Should I Give Up?

  • I've been thinking about just giving up on trying to even look for "the one". But I don't think I ever will. I don't see the right one coming into my future at all. I've been told I will. I just don't believe it. Should I wait and keep surching? Or should I just give up all together? (My sodiac is a libra,by the case that helps anyone)

  • Why do you need to find 'the one'? What do you think you will have that you don't have now?

  • I don't know really..I just have a feeling that I need someone to love life is missing someone

  • I undrestand completely. i feel the same way, right when i think i have found the one something happens and they tell me that im not the one. but i truely think that if you just live your life and keep your heart and eyes open the right person will fall right into your lap. think of it this way there are way too many people on this earth for you not to be able to find that one. i love life because we never no whats waiting around every turn. something that helps me with getting over depression is that a year from this moment i wont be in the same position feeling the same feelings, thinking the same thoughts, who know a year from this moment you might be with that one. the universe has a perpose for us all, all we have to do is go with the flow make sure we pick up on the signs that it gives us and hope for the best because the universe wont ever give what you cant handle.

  • You only feel that way TOWFA because you are not your own best friend. You feel the need for a supportive person to care for you because you don't do it for yourself. Do you really like yourself or are there things you want to change? You should get right with yourself and deal with any issue you may have before looking to bring someone else into your life. By knowing yourself well, you then can know exactly who is right for you. Before that, you will make a lot of mistakes from being ignorant of your own deeper needs and desires.

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