Would Love Some Insight Shaubby?

  • Hey Shaubby (and anyone else who sees this)!

    Ive been busy still finding balance in my life and building and growing on my independence so I can completely be on my own. I getting my license soon but also working on doing some work with my new camera (music videos and a feature film Im planning to shoot in June to August once I get all of my equipment). I feel I am too young to be concerned with love and as much I I would love to be intimate with someone-I know right now Im making myself a priority being that I have alot going on.

    I definetly would love to date though, I do like meeting new people being that I really not sure if a relationship is good for me right now as much as I would like it..

    What can I do to make myself more available for dates and things or more open to dates-it seems as if most guys are not into me?

    Also Shaubby, I been thinking about my ex lately (not that I want him back) in a nostalgic way and had a couple of dreams about him thinking about me and sometimes I wonder if he does. I dont know why I think of him honestly-Is it because Im desperate or just lonely or does he really think about me sometimes?

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