T7 Where are you ?

  • Hi Mishelly ,

    How are you ? I hope all is well as i havent seen you around for a while . I miss our chats

    Love and hugs Mags

  • Hey Mags....

    I miss her to.....We chat as well. Any-who hope all goes well on your end, if I chat with her I let her know about you contacting her.....Will you do the same for me.....



  • Hello TW8,

    Very nice to meet you , i will let her know if i hear from her ,.drop in here anytime you wanna chat , being a taurus myself i am sure that we will have a lot on common

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • Loap

    How are you.?? Im so new this thread, Im not sure where to begin. Im going through so much emotions with my marriage, I can't seem to let go of the cheating back in 2010, and my financial issues seem to just be going down hill......I feel as if nothing will ever change in my marriage or finances.....I have asked for a divorce, he states his not leaving, I feel like he wants to make this an ugly sepration, when there no need for it, just face it (him)......I feel he will never change this is just temperary......Im sorry I know Im all over the place.....


  • Hi TW8 ,

    I am so sorry to hear of all the difficulties that you have been through, I totally understand how you feel when you say you feel as if nothing is going to change . I have feel exactly the same way no matter how positive i try to be . How long have you been with your Husband if you dont mind me asking ?

  • It will be 20 yrs in October of this yr, and we married in 98, so 14 yrs married........I don't see us getting anywhere together anymore.......It's been me that has maintain the bills everything you name. To him...if he gives me $200 that should be enough. I don't want to live that anymore......

    And the marriage he has said somethings that are just hurtful over the yrs, and to me no matter how mad you are, there just some things you just do say to your wife.....I have just dealt with it....

    But this weekend we were visiting family, we were all talking, and he admitted that he is hurt, because I asked for a divorce, and that he make coffee for me, and breakfast......I was listening. But never did he admitt Why, Im asking the divorce.....Of course I reminded him of all the verbal & infidity, and the support I have done, I ask him if I have ever said or done anything to hurt him. He saidd NO.. I asked him. When would you decided enough is enough, if I had spoken to you ugly, and cheated....How long would you stay..?? He couldn't answer me.....I have been just taking care of myself since I found out about the cheating.....Making myself strong......

  • So i assume there are no kids involved? Its sounds like you have made your descision , i feel that he is not taking you serious at all , you need to stand your ground . Is he still living with you ? Or are you seperated at the moment ?

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