Help me please?

  • i did a tarot reading earlier today and while shuffling two cards fell the first one was the emperor card and the second was the empress could someone please help me understand what that means? i tried to research it but im confused about it. thank you.

  • What are you confused about? The meanings or the fact that they both feel out and they seem connected?

    What were you asking when shuffling?

    How I would understand, with the information you have given me, is the dynamics of the male and female personality types which are both needed in order to become a very complete person. The yin and yang - both the masculine ways of dominance, confidence, control, etc and the feminine way of understanding, love, and kindness etc is what you need to work on. By blending the two together you are able to work towards becoming a more advanced soul/better person.

    It could also signify a male or female person.

    Or it could just be that the cards fell out by mistake.

    I would do another shuffle and see if they turn up - there might not be a message behind it.

  • the meanings and how they are connected, and i was asking if i would be able to get through a family problem i am having. and if moving was a good choice for me. thanks for your help

  • Personally I don't think there is a connection with the cards that fell out. I would definitely do another shuffle and see if they come up again.

    If they don't then there is your answer.

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