Taurus man how can i make him give up

  • Yes, i have taurus man in my life, things are not great and i thought when i said to him it's over and he agreed it was over but he keep contacting me . i tried everything to make him go away, what should do? i dont get it

  • star2u

    You have a very stubborn fellow on your hands. Stop answering the phone and e-mails he sends to you. Funny how sometimes when you tell them to get lost they want you all the more because you have become a conquest again. That plain and simple.


  • really, i dont get it through, i possible for you to look at my other threat about this let me know what you think please?

  • star2u

    I read your other tread in regards to this man picking you up for a date with his ex in the car. You sound like a good hearted person, but you need to know when to set some boundries right away. He took advantage of your good nature and thinks you are the perfect woman for him because he could intimidate you into believing his way is the best and only way in which the Taurus and Aries are real good at doing.

    Don't walk Run from this guy in which it sounds like you are doing. So pat yourself on the back and proceed forward to finding a man that you feel is more into you and it is even steven in the give and take department of love.

    I feel you will meet a man soon that is rather shy in the beginning but once you open him like a book you will want to read it to the end. You will meet him in a social setting that is not loud.


  • Thank you so much Shuabby, you are right about all you said, i never dated a Taurus man before so i dont know, it was weird really, he put me in situation of hurt then verbally abusive me to tell him i am hurt, it's crazy

    i been running fast since, been rushing over me and got on front of me to stop me to leave, what i did is to scared the hell out of him, i blow out of anger and kick him

    it was like getting ride of disease in my life. actually after i left that guy [ after the 1 day date] i got really sick for 2 weeks. it was the verbally abuse

    i working hard and steady to get myself on my feet again

    those guys are vampire

    i kind feel sorry for women that get involved with those kind guy, he was horrible

    controlling, abusive and just a freak

    he said i was bad , the worst in planet but keep calling me, telling me we should meet, when i told him why you want to see me if you say i am crazy? normal people dont want to go out with people they think crazy, he then couldnt respond to that

    all ladies out there never mind the sign of the guy be careful with men that try to control you or abuse you, they first try to make you believe there is something wrong with you , so you loss balance but stick to your feeling and get out

    Thank you so much

  • Hi Shuabby, Look like i finally got ride of him, it's been 2 weeks now i havent heard from him. well there is those people that come strong on you and then suddendly disepear isnt it. I have no doubt i made the right decision but still we are human and somehow , somewhere i me i feel a bite sad thing now look completely over. Even i knew from the start it was over.

    We i guess the best way to get ride of anyone that is not good for you is scare them or make them believe you are crazy so they run away from you.Thank you so much for replying to my threat, it so helpful this is why i love this site

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