Can i get a reading or an insight please.

  • birth day 05-29-93 -7-7-94

  • The Gemini person here will rarely be sensitive or sympathetic enough to give the Cancerian the kind of emotional understanding they need, and Cancer will rarely be amenable to Gemini's desire to lay down the rules for living. Where then is the relationship's meeting ground? The answer lies in dark and hidden areas that the two of you might never approach in your relationships with others. The shadow side of human experience exerts a seductive pull here, uniting the two of you in a search for the unusual. Whether through the Gemini's fascination with the unconventional Cancerian nature, or through Cancer's amazement at the Gemini's unawareness of their own shadow personality, the relationship seeks to explore the darker depths of experience. The two of you may show great interest in unusual events, circumstances and people, not just investigating them but seeking to become involved with hidden, perhaps prophetic or metaphysical powers. Addiction can sometimes be an issue here, masking deep needs for affection and security. Alcohol, tobacco, and mind-expanding drugs may be involved. Unfortunately, the relationship may lack the self-control necessary to limit the use of such substances.

    In love and marriage, the relationship is unlikely to ignore the mysterious aspects of sex, or to hold back from exploring this area in unusual ways - through the kama sutra or tantra, for example. To the Gemini who has been content to live at a more superficial level of existence, particularly in matters of love, such a relationship may prove a little threatening, yet at the same time fascinating. Cancer may feel more at home here, even taking the lead, something to which Gemini may not be accustomed. Fishing in these deep emotional waters, however, is not without its dangers, especially when 'monsters' of the psyche are roused from their depths. Gemini's anger, disapproval and aggression can hurt and upset the more sensitive Cancer person and lead to his/her withdrawal. On the other hand, Cancer's claiming attitudes or clinginess can drive the independent Gemini away. Communication here can be difficult - but not impossible - with Gemini preferring an intellectual talkative approach and Cancer preferring to go with their feelings. These issues and differences must be resolved if the relationship is to be successful. And it does hold the promise of success if you are both willing to work at accepting your differences. However, it usually only works out for the short term as the Gemini will have trouble settling down as the Cancer wants.

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