A reading from anyone please? Stuck in a rut

  • Hi, have recently split with B/F of 7yrs but it still seems like i am stuck in a rut and nothing has changed. Work doesn't seem to be going anywhere either, no matter what I do. Can anyone see a light at the end of the tunnel here? Or suggestions? Anything would be welcome, thanks in advance. Peace light and love for all 🙂

  • matjezreg

    You are in a healing mold and must give yourself some time to heal because 7 yrs is a cycle of your life and new beginnings can be a challange to most. I feel that you will start to perk up towards the end of the summer when you join a group of people and go on a trip , it feels by water. You will meet a new fellow that will begin to open your heart again and slowly this time know that you are on the right love track with him. He has dark almost blk hair and green or hazel eyes. Tall and lean, he is a very good conversationist, which you will enjoy.

    You should envision a white light around yourself daily to lift you up and help you to have a more postive attitude. Work will have some new projects coming your way by June-July that will really have your motor humming, so just know that life moves on and so do we , even if we are pushed into it.


  • Thank you Shuabby, Its very kind of you to share your gift with me. Your message is very inspiring and just what I needed to hear, and to be reminded of. Surrounding myselkf with white light used to be a daily habit but right now I cant remember when last I did it (before reading your post that is :-). Today I was told that maybe I will have an extra job at the end of the season (im a freezing worker with only 5-6wks left in the season) that will truly have my motor humming (loving your choice of words), I think I am getting to prepare and paint the machines that I work on myself all season, rather than the people who normally do it (they slap the paint on and my first clean up of the new season starts taking it off again, grhh....lol) so I will be stoked to be able to do it myself properly. Also, the machine I will be using, the motor hums, which I am finding very funny at the moment, thanks, Seeing as you are so in tune I am now looking forward again to the future, especially the thought of meeting the good conversationist, my last two relationships were with non-communicators, I would sooo love to meet someone who is on the same wavelength as me. and I can actually have proper conversations with. Many many thanks to you, may you always be surrounded with loving vibrations and have your good deeds come home to roost. Peace love and light for all 🙂

  • I'll try a general reading. Will be back...

  • Over this reading shows you looking at what you've accomplished and saying, is there anything more. You feel as tho you've earned the right to ask this. Accomplishment is in the foundation here. Shows w/the turn of events your self-control is being challenged--Temperance/Tower in reading. You don't feel fulfilled. Your reading is saying to keep your dreams alive. The shake-up in your life was needed. A bad relationship is being shown in your challenges position. This relationship was really no good and marriage was not the answer, either. I drew the 4 of rods in present. I feel as you move on, you'll be more in control of your emotions. There's a friend/ally who is or will be a positive influence on you/financially. Your advice is to keep a steady pace, firm foundation. The cards are saying to let the shake-up happen because you'll be much better for it. I am showing a mature influence in friends. Could be family as well. Showing friends and family more involved in future. The four of rods in present could also be a celebration your feeling. It usually means marriage when I draw it. Next to the devil, marriage is ill-advised w/this person.

    present--4 rods

    over--7 coins




    past--4 coins

    future--queen of cups


    friends--king of coins


    outcome--wheel of fortune

  • Is there a specific question you're pondering now. Finances/material seemed to come up alot.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Many thanks for taking the tijme to do a reading for me, and a very good one too, it hit the nail on the head. "Shows w/the turn of events your self-control is being challenged" I reckon! It was sooo good to hear it confirmed that "This relationship was really no good'", I need to keep being reminded of this so I dont fall back into it again. I also 'dont feel fulfullied at the moment and i had almost forgotton my dreams (owning rental properties for financial security). I had set myself a goal of 10 properties but most unfortunately when I wrote the plan i neglected to write in that i actually KEEP them (like duh 😉 ), so i have purchased 7 properties so far but have only managed to keep two of them, the one the kids and i are living in currently needs new piles (maybe they are called 'stumps' in america? The things the house actually sits on) but am in a catch 22 situation here as when the weather here is good and dry enough to do it, I am working 60+ hours a week, and in the off season when i have no work, the weather is all wrong. Trying to refinance atm so I can pay someone else to do it (that really goes against the grain, delemma delemma...) So I find it very interesting that you ask if i have a specific question, as I was really wanting to ask about my finances regarding my houses, as in is there a particular direction I could/should be heading in? but I didn't want to ask too much or too many questions as I know time is precious and I didn't want to be greedy with anyones time. I am discovering though that there are some very generous people here on this forum and i am eternally graqteful for this, thankyou! If you could shed some light on my finance situation I would really appreaciate it. After reading the replies so far i am feeling a whole lot better with regard to the future (im even rediscovering my sense of humour, I didn't realise I had lost it so totally until I laughed out loud reading how spot on the readings were, I hadn't done that for a long while, hehe), bless you and may many fabulous things come your way 🙂

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