Life changing upheaval

  • Things in life have been quiet til recently. In the last 6 weeks i am facing losing the home i started and raised my family in, a husband who has completely cut himself off from me on any level other than financial/physical world. Now most recently, but nonetheless all grouped together, after trying to find closure with an ex he comes back to my life telling me how he still has feelings for me. I am most concerned with my family's living situation, I am terrified at the thought of telling our children we are facing eviction due to standing up for our family's rights, and home. Needless to say i could use some advice from someone who is moved in a way as to feel the desire to help me understand and to discuss it with me. I was born Aug 22,1977 Leo sun sign, Pisces rising. My Numerology is odd in the fact that almost all of my core numbers are 9's n besides that i have other repetitive numbers show up in my numerology.

  • Hi, Call the bank or tax office, see if they are willing to work with you. Maybe get a second job. Don't give up. On the other hand, sometimes it's ok to give up "things" if it would be a benefit for us in the long run. You can let your possessions possess you. I wouldn't mind getting rid of my house and getting something smaller--but it's almost paid for. I would like to live in a more bustling place. Sometimes we don't take that step. Why can't you sell your place. Are you upside down (owe more than it's worth.) If you want to keep something make sure it's not dragging you down.

  • Hi edana77. It can feel pretty overwhelming to have so many issues coming to a head at once. It sounds like you've identified the most important one.....saving your home. The 9 energy is about completion, sacrafice, and working towards the greater good. What do you need to let go of in this situation? Do you need to sacrifice personal needs in order to focus on what's best for all concerened? Internal questioning like this can be very useful for you right now. You have a lot of personal power at your disposal with the Sun now in Leo. You can bring order to this situation. No sign has a bigger heart than a Leo. Start from there.

  • I am not losing a house/mortgage "home" just an apartment but i have raised my children here, even got married here. Im willing to sacrifice anything necessary to make our transition easier. My husband always uses me as a way to vent his worry and frustration. We are barely able to pay rent at this place, that we are gettin evicted from, and put food on the table for our 3 kids. My husband has been laid off on unemplyment since 2 wks b4 xmas. This is a really scary time. we have no savings n 2 months to find a new home, pls our utilites where included in the place we've been so since we can barely live week to week now what will we do when our bills are doubled, i dont know what is gonna happen n im so scared for my children

  • for the record, i am so far from money oriented or materialistic, i do not ever base my ability to be happy on the amount of money or even finances as a means of contentment or security but whether i like it or not money makes our society go 'round

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