• ATHENA. The Gifts Of May And The 5-5-5. By AuroRa Le.

    Blessed, blessed are thee, beloved children of the Earth. You have toiled so very long and hard over a multitude of lifetimes, playing many parts, embodying a thousand forms. You have struggled far too much, I feel, and so I come to you this day to offer you relief. The Divine Mother Goddess opens wide her loving arms as she prepares to gather her lonely angels close. Clear your bodies and minds of all that is no longer needed, and ready your hearts to receive the soothing energies of May.

    Prepare yourselves to be overtaken by joy! The full moon arrives on May 5, the day of the 5-5-5, followed not long after by the solar eclipse. Transformation, transmutation and transfiguration-these are the qualities of this date. The 5-5-5 presents you with a rare opportunity to emerge from the confines of your silken chrysalis, as a great being of majesty and light. It enables you to be aglow with all the confidence and self-awareness of one who dwells securely within the high heart. The 5-5-5 shall multiply a hundredfold the holy rebirth of your true crystalline self. The number is also a bold, adventuresome number. Center stage. The life of the party. It is a fearless risk-taker, the charmed one. Just as you are. You have already grown powerful and have shed much unwanted density from your beings. You are beginning to recall your true identity as pure reflections of The Divine. The gifts of May bestow upon you the opportunity to discover more of who you are, from whence you came and why. It’s time to take the leap and expect the unexpected!

    So, take time that day to dwell in the silence, Dear Ones, and look to the dimensions which lay beyond; fifth, sixth, seventh…, and onward to the twelfth. Then go further still. On the 5-5-5 you may reach for the sun, the Great Central Sun, and harness the precious power that is your own. Bathe in the translucent fairness of the silver-white rays, the rays of the Mother Goddess. We who are her Masters and attendants shall throw wide the portal gates and let her splendor shower the Earth. She is freedom, laughter, creation and beauty; and as her Divine offspring, so you are these things, too.

    Inner peace becomes the peace you see reflected in the world around you. Become this peace, for the time is now. And thus it begins.

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  • Beautiful, I'm ready!

  • 😄


  • This post is deleted!

  • Sweet

  • I too am so ready and I also have seen the 555 twice now

    thanks poetic for posting

  • Morning All!

    Poetic -- Nice post, but I have a question .... I get the first two 5's, I think, : ) what is the third?

  • Yeah I thought about that too and hello ladies I miss all of you! I was wondering if it's Fibbunoci numbers, I'm sure thats spelled wrong, lets see 0+5= 5+0=5+1=6+2=+ 8 Look, I don't know I hate math! LOL!

  • More from Metatron:

    May 20th - Fire-Eclipse Portal 2012

    "The Great Pleiadian Eclipse Alignment" . Ring of Fire , Full Solar Eclipse On May 20, 2012, for the first time in 26000 years, our Sun and Moon and the constellation ... You cannot miss this glorious event! Gather where you can, meditate and open the heart to receive this transitional energy bearing sacred codes !

    The incredible 'Ring of Fire' solar eclipse is coming in less than 4-weeks. It's the first annular eclipse visible in America in almost 18 years, and there will not be another for over a decade. It has incredible significance. It is a portal of tremendous energy, and will spawn magnificent energy feeds. It is precisely why the final phase of the heralded ' Cosmic Trigger' is occurring on this Eclipse of 2012.

    On 20 May 2012 what will occur is nothing less than spectacular. This Eclipse is spectacular, not only visually, but in it's mega-energy. The Sun and Moon ( New Moon) will be precisely conjunct with the stunning Central Star of the Pleiades, in the constellation Taurus.

    The Pleiadian star system is in fact our core essence, our ancestral home. That is why it has been recognized by the Ancients , from LeMuria, Atlantis to the Hopi. revered cosmic objects in history, poetry and mythology across all cultures. The Pleiades were recognized in the language of many of the indigenous people of the Americas, including the Maya, Toltec, Aztec, Ayameria, Lakota, Navajo and Hopi. Known as the home of the Star-People, of Star Nation by the campestral & mystical societies all over the world, including Australia, Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

    The Eclipse brings in the Cosmic Trigger. This is the influx of Ascension energies that will complete in a series of downloads between the following dates of significance:

  • It's on a Sunday, I've already put in for the following Monday to be off from work, in case I've been beamed up Scotty! LOL!

    Wow, I can't wait, exciting times and we are living witnesses! Yeah!

  • About that 555, sometimes when I'm playing slots and winning money 555 will appear on the machines, the 55 is powerful too our two hands represent 55 and are powerful, Energy transference comes in through your fingers, very powerful and painful! Good Pain. LOL!

  • Love it, can't wait. Thanks poetic.

    Think the other 5 could be 2012

    2 +1+2=5

  • Good point, Leo, didn't even dawn on me. You must be correct .... I was thinking, 5th dimension...?? duh. Thanks!

  • 🙂

  • morning poetic!

    good point about five fingers, toes ... i like the 5 as the unity of man & spirit in an ever changing dance. there are a bunch of connections, spiritually, with 5 ... it'll be interesting to see what manifests for us individually and collectively and how its interpreted. have a great day! ~ Laie

  • Sure will! She's right, I counted wrong, 5/5 2012 2+0+1+3+2 = 5

    Hello! LOL

  • yesterday was a really good day and the moon was absolutely beautiful I stayed up most of the night to just look. It was so bright and it looked like you could just reach up & touch her!!!

  • I went looking for it last night but it was behind my house, I did sit and watch the moon on the beach Friday nite, beautiful, so bright you could could swim in the ocean and not be afraid, Saturday was Super Energy day for me, lot's of blessings. 🙂

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