Can I get a reading?

  • female: 5-25-90

    male: 4-13-89

  • This relationship can have a wonderfully grounding effect on both of you. Your mercurial energies, Gemmi90, and your partner's fiery energies can coalesce around your shared projects, and around the technical problems you two are so skilled at solving - in fact, you can accomplish a lot together, for your relationship can make you both stay still long enough to focus. You should know however that the relationship's grounding influence will take time to be felt, and to help you two learn and grow.

    Your partner should recognize and understand your need for constant change, and he will not try to confine you. And the absolute principles that he tends to believe in will stimulate your curiosity, though you may toss some ironic or sarcastic barbs into the ensuing debates that can wound or annoy him. As lovers and mates, you two will initially have quite an exciting time, but the tempo will slow as you get to know each other. You Gemmi90 may have difficulty remaining faithful to your partner, who is likely to show little sympathy for your gallivanting. Eventually though, the relationship should settle down into something quite stable as long as you can deepen your emotional bonds without getting into conflict. Understand and accept each other.

  • Thanks,

    "you may toss some ironic or sarcastic barbs into the ensuing debates that can wound or annoy him."

    How do you mean? Can that be by assuming something and he thinks i don't believe him and he becomes annoyed and become distant?

    I feel lately that he has become quite distant from me and I don't know what to do...He contacts me less while he was on vacation but he was online quite often....When I contact him he acts normal but it feels like ok....I said him if he forgot me he's like no you forget me...then after had a little argument. Now I'm just not contacting him and he hasn't contacted me neither and it's been almost a week.

  • No, you may find that he may mistake your teasing for seriousness or what you may think are witty or insightful comments can hurt his feelings. He can be overly sensitive to what he sees as criticism, even when you don't mean it to be.

  • Thanks again, guess i will just wait it out and see what happens with this one....

  • Captain, I seem to be confused and lost at the moment with this guy. I haven't seen him since he got back, he said he has been working extra to pay off a debt and he is back to training for football. He's been talking less but when we talk it feels normal and I asked him twice if he lost interest. He said no when he pays off the thing etc. Then if i am still willing to see him then we can meet up. He is away on business and would try to be back for my b-day the day before he let me know that he couldn't make it and he hopes he can make it up to me when he gets back....He also been less on a site he is on I noticed. What is your take on this? Has he lost interest in me and is afraid to say so even though he knows he can be straight with me? Does he has another girl and just doesn't want to say so?

  • Well, I did say the tempo of your relationship would slow as you got to know each other. He hasn't lost all interest in you (though you may lose it in him) - it's just that his attention at the moment is absorbed by other things in his life. You tend to like a fast pace so this guy may be a bit too slow-going and neglectful for you. He feels that a good relationship maintains itself but doesn't realize it can need time and energy to keep it going.

  • Yes, you did say that, didn't expect it this soon though. Yea, patience is a virtue indeed...

    Well at least some kind of interest is still there but i feel him slipping away and i don't want that. But if he feels it maintains itself, how does he maintain his interest, seeing that he is losing it? I often wonder how he feels when I talk to him...if he really does miss me like i miss him?

  • Basically he wants you when he wants you, when he has nothing else on, but not when he is absorbed in his own business and life. I don't feel he misses you when he is busy.

  • Oh ok, well then your probably right i may lose interest in him. Thanks again

  • I think it is over, I didn't hear from him for a week and I decided to call him he didn't answer, I tried a while later no reply, in total 3 times then I messaged him that I have something to say to you but I guess you don't want to listen, he didn't reply to that too. I think now he has lost complete interest in me. Captain, do you feel he has lost it completely now or will he come back in his own timing, I feel like it is over? I deleted him out of my phone because I will not contact him anymore, I already made myself look desperate now. Is he interested in someone else?

  • He will contact you again when he feels like it but you should not be prepared to be at his beck and call. It's his form of control and you don't need someone like this in your life. This is more about your insecurity about how attractive and lovable you are to others, and this man triggers that fear in you.

  • Hmm, I think he does trigger that then I guess I should face my fear and love me more strange thing is he isn't even that attractive, in the beginning was like yea I will see what happens here. Thanks for the tip that I shouldn't be prepared to be at his beck. I think I would then tell him what I wanted to tell him before because I think he know what he did and I would argue with him. I think I am learning a lot from this experience, quite amazing how people enter your life to teach you things. Thanks again, I probably will be back when I have another question, you are helpful to people here and it is nice to see there are people like that out there.

  • He contacted by text today, I ignored till I was ready to reply and I kept it short.

  • I am afraid that this guy tends to lose interest when he sees that a woman is not going to cater to his demanding 'coming and going as he pleases'.

    It's good that you can see a positive reason for this experience. Life is all about becoming wiser.

  • It seems as if life is about that indeed....I plan to leave him come to me and take a step back

  • Well the situation with him seems to have gon down the drain since last spoke to him and mentioned want to see me, he hasn't contacted me and I am not going to contact him, I feel as if I did my part to show that I was interested and he not that well...So I am distancing myself from the situation. I don't think he is not interested anymore and is not man enough to say so?

    Other than that at times I wonder what is the purpose of this other guy that keeps coming back even when I chase him his birthdate: 18/07/84

    Also I would like to know what is up with that Aries guy did he find someone else or can it really be his busy life?

  • You and the Cancerian could enjoy a nice friendship, but in a love affair he would zero in on your insecurities and emoitonal vulnerabilities, and steer the relationship in whichever direction HE wanted through manipulating you. But you would ultimately get sick of him ruling the roost and calling all the shots. You need an equal partnership.

    Unfortunately the Arien wasn't around enough to deepen your emotional bonds so the relationship went nowhere. He was busy enjoying being single and uncommitted.

  • Cancerian, I kind of had a feeling about that and a friendship seems to be building but at times he does try to get his own way then I get mad at him and argue with him.

    It feels crappy what is happening with the aries, we are both young so can't be mad at him for enjoying it...He is probably gone now...

    Do you see something interesting in my future?

  • An interesting future doesn't happen randomly - you have to make it interesting for yourself by making plans and choosing a direction that is exciting to you. What are the goals you want to pursue? Make a list and put your goals in order of priority so you can go after them one by one until you have them. Then write down the ways you can achieve these goals.

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