Mediumship Help?

  • Hi guys, I wasn't too sure where to put this. I was wondering if there are any mediums or close to that on here that could help answer some questions?

    When I was 2 years old my grandpa, my mom's dad, passed away. At the funeral while my mom was crying I sat on her lap and said, "Don't be sad mommy, grandpa will always be in your heart." Kind of a very profound thing for a 2 year old to say?

    2 years later when I was 4, my dad asked me, "Do you have any problems or anything you want to talk about?" and I replied with, "No, I talk to grandpa about my problems." I have heard that young children are more open to spiritual beings than adults are but it still shocks me to think about 4 year old me talking to my deceased grandpa when 4 year olds don't even have a sense of death or the like.

    I'm 21 now and over the years little strange things have happened. One time when I was probably around the age of 12 I was half asleep, half awake and I heard a man talk to me. No men live in my household and I don't remember or know what he said since I was asleep. Since then I'll still occasionally hear some voices when I'm spacing out/trying to fall asleep but I can usually mute them pretty well. I try not to think much of it.

    As of late, I've been smelling my grandpa in the house. He used to wear Old Spice and sometimes I'll walk through a cloud of the scent and then it'll vanish. Just last night while I was playing video games his scent appeared. Every time I would do well in the game his scent would increase substantially as if to say "congrats" or "good job" then disappear or lessen throughout the game until I would do well again. That made me smile, knowing my grandpa was watching me play video games.

    I also once saw a shadow out of the corner of my eye but it could have just simply been my tired eyes.

    I was just wondering if anyone had/has experience with these things and has any advice for how I should handle it? Any do/do-nots? I love when my grandpa comes through and wouldn't mind it being more of a usual occurance.

  • I think you do not need any advice--you are doing fine. I sense no fear and you seem comfortable with the idea of spirit being present. Spirits are all around us and often leave a "hello" when it's a loved one. Usually spirits are noticed by a quik small flash of light--it is very fast and subtle often spotted just out of the corner of our eye. and yes there are scents---cologne--flowers. Spirit often comes with the scent of roses or loved ones will bring their favourite cologne. Or if you have a pet--they will stare and move their head as if they are seeing something. Mostly, sensitive people--mediums can intuitively feel who is visiting and mediums hear voices. The voice is not always heard by everyone in a room but often comes through internaly. When I give messages I hear psychicaly and they show me images---pictures that mean something. As for sleep states or zoning out--most people get whispers from spirit and guides during those states. When granpa visits say hello. If I get a knowing that spirits are about but not sure who---I say out loud well hello is someone here. But I go about my buisness and do not dwell on it. I do not feel you need any warnings or need to work at anything. Just enjoy! BLESSINGS!

  • My apologies for hijacking this thread - but something you mentioned, Blmoon, sparked my recent memories, about the small flashes of light in the peripheral field of vision. I've been experiencing these a LOT lately, the past month or so. I always think it's my phone on silent and I am just catching the screen light up, only to see it's on the other side of the room or not active at all.

    Would that be an indication of only spirits on the other side or can it signal a connection with those still with us? I'm just curious as to why it keeps happening.

  • tooralooryeaye2, that's a good question. Something energy-related also happens to me occasionally. I don't see flashes of light but electronics around me will behave oddly. My phone screen will light up for no reason, my charger light will light up when it's not plugged in, etc.

    Blmoon, thank you for your response. I'll be sure to say 'hello' next time I smell/sense him around.

    Another quick question, I just recently (2 nights ago) found out that my great grandma (the mom of the grandpa who visits me) was murdered around Christmas time when my mother was only a few months old. No one knows exactly what happened, only my grandpa's sister knows the truth but won't tell anyone, and I was wondering if there was a way to try and ask my grandpa to bring my great grandma to me so I could ask her questions and get answers in the forms of dreams or something? If that's even possible? I would like to get to know the 'feel' of my great grandma that my mother feels so close to even though she never really got to know her.

  • The flashes of light are very fast and not in your face bright but you just catch them and FEEL them--it feels like someone's there and you sensed a movement. It's very quike. I get electric glitches as well with some visitations. Lights flicker or on occasion TV changes. I do not have time at the moment but can see if I can connect on your great grandmother but my first feeling is she is no longer crossed over---so either she is already back on earth or for some reason she is not wanting to connect. Or she is not who you think she was. Yes, it sounds confusing! Family secrets usualy are. As for the truth--Spirit tells me that you are wrong about no info available to you as there is someone in your family who will talk about it but you just have not aproached them in the right way yet. I get a contradiction feeling that you are wrong only grandpa's sister knows. That comes to me as not true. You can tell your Grandpa's sister you are thinking of going to as you want to research your family history---ask her if she will help you with names and dates. BLESSINGS!

  • That's very interesting! I would have no idea who would know other than my grandpa's sister except for my grandpa, but I can't really ask him seeing as I'm not sure how to contact him. I would be greatly appreciative if you would be able to try and contact my grandpa's mom. If you have time one day.

  • Its interesting I stopped in this post because I just needed to see how to deal with this thing going on with me in home. Last night I went to sleep to the bed of my husband's bedroom, with my sister which is visiting me, and I felt a tingle energy of the bed underneath my legs. First I thought it could be my sis heart beats or her moving slightly and then I tried and stayed very still to see where was coming from and pretty soon realized that it wasn't her or me. It felt some kind of tingling energy under my legs. but not coming from me. It happened like 4 times until I decided to leave the bed and sleep to my room. it was really disturbing and can't sleep tonight either. My son hate that room. he never can be there by himself. Also quite often when I get in the door there is this thick of hot air i feel right at the door level. I also noticed 2 bright flash lights last night when I left the room with the corner of my eye. I wish i knew if i am imaging staff or is real !

  • Hi guys

    This topic is really interesting, I started hearing voices when I was very young but I thought I was going crazy, looked like I was an epileptic person. One time when my grandmother died I knew before she was dead that she has died and when I returned to our house I was lying in my bed and heard her calling my name, got so scared and I ran to my grandpa bed and sat there, suddenly a strong wind came out of the wall and blew my hair. That was the 1st time that something like that has happened to me. After that lights would turn on by them self and doors would open and I started hearing gibberish and what I did I closed myself to that, for a long period of time I stopped hearing the voices but my dreams were vivid and most of them came true. Somehow a year ago all came back while I was going thru a real bad phase on my life, my radio started to turn by his own always at the same time of night 1 o’clock a.m., my lights started flickering, I could feel goose pumps all over me, I could hear all night the sound of wood cracking in my bedroom and every time I tried to go my neighbors house something would stop me from going there.

    One day I went and guess what I found a real psychic, a healer she is very real. After I started attending the meetings I started hearing the voices again but know they are clear and I also see but that is not so clear to me and when I ask her (for exp. I saw that one of the persons she was treating was going to die) she told me that he is really going to die. I even had a voice warning me about things that I couldn’t possible know and the things were so right.

    Now I started to use a pendulum, this weekend the most bizarre experience happened, as most of you know pendulum are suppose to answer yes or no questions, right? But mine after a while started to move by itself righting full questions and answers, so I question the pendulum and he told me that he was my dead father I trusted him at the beginning, the next day I woke up and went to the pendulum and told him”please identify yourself I know you are not my father and you are messing with me” he replied Yeah Im not and I had a lot of fun with you. Ok so I managed to help this spirit to move along in his path but he warned me that others will come and thanked me because he was lost and lonely and he thought I would listen to him, but man, he gave me such a fight!!!

    The problem is that I still don’t believe that this happened I continue to tell myself that this was my subconscious talking to me, I still have a hard time believing that Im medium like my healer tells me I am She’s always saying until you don’t accept it you will suffer you need to learn. And so far I didn’t told anything to her about this. Really guys don’t you think this is a little nuts?

    Thanks for hearing me. Blessings for all.

  • There is a "spooky" tone to your post! It reminds me of being very young--under 18 altho I do not think you are. I do not know your whole story with your healer friend but most psyhcics do not predict deaths--they may sense it but it serves no positive purpose to inflict that info on others. I'm thinking maybe because you were friends you had a different relationship. I mention this only because it IS a comman fear for those who are afraid of going to a psychic or accepting their own ability. Afraid of death predictions. It is often isolating to cope with the gift as a child or teenager. You can block it out but eventualy must embrace it as to block out spirit is to cut yourself off from the good stuff as well. It's best not to aproach mediumship as a spooky thing---it is not a game even though I myself as a teen did the weegi board (can't spell it! sorry) . We also did the mary mary thing--it was all in youthful adventure--usualy a overnight sleepover and a bunch of girls being bored. But we are adults here mostly---there are a few young ones exploring but it's best not to get spooky. Energy and intention are important when embracing mediumship. You can't dabble halfway with a sense of half fear. Our emotions can cloud clarity. Spirit comes through us and our ego--our fears and emotions and judgements must step aside. Fear does not attract good things. Spirit comes to us--we may pray or ask in behalf of someone but the power is not in us to force anything. I am troubled by your pendulum story. If you do not have the clarity to know "who is "messing with you" please leave it alone. You are making a game out of something that can harm you. Please pray to Saint Michael for protection. And stay out of fear. I am not afraid because I trust my gift and have the knowledge of how it works and know I am protected and I listen to my gut. We all are capable of visits from spirit loved ones and the moment our loved one enters our space we feel it as the same love they had on earth---if you decided that spirit was your father but he was having fun with you--NO NO NO--that is not real--do not give it the power of being real and please stop "playing" around with mediumship. You probably are indeed sensitive. Find a spiritual church and take some classes and get the guidance you need. There other younger folks here who should not be encouraged to be afraid. BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon, were you ever able to find a moment to help out with my grandpa/great-grandma question?

  • I am very busy at he moment. and not online much-- I can make another try but do not get anything from her at all or anyone else.on your behalf. Who told you about the murder and why did you just find out? Are you over 18? Since you seem to be very open to visitation on your own I can suggest some advice but I get the feeling you are young.

  • Blmoon, I am 21. I just found out from my mom when we were talking about my grandpa one night. She thought she had told me about it before but she had not. I would love some advice, anything I could try.

  • Hi Bloom

    Yes you are right Im 36 years old, and this things always have followed me I was afraid at the beginning, because I thought I was going crazy, I never played with a weggie board or any type of scary games, I have a deep respect for that and as You I also think that we only can do it when we know what we are doing and our capability to be able to do it. And this is the challenge Im going thru I don’t understand why from no reason they (spirits) talk to me thru the pendulum. Literally, he moves by itself, I pull up a board with numbers and alphabet letters from the net and I use it with the pendulum, at 1st I was testing my concentration, if I was able to abstract me from everything and just pop out a question without formulating an answer and see if it would work, and it did. Suddenly he wouldn’t stop make me a lot of questions, and answered a few ones without I asking even used terms I don’t use in my language. The weirdest thing Bloom is that Im not afraid I felt real comfortable talking with it after I discover that he wasn’t my father, he told me that he had fun because he was telling me the truth and I didn’t believe him, he said that he wished me no harm, and I trusted my instinct I felt no treat or fear. In the old days I would freaking out, but not now. I don’t know what happened I prayed and asked for protection and felt it and a voice in me told me, help him he needs your help he needs to find the light. So I did what I could, told him to ask for God help and the spirits of light would guide him, told him not to be afraid because he already have paid for his sins, the truth is he never came back.

    About my healer shes a lady with 74 years old she already healed persons with cancer, deaf persons, back problems well all types of diseases. But she says that the spiritual guides don’t want just to heal, they want people to learn to change, that people have to start believing in love and forgiveness and what the whole healing process is. She says that we are all energy, that every time we send a feeling of negativity to a person we are doing bad to that person and it will came back that we need to start wishing love, in that way we can block the bad energies that come from others. She can heal and prevent bad diseases to take over our body since is not our time to go, because we have an expiration date, when it comes to our time we will go no matter what, and that we choose what to do on earth before we reincarnate, we choose certain paths so our spirit can learn and evolve. That we have the power to heal ourselves. She also has the power to see past lives, know the path we have chosen on earth, see the diseases that anyone have, she can also see if someone is going to die, but she doesn’t tell, ever, she have told me because I sensed and asked her and she confirm it. The truth is I witness it and Im not one of those persons that believe in everything, Im very skeptical too. And by the way she sees people from 7 oclock of the night until the next day, she doesn’t take money and she also heals thru pictures.Wwell I also learned like you said that spirits take advantage of our fears and hopes and they tell us what we want to ear and Im so eager for answers. I learned to trust my instincts and usually they are never wrong if I sense some kind of hesitation in me I immediately know that something is wrong that’s what happened when he identified himself as my father

    Sorry for taking so long to reply, from what Judith (the healer) is saying God has chosen me to help the troubled spirits finding their way. Will see if I can do it, but she told me never to do it alone anymore.

    Thank you so much Bloom for your inspiring pictures. Its always very inspiring and helpful to have others point of view, especially when we don’t understand what is going on (laughs). Don’t worry Im not playing around with mediumship, have too much respect to do such thing.

    Oh and if you do have a chance, please watch this movie called: Astral City: A Spiritual Journey based on the novel our home by medium Xico Xavier.

    Blessings may the Angels always be with you.

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