Hi captain, may you please give me a reading or insight

  • i have been single for a long time and every guy that approaches me i don't like or they don't have good intentions with me i am now feeling hopeless 😕 ,my birthday is 05/29/1993 thank you 🙂

  • Hmm, 19 years of age might seem to be a long time to be single, but it's not really. Do you really want to be in a relationship? Or are you just wanting it because everyone else is doing it? Because we always attract what we give off, so your vibes must be deliberately attracting guys whom you don't like or don't have good intentions. In other words, people who are unsuitable as a mate - which seems to indicate you want to prove your ability to draw the opposite sex, but you don't actually want them to stick around. Maybe you are content with your own company. Maybe you like your freedom and independence? If you aren't happy being single, then you have to deal with any fears or issues that are preventing you from finding a suitable partner.

    From your astrological profile, it appears that other people find you hard to talk to. It's not that you aren't likeable and engaging - you are, but it's just that half the time you seem only half there. You get obsessed with your own thoughts and ideas. Your eyes glaze over or you get a blank expression when you are with other people who are trying to have a conversation with you and they feel like you are just not interested. Your mind wanders away and the other person feels insulted by your lack of attention. You really have to make an effort to stay focused on whoever you are with if you want to keep or make friends. Get out of your own head. It's these sporadic absences that mess up relationships and can keep you from really connecting with the rest of the world. You have a tendency not to finish anything and getting to know other people well may be a problem. The key to happy and fulfilling relationships is the ability to listen fully and not tune out the other person. You might find they are more interesting than you gave them credit for. You need to engage with people a little smarter than you, someone who can see through your games and can snap you back to attention. A relationship to someone from a different culture or religion or social group may help keep you interested longer and help you be more focused and present. Don't hang around with your usual crowd - people who are just like you - because you won't find enough of a challenge there. Get out and mix with all different types of people if you want to find a stimulating relationship that will hold your interest.

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