Shuabby, please may i ask you?

  • Hello dear Shuabby, sometime ago i posted a topic here concerning my anxiety about predictions about husband.

    And you answered!

    You said

    "....I feel the man you meet may be called John and he is light haired with a darker beard or mustash. He will like to hum or sing and is quite a lively , fun type of person, he will have faults as we all do and it will be your choice if you want him in your life and to be the father of your children, as a reading is a guide given much like a road map to lead us to a distanation"

    Shuabby, may i ask you please, maybe you feel when i will meet him, months,years ?Thank you. What keeps him from meeting me(

    Thank you.

  • Marishkaa,

    I will say that destiny is the reason you have not met him as of yet.

    I was told by a reader whom I respected before I met my husband that I would meet a business man from CA and marry him. The reader was actually right, only it took three years for me to meet him. Why? I had other lessons to learn before this could take place.

    Keep the faith and know that he is there and invision him in your life and he will come.

    Enjoy your day,


  • Shuabby, thank you )

    But can't i with my strong wish to meet each other defer our meeting? (Once i was told that i will meet him this winter). Or it will be when it should be?

  • Shuabby, thank you )

    Ask yourself this question? If he came to you tomorrow , would you be ready for him and see him, or would you let him pass you by because or worry and fear that he would never be there?


  • Yes....i am not ready, well i want to meet him, but to be true i am not ready to build a family yet, so surely problem is with me.

    Shuabby, thank you!

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