Hi LauraSA87!! Can you do a reading for me? Its quite argent!

  • Hi Dear Laura,

    It seems like my job hunting is finally off to a good start. I submitted the resume to the recruiter.. and they called me this morning asking me to have an on-site interview with them. Then they can work on getting me a job.. well, of course its not 100% guarantee. But its still promising! much better than doing the job hunting on my own.. Can you please do a reading regarding this?

    First, I wanna know how the interview goes with them on Friday..

    Second, do you see if i can get a job via this recruiter?

    Thank you for your help, Laura! Much love!

  • hello DDTT Im heaps sorry I just saw this now :-(. Im using Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black.

    How did the interview go?

    Card 1: 5 of Wands

    Pride and confidence. Although you were met with a steely gaze I think they were quietly impressed. They could see you are hardworking and that you fight for what you want.

    Card 2: King of Swords

    An older intellectual type who is wise and takes no nonsense. They see both sides of the argument and are very fairminded.

    Card 3: 9, The Hermit

    Were you very quiet at the interview? Although you felt judged these people are your friends. They can light your path and bring you out of the darkness.

    Story of the Cards:

    Although you have your doubts about the interview it seems like things went well, but maybe you were too reserved.

    Im assuming you already had the interview which is why this is in past tense.

    Can I get a job via this recruiter?

    These card were all jumping cards!!!!!

    Card 1: 17, Star

    Hold on to that positivity, allow your inner light to shine through. Hope and grace. Harmony, a union. There will be a flow of energy and you will feel at peace with yourself and your environment.

    Card 2: 8 of Cups

    A new journey, soul searching. Deep contemplation. Moving away from a state of mind which was not healthy.

    Card 3: 10 of Wands

    Hard work. A new task. Sharing the load and helping out. Physical work. An assignment. Being at peace because you know what you have to do, a plan.

    Story of the Cards:

    The cards are saying they will get you a job but Im not sure when. Also keep up your positive thinking and dont panic.

    much love to you DDTT and sorry that this was a bit late 😞

  • Hey Laura. Thanks so much for the reading. I didn't wanna press as I thought u wanted to be fair to other ppl. Becuz it seemed like u did readings for me so many times:)

    Anyway, thanks for being so nice and supportive. I wish I could give you a big warm hug 🙂

    Just so u want, I didnt go there 😞 as I wasn't sure how much help I could get from there. I was a big uncomfortable with the fact that they asked for all my important personal infor upfront. Scary. But since u gave suck positive feedback, I decide to go there this upcoming week!

    Laura, if you don't mind, may I ask you additional two questions - will I get into D company?

    How about EY company? Can I get a job there?

    I know it might be difficult, but I'm not giving up now. Keep trying 🙂 need your insights on these two companies please 🙂

    Again, thanks for all the help, Laura. Lots of love and hugs 🙂

  • hello

    thats cool when and if I can give someone a reading I will :-).

    Yeah I think you will do really well at the interview you should go for it.

    "Will I get into D company?"

    Ace of Coins

    Yes, probably. A new venture in career.

    "How about EY company? Can I get a job there?"

    4 of Coins

    The suit of coins so this also looks promising. The woman in the card seems to be making a choice between the coins, so you may need to make a decision between jobs. Some sort of financial decision or a wise investment.

    I hope things work out for you DDTT

  • oh my god, LAURA! YOU MADE MY DAY! i didnt expect you to respond so fast!!!! I just pull a few cards for myself. EY company looks so promising! got a lot of nice cups and coins! but D didnt look so good ;( after reading your words, I am gonna go for both. i hope someday soon i can be "borthered" by the idea of choosing jobs 😉

    do you see if its possible for me to get an interview with either of the companies in May? or maybe im getting lucky, that i can get both? what you think??

    thank you thank you 😉

  • hello DDTT

    yeah I cant sleep, I dont know what time it is in the states but in australia its quarter to 1 in the morning.

    Thats great :-D!

    Im pretty tired I dont think I l do anymore readings tonight. Judging by the cards you and I pulled things look good and anythings possible.


  • okay, didnt mean to press you. here is 8am or so. just woke up. and you made my day 😉 loving this weekend.

    i understand its quite late there. hope you sleep well. and when you have time, may you pull a few cards for me about the interview thing in May if i can get any? Thanks a lot! Good night Laura. 😉

  • hello DDTT

    I feel a little like the cards have been exhausted on this topic for now. Maybe I can help you in a week or so, or you could consult your own cards maybe.

  • Didn't mean to exhaust the cards 😞 as I thought those questions has nothing to do w the questions I asked before. Guess I was wrong. I know what I should do regarding job hunting for the next few weeks. See if anything good come my way 🙂 thanks for the help, Laura!

  • hello DDTT

    its still a career based question, I just felt like I had passed on all the messages from the cards that I could.

    thats cool 🙂

  • I like that u read based on ur intuiation! I don't know how u guys can do it! Amazing. I'm jealous:-) do u think u might have the psychic ability ? Just need to explore more? Maybe ?

  • thank you. Im a pisces and we are naturally intuitive, I dont know about physic though. Yeah you probably do its a skill like anything else I suppose.

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