Can I please get a reading or any insight?

  • I just need any sort of insight or advice on my situation and was hoping someone could help? ...Here are our stars and planets:

    Sun: Cancer Scorpio

    Venus: Cancer Scorpio

    Rising: Virgo Cancer

    Mars: Leo Scorpio

    Moon: Aquarius Cancer

    It feels like we are meant to be together, but circumstances beyond our control have us apart for the time being...I know he still loves me as he's told me he does...Any insight? Thank you

  • What are the exact birthdates?

  • 11/21/1986 and 7/13/1987 thank you!!!

  • This relationship inspires confidence in the two of you to take a solid united front when arguing for your principles, and to stand up to the world. Yet it also encourages your dreamier sides too, for you two do well with a little uncertainty - giving birth to new ideas and projects as you do would hardly be any fun if you knew of their success beforehand, would it? A love affair here can be explosive getting started - feelings are likely to fly at first but are quickly brought under control. Still, the relationship can bring out your excessive side, Linasierra, making you feel you are getting in a bit over your head. Your partner will be attracted to your intensity but, if he tires of it, he may have difficulty freeing himself from your emotional claims (which is ironic because he can be rather jealous and possessive himself). He has a tendency towards fickleness, which unfortunately he may use somewhat manipulatively once he discovers how vulnerable you are to being wounded by it. If you can make it to marriage (doubtful) this relationship can be carried on more dependably than a love affair but your insecurity and his fear will often lurk behind the facade. Yet these seemingly negative elements can often give the relationship the 'kick' it needs to make it successful. To be a good match, you both have to learn to trust and to share more. Your partner will always have a great need for human contact as he fears being lonely, so you will have to learn to rein in your insecurity about not being attractive or lovable enough and not drive your partner away with your neediness or clinginess. Unless that has already happened...?

  • Thank you, it's actually pretty accurate except that he's the fearful one and the clingier of the two...his fear and insecurity about himself has torn us apart, but I feel in my heart that he is the one for me. However, he still has to sort himself out as he does not know what he wants to do with his life and I do...he has said that he wants to marry me, but we are both young so that is not our primary concern. I have trusted and shared as much as I can with him, but after nearly two years his low self-esteem, innate jealousy, possessiveness, and anger have made it difficult to carry on. Thank you so much for your reading! I know that I have to have faith that things will work out, perhaps the timing is just wrong?

  • Yes, your friend has a lot to work through and it will only come through maturity. Plus I don't think he's being entirely honest with you about wanting to commit.

  • Thank you, I know he has to work through his issues and it's best he do this on his own...I know he wants to commit, but not anytime soon and neither do I for that matter. However, he continues to message me and tell me he misses me, loves me, that he's sorry for what has happened, that he wants me in his life--I have not brought myself to respond because he's hurt me so badly and is with somebody else, so I really cannot forgive him or open my heart or life to him again for a while. How should I approach this?

  • When trust is lost, there is no future for a relationship.

  • I still trust him, I'm just hurting at the moment...Also, I had my Moon Sign incorrect (not sure if that matters) it is a Pisces Moon not Aquarius and his is Cancer. Thank you again!

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