Reading about feelings interpretation?

  • I love doing tarot card readings regarding how people feel, and I was wondering if you guys could help me interpret this reading.

    How he thinks he feels. - The Lovers

    This says to me, that this person either feels that they have a choice to make regarding this relationship, or that they feel very complete or passionate about their partner.

    How he feels physically - Page of Wands

    This to me, says that the man is beginning to feel stirs of passion towards the woman, and would like to communicate this to her.

    How he feels emotionally - Ten of Wands

    This is the card that really seems to have me stumped. A lot of the time, this can represent feeling overwhelmed or overburdened, and given the more positive aspects of the previous cards, I would assume that this isn't the case. What do you all think about this?

    Thanks for your help!

  • There is a definate attraction but his sense of power in regards to "love" is something he has to work at (it doesn't come naturaly)--meaning he puts on a mask of confidence but really beneath that is overwhelmed. It is not a natural gift to be confident---he uses his head and doesn't trust his heart. He can only give within his comfort zone---so there is a controlled element to his attraction. He has boundries and keeps count. His waters run very deep! There is a part of your nature that is very attracted to that kind of mystery and it is your nature to "comunicate" for others. So like all things their is the pro and con----a man like this will keep you interested and allow you to use your gift for communication and insite BUT it will challenge you not to give all your energy to doing all the work or getting lost in his mystery and neglecting your own path. He can be consuming. Your choice. BLESSINGS!

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