Thinking of a New Career, A New Start, Need Help?

  • Thinking of a New Career could Use an Answer? Right now I have a Monday to Friday Position in

    the City Parks and Open Space as Casual Labour. During the Weekends I am a Housekeeper for a Local Hospital.

    Right now I could use a Change in my Life> I am thinking of Enlisting with the United States Army.

    01. When will I leave for Bootcamp and what is going to HAPPEN?

  • Your astrological and numerological profile shows you have talents in counselling, diplomacy, and peacemaking.You can help people find mutual understanding and fair, harmonoius compromises. You would also excel in fields involving beauty and art, and your natural charisma (which you don't always appreciate or trust) would make you a great entertainer or public speaker. When your goal is to uplift and energize your audience, your work will feel more meaningful to you if it is connected to a higher purpose or motive of service. Any profession involving playing a supportive, service or healing role to others is suitable for you. You have innate gifts of independence and leadership through your awareness of yourself as a separate entity, and by virtue of your depth and presence. You have such versatility that you could be found in any career from a high-tech career, entrepreneurship, to working out in nature ( which is an especial forte of yours). Because you enjoy time alone, you would make a good researcher.

    Money can be an issue, for you may have subconscious or subtle negativity towards it - that perhaps it is corrupting or sinful, that good people should embrace poverty, or whatever. You might want to re-examine your beliefs about being wealthy because money is neither good nor bad - it is what you do with it that counts. But your main problem with money will probably be a lack of trust about your abilities and capabilities. If you knew yourself better, you would have no doubt that you can succeed when you follow your gut feelings and your passion.

  • Well thanks TheCaptain I do like to make MONEY. Right now in my Life I need Change and Travel and would like to Experience some Combat.

    When do you see me leave for the United States Army?

  • Have you enlisted yet?

  • TheCaptain sorry for the Late Reply sometime in June I plan to take Two Days from my Two Jobs. I would then go for the ASVAB Test and Physical Test. From there I would like to know when do you see me Leaving for Bootcamp?

  • I feel like there may a delay - it won't be straight away so don't give up your day jobs.

  • Thanks TheCaptain

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