Reading Request. . . Any Takers?

  • I have been waiting to hear back from my Biological Father for a while now. Any insights on what he might be feeling? Should I reach out again?

    Also, I'm currently not in a relationship. Any chance of that changing soon?

    Any help is much appreciated.

  • CrabbyOleBat

    I feel your biological father wants to stay out of the picture of your life, as he feels you may want something from him that he can not give you on an emotional level. Sometimes our expectations of what we preceive for an outcome is just not possible to be had. I'm sorry to say this to you as I know you had high hopes.

    Relationship wise, you will meet a man that comes around you in a most unusal way, when you are not looking and seems to be in a food area is what I am receiving. He may be a chef or has something to do with food in his life. I read short term most of the time , so look for him in the next three months. I get the name of Alfred here? There is also a possible of you going on a cruise and meeting this man, do you have one planned?


  • Shuabby, thanks for your reading. Disappointing as it is, I am glad to know what you saw. I do not have a cruise planned, but am excited I will meet someone when I'm not looking, because I have found myself not at all interested in doing the things a woman usually does when she is looking for a relationship.

    Thank you.

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