Shuabby, may I have an update reading? Your "feel" was so accurate!!

  • Hi shuabby, a couple days ago I asked you about my job hunting. You said Rob is the one who's helping me out... Since I don't have any friend named Rob, I was quite curious... Last night I submitted my resume to a recruiter medium. I got a call from them today. However, I wasn't with my phone and the guy on the phone asked me if I can work. I called back and he wasn't on the phone.. So now I'm waiting to hear from them again. The interesting thing is when I googled the phone number, it came out that the parnter of the company is named Rob! Wow. I never thought about getting a temp job but I think I will probably have to settle with a temp job from them and go from there... What u think?

    Do you think if this recruiter can find me a job? Will it be temp? If yes, will they get me a permanent full time job after?? When probably?? So tortouted with this these days!

    Thanks for your help, Shuabby!

  • some mistake- the name is not Ron. but Rob. I just did some online research about this recruiting company- turned out this company has lots of bad reviews and complaints ;( what u think Shuabby? Is it still a good idea to meet with them? I dont wanna get fooled or trapped..

  • It was a close reading just take the Position. Remember you have Bills to pay.

  • Thanks Shepard!! May i ask what u mean by I have bills to pay? Regular bill or some sort of warning? 🙂

  • hll I am not a Psychic and I just read your post. What I meant is Shuabby was Close to naming the Person on Rob or Ron? Take the Employment Position because we all have Bills to Pay 🙂

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