Captain pls advice

  • my girlfriend of 7 years broke up with me 2 months back .i went into the depression and begging mode and kept stalking her and she got irritated.she went into a rebound relationship which has broken down now ..i still love her and she knows that.she cares for me and is concerned about my pathetic stiuation.she knows i am waiting for her to be back.but her new boyfriend left her because he came to know i am still waiting for her.and i guess he was not too interested in the first was because of her persuation that he entered a relation.but shes angry with me now because he left her because of me...

    i want her back.what can i do to get her back?

  • shes taurus and i am aquarian. i had posted my story in the initial stages previously.but the now the situation has changed.she talks to me.and i met her too..but she doesnt pick up my call after her new bf left her

  • If you give me the exact birthdates, I can give you a more specific reading.

  • Dear captain,thanks for ur reply

    my DOB is 2 Feb 1978 time 7.00 pm(india)

    her DOB is 3 may 1983 time 6.15 pm(india)

  • This is an incompatible relationship for longterm love. The whole point of it was to help you and/or your ex-partner revive jaded or buried feelings that were crushed in other past relationships, to make you come alive again and appreciate the joys of life in general, and to help you start over. It was never meant to be a permanent love relationship, simply a tool to help you move on romantically and emotionally, something to open up what was once a closed unhappy heart, to help you feel again. Rebirth was the message and mission here.

    Your ex was probably more what you needed than what you wanted. She may have been more serious and more emotionally mature than you, and she may have come to see you as rather childish, yet you may have also awakened childlike qualities in her, helping her to be less serious and allowing her to have fun and relax. You tend to try and please others too much, trying to live up to what you think are their expectations and forsaking your own identity and lifepath. This is why the relationship had to conclude - to prevent you sublimating your individual nature entirely. You tend to pride yourself on being an independent thinker but this relationship had a lot to teach you about not sacrificing all your identity and pride to someone else. It was also trying to teach you to express your anger and other emotions rather than ignoring or suppressing them.

    It was only ever meant to be a stepping stone to other better relationships. So bless this woman for what she taught you, let it go, and move on.

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