AstraAngel, A follow up reading about my house purchasing

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    Can I get an update reading on my house purchasing. I put down an offer on a condo but I am running into some problem with my mortgage. I would like to have a reading to see if everything will work out fine at the end.

    Thank you

  • Hey cellisi

    How is this deal going? I have been away...

    I drew a string of cards to see what is going on. It looks good to me, here is what I see...

    1. Justice - Okay, so some problems. Legal issues? Someone forgot to cross a t or dot an i? Whatever, this does show something that hangs up the process.

    2. Queen of Cups - you are remaining calm and poised even though your emotions are tending to fray a little because of the issues. Stay calm.

    3. Six of Swords, this is a picture of the condo without you in there.

    4. The Hermit - this is a picture of the condo with you (the wand in the middle) having moved in!

    5. The Ten of Swords shows you continuing to expand and move your stuff in... now you have some more swords in the new place.

    6. The Heirophant - now we can see how the original cross shaped figure we first saw in the Justice card has now been combined with the 4 cups we saw in the Queen of Cups card, resulting in you being settled and happy in the new place!

    How does that sound? It looks good to me looking at the visual transition in the cards...

    love and peace


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