AstraAngel Where Are You?!?

  • Good evening AstraAngel... It's been a while. I am just wondering if you could do a reading on what the cards are saying about my love life. I have had a couple of different guys that I went out with in the past come back around. One is named Robert and the other Louie. I haven't gone out with either one again as I don't know if it is such a great idea. I believe a breakup happens because something is broken. Please tell me what you see concerning anything regarding my love life.

    Thank you and hope you are enjoying your evening... 🙂

  • Hi Danceur

    Yeah, I have been hiding I guess. Painting more… the art is either making a comeback, or dying a much longer, slower death than I had imagined ha ha...

    Okay, so you really love this guy. Like want to be with him? Melt into him? He in you and you in him? That is nice… what a fantastic wonderful and absolutely amazing light that is! That two would be merged… that is so important, that we never let anything turn us away from that highest, purest, blissful love between two… and who knows, maybe more ha ha… 😉

    Okay… let me read the cards for you…

    I made a little 5 card figure like a cross, and we'll read it starting with the center card, your heart…

    Your heart - 3 of wands. This is a card of planning in the self identity. Like, you are becoming a new 'you' with the ace, the two affirms that with 'yes!' and then at the 3 you are planning it out more… this card must indicate a deep current in you that you may not even be aware of consciously. And this seems to show a very strong self identity, probably picking up on the dance and creative aspects of you? Wands are all about roles, story of your life, time… so you are creating out your life and this is in the planning.

    2. Your head - 5 of cups.

    3. Your feet - 8 of Pentacles.

    4. Your right hand - The Moon.

    5. Your left hand - the 5 of Swords.

    So now, I'll try to merge this!

    Your heart - 3 of Wands. This is a card of planning in the self identity. Like, you are becoming a new 'you' with the ace, the two affirms that with 'yes!' and then at the 3 you are planning it out more… this card must indicate a deep current in you (that you may not even be aware of consciously). And this seems to show a very strong self identity, probably picking up on the dance and creative aspects of you? Wands are all about roles, story of your life, time… so you are creating out your life and this is in the planning. Good center for you. Your art, your creative self. That will ALWAYS be there for you no matter what is happening with others. Run to your creative side when in doubt.

    Your head - 5 of Cups - 5's are adjusting numbers so they can be bothersome as we navigate from the calm 4 (somewhat inflexible though!) to the smoother flow of the 6's. Your 5 of cups says you are really spending some thought time on making some emotional adjustments in your emotions. Sounds like you are entertaining being more open about how you really feel and that could be part of your emotional development.

    Your feet - 8 of pentacles. This is solid footing. Also a doorway card to material. So you should be aware of something coming up, like an opportunity that is a blessing for you. 8's are organizing numbers, so that could show that you are more focused on the 'place and order' of your lifestyle. Maybe sorting things around you, cleaning, straightening. This seems to show a general energy of your day to day life right now.

    Your right hand, this is the hand you are offering out to others, and this is The Moon, so this sounds like you are always trusting inner guidance, and offering that to others? The Moon in the right hand in your case feels very much like your psychic help extended to others. Also, do you see how this card merges into your heart (3 of Wands)? In this deck, the Moon card is illustrated as a mixing together of 8 Wands and 1 Cup. So seeing that you can begin to see how the major cards interconnect with the other facets of your life. So, in your case, the Moon's Wands are very much showing how open you are with people, and always following your intuition.

    Your left hand - the 5 of Swords. The left hand the quiet, more passive so I want to say that this shows an adjusting in your intellectual/philosophical thinking about something. Seeing as we had the 5 of cups as your head, this 5 seems to want to connect to that and show that you could be subconsciously making some adjustments in a matter that involves not only your heart, also your head. I am guessing some life situation that has you wanting to follow your heart (I will be open and direct) and then the 5 swords balancing that with… hmm… does that openness play to my personal and artistic creativity? "I am weighing that out"… seems to be part of the picture.

    I would relate everything down to that 8 of pentacles under you (your material life) and your choices … ask yourself, is this action or step building that well organized foundation (8) under my life, or is this going to take me away from that?

    However… all of that said, the fact that you have 5 cups above you shows a very focused time of emotional adjustment and some decision-making connected with that 5 swords/left hand… and as all of this is wrapped up in love for this guy, you are also in a flow where you may or may not always make the wisest choice ha ha. That is the fun of the Cups, they lead us to make fools of ourselves sometimes as we try to listen to our feelings, and that causes heartbreak, and then comes learning afterwards. So it all works together well. In your case you could be heading for a moment where you must declare your love to him, and that will then set the Wheel of Fortune in motion… then all you have to do is wait to see what happens hahaha… as long as you don't mind some of the 'other things' that could also happen as a result of taking these steps… 🙂

    Okay, I hope that offers something? Here is a pic of the cards so you can see how they inter-connect.

    Have a wonderful weekend! Nice to hear from you...


  • Yipes Bright eyes, I meant to post this to Danceur and then realized I was on the wrong thread, ugh. Sri… I'll try again with a reply to you later. This is mot turning out to be my day ha ha.

  • Hello AstroAngel...please do my reading!

    thank you!!!

  • Hey BrightSmiles

    Sri I am late getting back to you. Let's see about your love life...

    I will use a relationship reading with you and both of these guys and see what is going on.

    We'll create some little figures that represent you and these guys, and then look at the energies in areas (heart, head, actions, reaching out and letting go).

    When I combine the energies between you and each of these guys (by laying their cards on top of yours) here is what I get:

    You and Robert:

    Head: The Lovers

    Heart: Two Cups and seven swords

    Feet (steps to take): Two Cups

    Reaching out: The Hermit

    Letting go: Two pentacles and one wand

    You and Louie:

    Head: Ace cups

    Heart: Two swords and one wand

    Feet: Three cups and two swords

    Reaching out: (nothing)

    Letting go: Nine of Pentacles

    Right now it looks like Robert and you have something going. Thoughts of the Lovers between both of you (he/you are fantasizing about something in love). Two cups in the heart is very nice, the mix with seven swords shows some thoughts imagining what this could be like for the two of you (new love). The feet, another 2 cups! which means one or both of you are ready to move the relationship forward in love.

    Reaching out, the both of you (the relationship) is ready to end the Hermit mode and enter into something nice. Letting go is the Two Pentacles and one wand, so there is a move in the past that the the two of you are releasing, also one wand shows an identity (maybe what the two of you were at one time) is also being released, and you are wondering about a new expression for the relationship.

    The relationship with Louie is a little more complex, there is an Ace cups in the head (thoughts) so that is good, however no cups in the heart. So the love in this relationship seems more intellectual and not heart centered. There is also nothing really going on in the reaching out area, everything cancelled out, so this relationship doesn't look like its trying to attain anything. There is also some significant material/physical/home pattern that was working in the past that is being released. Could be a letting go of something significant financially.

    Right now I would suggest you move forward with Robert that relationship shows real promise!

    love, astra

  • Thank you AstraAngel for the reading. I have been spending time Robert. It seems to be going well. We spend time talking and also together having dinner once in a while. Still not sure where it's headed. We seem to have a good connection with each other. The one thing that bothered before when we dated is starting to reappear. He disappears... meaning he'll be in contact constantly by text or a phone call for a week and then he drops off. That drives me crazy. I always go to the worst of thoughts when I don't hear from him. Although, I truly do know he is a very busy man with work, his side job and family obligations. Are we a match? Do you see this lasting and turning into a long term relationship?

    Robert - 7/16/58

    Sheryl - 4/8/59

    Thank you again for your guidance and reading... truly appreciate your time! 🙂

  • Sorry Astra... Roberts actual birthday is 7/17/58 and mine is 4/8/59 ... Thank you!!!

  • Hey BrightSmiles

    I am taking a look at your charts right now and some of the highlights:

    He's a Cancer with a Leo Moon, you are Aries with an Aries Moon - you are a handful a hard charger haha.... he is very nurturing, very warm likes to cuddle. Your moon and somewhat your sun is at square to his sun, so this could make for some fireworks at times. Not a problem only something to be aware of.

    His Venus is very close to conj with your Mars in Gemini, so this is probably very much a part of the attraction. WIth this in Gemini,you two could have a lot of fun swapping roles in and out of the bedroom, trading places so to speak.

    Your Moon in Aries is very close to his Mars in Aries, so he can come on strong I gather romantically and your Moon is expanding that energy, sounds like a lot of fun to me.

    I tell you what I see you two as an item for sure. There is some real intensity emotionally with the Mars - Venus - Moon thing between you, so this sounds exciting in the long run. His Cancer nature relaxed and embracing is a nice balance to your Aries firestarter get up and go. Looks nice!!!

    Now, a reading lets see... let's look at you and him closer I want to dig deeper and see what is happening...

    I am going to try a love-talisman spread, By joining your two figures together (you are literally joined in this reading, and are sharing your "reaching out" hands) and I have reason to believe that these readings which show the two figures, especially joined provide some energies to bring the two of you closer together, more intimate, open, tender, deeper, connected on levels you never dreamed possible.

    The cards are quite interesting! Let's talk about it


    Thoughts and ideas - The Empress - you are expressing and feeling some very nurturing feelings toward Robert lately. This is reflecting back to him his Cancer nature so he is enjoying the way you behaving, expressing yourself to him lately. Keep that going. He digs it. Loving words, soft and tender expressions, it can be as simple as "hey baby... just thinking about you... I love to think about you... all of the time..." You express words like that to him and he will be putty in your arms and you two will melt together.

    Heart - The Emperor - While your head is saying those lovely sweet things, and he is lapping it up, your heart is plotting and planning in a nice way haha.. the Emperor has you connecting to a higher purpose for your life together. You and Robert are meant to be doing some sort of shared work, a love work of some sort, could be a hands on therapeutic counseling thing of some sort, he would like that. PURPOSE seems to be the driving energy for your heart with him, you are really wanting to see, understand the higher calling, path and place that the two of you will occupy.

    Your foot path - The Two of Wands - your personal life path seems to be very centered on reinforcing and affirming a new identity you have recently been embracing about yourself. Your steps are very balanced and somewhat restrained in some important areas of your personal life, and you may be exercising some caution in some way with Robert at times. A need to pull away once in a while may be good for you. So this "disappearing act" he is doing sounds like something that is for your own good.

    Your "letting go" hand - The Tower - something you have trusted or supported in the relationship has changed, a viewpoint or belief construct of who the two of you are, has been allowed to change. This energy is now fading away and the Emperor now replaces it. You weren't sure about something with him, now you are taking matters into your own hands.

    His thoughts and ideas about you - Seven of Swords - Robert is spending his share of time imagining, fantasizing, experimenting with some options and approaches for the relationship. He is thinking hard about you and he is pondering something - a lot- about you, the two of you, where you can go, do, become together. Could be commitment energies you know?

    HIs heart - The Five of Swords - this change of intellectual views about you marries up with that Tower card that is fading away for you. Something may have occured in the recent past that left the two of you thinking and changing your views about each other. You said "let it go" and he is still making some adjustments in that area in his heart. Down deep in him.

    His foot path is the Two of Pentacles so that is a nice match for your two of wands. 2 + 2 = more. So your life paths seem to be in nice congruence, he could be willing to make a physical move your way very very soon.

    Something he is letting go is the Two of Swords, so he is also releasing something that was very affirming about the two of you, like a concept that had been validated and he has had to abandon. I see all of these energies, your tower and his five of swords and two of swords all seem to be indicating some mental viewpoint that has had to change regarding the relationship.

    Now, the card that joins you two together in some very nice way - and look at this - we see now the pearl of great price born of the two of you - that little Ace Cup hidden within the Strength card, which is the central fire and passion of the relationship. This card is a primal instinctive drive, this energy is carrying the two of you forward and it will not be something that you can control. Just hang on for dear life.

    I see this as a very solid relationship with fantastic potential. All of the energies are no-nonsense black (swords/wands and pents) until we get to the heart of your hearts, that one cup tells me that when the lights go low, and you are anywhere within a few miles of each other, the passions are there and intense and there is no stopping you. A lot of practical, business like and clean energies around the two of you, he is bringing a lot of intellectual prowess to the relationship, and you are bringing mostly wands and pentacles (path and physical/home/security aspects) to the relationship. He is the brains behind the operation and you are the lovely damsel in crying our, "Robert, oh Robert, wherefore art thou Robert?"

    I think its fantastic, go for it, bells, cake, and travel plans where the Moon rises over an ocean and you two are in Heaven.

    love, astra

  • Hi AstraAngel and thank you for your reading and guidance. Things are moving slowly along with Robert. When we are spending time together it's perfect and we get along great. But then a day or two will go by before I hear from him and he seems to be going a hundred miles an hour in every direction. I don't quite understand him and how he plans to make time for a relationship he says he wants when he's involved in so many different things. What's going on?

    Then there's Louie who for some reason keeps pulling at my heartstrings! Haven't spoke with him since before Christmas. Saw him yesterday at a mutual friend birthday. He had a birthday present for me (mine was in April). He etched me a dragonfly and my name on a beer mug and bought me a sweatshirt that he knew I would love. Both items are very meaningful and thoughtful. Then today he called me to apologize for the way he treated me in the past. He said he is dating someone, but told me they have nothing in common. He said its different. He said him and I have so much in common. I said then why aren't we trying to make it work. He said he didn't think I would want to talk to him ever again. I don't understand him. Why would he get me a gift, apologize and tell me about the new gal he is dating. What does he want from me? To clear his conscious, to make himself feel better... What? Louie's birthday is 9/30/53... Mine is 4/8/59... What is going on with us?

    Please help me to understand both these men... Am I better off alone without either one?

    Thank you again for your time and energy! xo

  • Hey BrightSmiles

    Okay, I looked at your charts between you and Louie - right away I can see why you two can click nicely because he is a Libra and you are Aries, so opposites on the wheel = balance (all things being considered 🙂

    His Venus and Mars are very close in conjunction. So perhaps his style of giving and receiving love are the same. In Virgo so this sounds like a very "ethereal" kind of love, plus he is Libra, so that explains his apologizing over the past, His style is to always be weighing out his path and then me may feel he is overbalanced, or said something wrong. Then the Libra in him will want to set matters right. So I think this so far looks like a nice relationship to me! The Virgo in his love style I take to mean almost otherworldly, like Aquarius but not that for out. More like a High Priestess quiet, mysterious love!? s he anything like that? Speaks in love riddles sometimes? He may really enjoy this little dance with you, sort of very much like a butterfly coming and going?

    Your Mars is very close conj with his Jupiter in Gemini, so when you reach out to him romantically, the Jupiter energy there intensifies everything you are doing for him. The slightest whisper from you right now that is love toward him will sound like a million angels singing in chorus right now!

    His Moon is in Cancer, so his emotional home side of his life can be emotional. He is sensitive to the home environment it will have to be "right" for him.

    Your Venus is at square with his Venus (in Scorpio) so your ability to receive love from him is Taurus, so you like your guy to be more down to earth, practical, earthy and warm hearted, outgoing? His emotional / love style may be a little more "out there" than you like, plus he is swimming through questions of past behavior and could be still opening out issues that you would just as soon forget. That is the only area I would say be watchful of? Other than that you two look like a nice match!

    I am not sure what he "wants" from you... the gift and telling you about he "new gal". Who knows. I will look at his energies right now...

    Louie seems to be dealing with a lot of swords (intellect/philosophy) that has his path very focused on his mind and thoughts. Probably a reflection of his libra style. Very thoughtful. His heart is at a 10 level swords so he is really wanting to get something off his chest, perhaps with you, I would not be surprised to see him reach out to you for a meet up to talk about something? He is reaching for the Knight of Swords which is a strong intellectual focus, plus his head is "the fool" which is like a childlike trust. SO there is some step (of communicating) and with words, that he really wants to take and he is poised to do so... he is just waiting for the right moment (which is the Hanged Man energy he is standing on).

    So Louie right now is like, ready to pop, he really wants to communicate... something... to someone that takes some faith on his part to step out that direction!

    Now, Robert... he seems to be in a pause or lull in his life, his heart is releasing or letting go of something in thoughts, plans, lifestyle... his thinking is on an important financial or job issue at the moment. He is reaching for some clarity in his self-identity, and he is changing in some area there. His feet are walking out a path of "boundaries" right now, so he is walking the line in some way, could be related to his self identity. He is leaving behind an 8 wands "comparing different roles for himself" and so that makes sense, that as he is changing him self, how he sees himself, he is going to be restricting his out reach to others, he may not be too great for a date right now as he works out some self-role issues.

    We are all changing, all the time. Lets look at you right now...

    You came up with a lot of pentacles and the Empress energy that you are reaching for. So it seems you are really wanting to be nurturing right now, in some direction. You would LOVE to have some close time with either of these two men right now and nurture, that seems to be your heart. Your thoughts are on something material, that is foundational, a job. something physical. Inside your heart 2 of wands which is balanced self-identity, still being developed in some way, so you are moving through some sort of evolution in your sense of self also.

    Leaving behind (or relaxing your hold on) something imaginative in love, and emotions, some dreams there in love that is moving away, as you reach for the Empress energy which is simply nurturing love with a very physical aspect.

    Did anything there help? I also tried a pendulum with these men asking about the "relationship" path with you and each of them. Would you like to know the result of that little test? I wanted to ask first before I shared...


  • Thank you Astra... Yes, I would love to know the outcome of the Pendulum test! Thank you! 😉

  • Hii AstraAngel... you mentioned a pendulum test/reading in your last message to me. Could you please tell me what it says?

    Thank you! 🙂

  • Happy Friday Brightsmiles...

    I tried a pendulum and was surprised to see a positive indication between you and Robert but not Louie. So now I have probably totally confused you! Anyway, at this moment the Universe seems to be saying YES to something between you and Robert.

  • Good morning Astra... I agree with you! Robert and I seem to be moving in a very positive direction. Louie I feel gave me the birthday gift and apology for his actions in the past towards me to clear his own conscious and make himself feel better. There was no reason for either thing from him as we have not spoken since late last year. I have listened and paid attention to Louie's words and actions for quite sometime and have come to realize it is all about Louie. He is a very charming guy, but only to benefit himself, at least that's how he makes me feel! I hope Louie finally stays away and Robert and I continue to move forward in the manner we are.

    Any other words of wisdom you could share would be fantastic as I always enjoy your guidance!!!

  • Good evening AstraAngel... thought I would give you an update on the Robert 7/17/58 and myself 4/8/59. It was very short lived. The relationship/friendship has ended abruptly. I'm okay... I could feel something was up with him as he was pulling away. Not that we saw each other a lot anyways. His job is crazy busy and takes up a lot of his time. He is trying to find a balance between work and personal time. He said he doesn't have the time to devote to a relationship and disappeared. This is the same disappearing act he pulled the last time we dated back in Oct/Nov 2011.

    I'm beginning to think I am just meant to be alone. Between Louie 9/30/53 and Robert 7/17/58 dating me 4/8/59 and neither one working out. The two guys out of a few guys I have gone out with in the past year and thinking surely something will develop and nothing did with either one. I'm beginning to question my judgement in men also.

    What do you see in the cards Astra. Am I going to find true love ?

    Thank you again as always for your time to do a reading ! 🙂

  • Hi Brightsmiles

    Sri to hear that things have hit a bump with Robert and Louie.

    I was sitting here and had read your post. Wasn't really planning on a reading, and yet just kinda idly shuffling the deck here, I drew off 3 cards and they were all court that suggested you and these two gentlemen...

    So, I went ahead and tried a reading... see what you think.

    Robert - (Knight of swords) + Strength + The Fool = I get the impression that he is after someone else. The Strength is all instinct and the Fool means he is following his passion. "Trust" is another way to say it, although in this guy's case I want to say something caught his eye quick and now he is off. Knights are focusing on something.

    Louie (King of Pentacles) + The Devil + The Sun = Louie seems to have been feeling hemmed in for some reason and needed relief, so that has him seeking the sunshine. On some level it is the best thing for the relationship. What he did.

    You (Queen of Cups) - Death is like leaving the stage. Doesn't mean anything is over really, it means someone has a new role ahead. Then the Universe, and that card is very bright. This is the stage door back on to something very nice for you. The Moon is all blue white mystery and inner inklings of love... and the Ten of Cups shows you catapulted into something vert passionate (emotional anyway!) with that. Then an Ace of Swords (which is a very strong "authoritative affirming" card) says YES to all that. The 8 of pents hints at a very nice material life with this as well.

    The general feeling I have is the Universe wants you to know that, certainly, you have something true in love developing. The contrast betwwen Death and The Universe is about as stark as it can get, in the sense of signaling how dramatic a transition from whatever ended, to whatever is lovely!

    The Moon seems to be saying, continue listening to your heart. No matter what happened with R and L... doesn't matter, not really. Everything we are learning. You learned some valuable lessons and have a deeper understanding of men now through your experience with them. Robert is chasing love still, that much is clear (7 cups below him). Louis has 5 swords under him, so he is adjusting his thinking in some ways. Probably asking a lot of the same questions as you.

    You and Robert are still connected.

    His strength just touches your Moon card. So there is still something there, I don't know exactly what. I think his instincts are still leading him to you (he is drawn and enchanted by something about the Moon in you), so he will be knocking on your door again.

    Meanwhile, you have a nice, very passionate love developing, and it is like, the Universe gives birth to the Moon, and the Moon becomes your love. I want to say that. A lot of mystery and nice unexpected surprises too. Off into a new land where love just happens by magic.

    So that is where you are now Brightsmiles... a new realm. Congratulations. It should begin to go a lot more effortlessly. In love. In life in general. The Universe is really your birth, so that is what just happened. You are alive in a new way! Yay!, that means that the men will and should start coming out of the woodwork for you probably... hard to say... one way or the other though YOU WILL FIND WHAT YOU LONG FOR no two ways about that!

    Enjoy your new life...

    Oh I see now... you ARE the Moon... and, you are waxing I see!



  • Hi Astra,

    Hope all is going well and you are enjoying your summer so far! I have read and re-read your readings/posts above regarding Robert and Louie. I have since run into both of them. Robert and I didn't say a word to each other. Although it seemed Robert had something on his mind and wanted to say something. I didn't give him a chance. I just kept moving in the other direction. Louie and I also did not say a word to each other. I felt Louie looking at me and caught him looking at me out of the corner of his eye a couple.of times. I have also gone out on a date with a different gentleman and have realized that I might be ready to date someone new. Robert... whatever. Louie I can't seem to shake. What is up with that? How do I put Louie behind me and move forward? Right when I think I am making progress and moving forward leaving Louie behind he seems to appear. What do you see... what do the card say?

    Thank you. I truly appreciate your guidance. 🙂

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