guilty card. I thought I saw him so I think he is lying and I contorted him a bit. Then said was going to continue with work and no he is not in the country. I then decided I put my feelings out there so I know I did let him know. I told him that it was nice the time spent etc but i want some who words match their actions etc. and that i wish him all the best. He did not reply but at least that is off my chest. I would think he is pissed and will not bother anymore or am I mistaken?

  • You are devoting way too much time and energy on this guy - it only shows how little you love yourself that you seek it so determinedly from others. The effort you should be putting in is loving yourself, not trying to give it to someone who doesn't appreciate it.

  • That is exactly what I realize why give it to someone who does not appreciate it,...One of the reasons got rid of him.

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