Female Pisces in love with another female Pisces.

  • I am a female pisces who has fallen in love with another female pisces. I dont know everything about her but I do know shes beautiful on the inside and out. Could someone give me a reading on us?

    I dont know her exact birthday? I do know she is a pisces. My DOB is 3/8/83

  • Hello Bittersweet83 I will give you a reading if you like. Im using Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black. Im doing a 5 card general reading about you pisceans. Im a pisces to by the way :-).

    Card 1: Page of Swords

    Thinking deeply. One or both of you is very expressive. A quiet temperament and thoughtful. There is a deep connection and you think about her constantly as if in a trance.

    Card 2: Happy Squirrel

    The Touchstone Tarot comes with an extra card called the Happy Squirrel which you can read with or leave it out, I choose to read with it. Basically this card means have even more fun! Be lighthearted and carefree and being pisces you both probably worry to much especially if your anything like me.

    Card 3: 6 of Swords

    This card makes gives me the impression there is a distance between you and Im getting the sense that she doesent know how you feel. Much thought has been spent on how to tell her. Deep emotional waters here and insecurity. But whether she feels the same way or not she will not be flippant about your emotions.

    Card 4: 3 of Wands

    Longing. Leave behind what you dont need. Practical efforts and physical action and less daydreaming.

    Card 5: 9 of Coins

    There is a falcon in this card which is masked. Let go of your insecurity and be free. The sending of a message.

    Story of the Cards:

    I may be completely wrong but I have the feeling she does not know how you feel. However judging by the happy squirrel card you both have a lot of fun together. There has been a lot of deep contemplation regarding her and I think the sensible thing to do would be to tell her. You may think she already knows but being a pisces and full of doubts she may not. Unveil the situation (the falcon) and see where it lands.

    I hope this is helpful Bittersweet83

  • Thank you Laura!!!!! So much... Yes you are right she doesnt know at all. There is a distance between us. We met under unreal circumstances. Yes I think about her everyday since I left her. Yes terrible fear and insecurity with telling her. Especially being my position in how I met her and of course if she is even interested in women. I dont know. I've found her on Facebook but to scared to contact her. Yes I do believe this situation involves and needs more action then daydreaming as if I leave it to just my daydreams time could fly by without even knowing. There is a lot of things her and I have in common.

    Absolutely a trance and Im amazed you described it that way... cause I almost get the feeling like I have to shake it off. Like get into reality but goodness the first time ever met her and laid eyes on her I thought she was perfect. You know when you meet someone or anything you get this feeling?!? Like shes the one.. not saying just in love or anything but anything in life you just get a concrete feeling. Something about her.. but man every time she showed up in my presence I could barely speak or focus.

  • Ive basically told myself to cut her out even in my mind. I was incarcerated when I met her and she was on the other side. So basically I was not able to pursue her.

  • hello Bittersweet83

    It sounds like a really complicated situation. I think maybe if you dont pursue her or add her on fb you may not be able to get her out of your mind even if you try. haha yes I know that feeling. Unfortunately you probably wont be able to cut her out of your mind especially being a pisces. Being a pisces can suck, I know what its like to be plagued by fear and insecurity.

    Maybe you should reconsider trying to add her on fb. I just know that being a pisces our feelings can be incredibly strong and overwhelming.

  • Thank you! Yes I think I will add her. I hope she accepts. Thank you!! Yes as a pisces its pretty hard to forget things, people everything important to us.

  • 🙂 all the best Bittersweet83. Yeah I think being a pisces is a blessing and a curse. We feel things deeper than other people.

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